Bucket List

Everyone has got to have one! Whether big or small, extreme or mediocre. We all saw the touching movie and since then it’s like an epidemic. Everyone talks about their dream “Bucket List” and I’ve decided to make mine. With you all as my witnesses….here it goes!

1. Raise a happy and healthy family

2. Write a book – bestseller

3. See Mt. Everest in person (no, not climb it…see it from a distance)

4. Design wedding dresses

5. Backpack through Europe

6. Scuba dive in Australia

7. Have a beautiful secret garden oasis

8. Grow a large retirement fund

9. Fight for a cause I believe in

10. Fall in love over and over again with the same man.

11. Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean

12. Complete a master’s degree

13. Find covered bridges on a random road trip

14. Kiss an elephant’s ear (don’t you dare ask)

15. Make a snowman on the Rocky Mountains

16. Go to a professional sports game

17. Witness a miracle

18. Own 5 pairs of designer shoes

19. Get a puppy

20. Own a beach house on Cape Cod, MA

21. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower (so cliche but a must!)

22. Research my family’s history as far back as I can on both sides!

23. Climb a tall tree

24. Go Paragliding from the top of the Alps

25. Have 3 babies of my own without surrogate (I realize this is asking for a miracle…well, I’m asking….HARD! See #17)

26. Be a balloon handler during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

27. Be in the audience on a talk show like “Ellen.”

28. Be in two places at once.

Starting with that! More to come later! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Oh wow.. You certainly know what you want to experience in life! I’m impressed!
    Thank you so much, I needed to get some inspiration – and voilá here it is!! You just inspired me to make a bucket list of my own 🙂


  2. I sometimes make a “bucket list” just for one year, then put it away and look back a year or two later. It’s amazing how much gets experienced even if I forget that I wrote it down to begin with. BTW, love your blog theme. I’m the opposite – (not so young) girl from Germany living in the US.

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