Just a Number

I’ve been trying to set up options for myself as far as work goes. I do have the option not to work, but without that, I have 3 months to stay in the country unless we get married. Through work I could get a work visa and we would obviously have more money to do the things we want. Sounds grand and all but harder than I thought. Our corporate is based out of Germany and it would be great if I could just get in there seeing that we live 1/4 mile from the place!

El Presidente of the company and I had a little chit-chat this morning to discuss what I’m doing. Obviously, Tobi left the company and everyone has nothing better to do than to follow our love life so he assumes I will be leaving. Up until this point, at work, I’ve kept “mum” about my situation and what I’m doing for a few reasons. One, I didn’t want people to know what I’m doing and Two, I’m eligible for a raise/promotion this year so I do not want them to keep me from that if I choose to stay. So I’ve been asked to give them a 3-4 month advance notice of my resignation and that 2 weeks just won’t do. Bite me.

I proposed the idea of transferring me to corporate in Deutschland but he had not one word to say about that. Just kept reiterating that I need to cover his ass and make sure there were no bumps in the road for our team. Ridiculous. So the light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter or dimmer depending on how I look at the situation. My direct boss is trying to do everything to keep me here and will propose a better position for me in hopes that I stay for another year. Again, Bite me. If the big boy at the top isn’t going to help me, then I will assume that it’s best if I just walk away from this and learn to live with what we got over there. Hopefully, Tobi will be eligible for a promotion/raise once he gets going in the new place and shows off his talents and insanely high work ethic.

It’s hard to succeed in a world that still has chauvinistic tendencies. As I mentioned to my supervisor, everyone can be bought. Give me the carrot and see what happens. But, can you keep a secret?…..I’m quitting anyways!

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