I Only Watch the Superbowl for the Commercials

Since I’m 6 hours ahead, the Superbowl started at midnight for me. For those of you wondering, yes the Superbowl is shown on the sports channel here in Germany which is fantabulous, however, the timing is a little wretched! I was in bed by 9:30 my time!  Regardless, I don’t care so much for the game. It’s the atmosphere, really fattening finger foods, cheap beer, and of course the commercials that really entice me to sit in front of the tv for long periods of time.

All I did was look at Facebook this morning when I woke up to find out who won and all that. I was more surprised that no one mentioned anything about the commercials. I checked out a few that really got me in a rumble this morning and decided to give you my top choices in no particular order! Which were your favorites??

I’ve always been a fan of M&M commercials in general but to see a “naked” M&M wiggle wiggle just got me going!

I just can’t stop laughing…What the hell kind of idea was this?!?! lol

This one I love since it was a contest winner by a Cape Cod native. (Love those Cape Codders!)

Ha..the murderous dog…never fails!

Curtains made out of pizza? What more could you want??!

I think it’s time to teach Harley how to roll out a keg!

A little nostalgia to make us giggle!

I love a little Seinfeld! He’s a genius….and then there’s Leno…

I think my personal favorite is the cars.com. Singing confidence? What a whack idea! I wish I could meet the people that come up with these things!

Hope you’re all recovering from your late night/parties you all enjoyed. As for me, I’m well rested! 🙂 As for the Madonna Half time show?? I can’t stand her…and I really don’t like the recorded bits playing instead of her actually singing. Come on lady…you’ve been in the business for much too long, either sing or give it up. End rant.

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “I Only Watch the Superbowl for the Commercials

  1. Unfortunately I had the ‘pleasure’ of sitting through last years Superbowl(bore) and will never make that mistake again – it was awful, and this was sat in a bar full of Americans in downtown Buenos Aires.

    What is the point of this game – several Americans told me its about the adverts, really? What about the game? And what about the game, a play is made and it then cuts to an advert? Repeat ad-nauseam – looking around the bar, people were chatting and generally not watching the game – thats some short attention span!

    I was chatting with friends the other day and unlike Europe/Rest of the WOrld, the yanks don’t pay any sports against the rest of world apart from Golf and Sailing, occasionally golf, maybe boxing.

    NO proper sports though, like football, rugby – a mans game, nor darts.

    To sit up waiting to watch advertising, really?

    • I hear ya loud and clear! This is precisely why I don’t watch the Superbowl at all. It’s only fun when you’re at a party and don’t need to watch it. Soccer on the other hand is WAY enjoyable…that I could watch every day!

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