Everything is Bigger in America

I’m still here in good old Germany. I’ve been busy getting our house ready and trying to make itmove-in” friendly for when the container comes. Unfortunately, Tobi will be working and I will be back in the states so this is already causing some stress. I’m not sure how I feel about all my things being unloaded and boxes filling my house. I’m actually starting to think about moving sooner only because I know I’ll be needed. Decisions, decisions. One decision I have made though is to give my notice as soon as I’m back. No more waiting around!

One thing I have noticed is how much bigger America is. Not literally speaking. It seems that we glorify what we have in the states. For examplecheck out a picture of Tobi‘s Grandmother‘s tree:

Cute right? But bare? As soon as I saw this I thoughtCharlie Brown. But it‘s quaint and done the old way with real candles. On Christmas Eve they light the candles as a family and sing around it. Thats the REAL meaning of Christmas. Along with this, they recieve 50 Euro from their grandparents and two small presents from your parents. Completely different!So now lets check out how the Americans do it:
I’m slowly becoming acclimated with what I’m walking in to. It’s fun! I loved being able to pick out paint colors and all the furniture. It’s like playing house but this time, it’s for keeps!

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