Spice Gets Engaged!

Moving on with our journey through Ireland, I wanted to get to the greatest part!!! So… ON WITH IT, right?!

Day 6 started with us in Kenmore at our B&B called the Hawthorne House where I had porridge with cream and brown sugar. DELISH!  It was pouring rain so the morning of shopping in the town was out of the question so we just jumped in the car and headed towards Galway. Of course stopping  along the way to check out what there was to see!

We hit up part of the famous Ring of Kerry. This “ring” is just a loop you drive around but as you’re doing so you hit all the best parts of Ireland. You see mountains, waterfalls, the beach, ocean,castles, lakes, rivers, green hills, etc. To do the whole thing would take about 4 hours driving and of course to add in stopping for pictures so we decided to just head on our way to my favorite place in the world! But first some shots from the piece of The Ring of Kerry:

And a stop at the Killarney National Park to see the Turoc waterfall which just so happens to be hidden among a fairytale land. Like seriously…fairies live here. I can feel it! See for yourself!! And Note: I did nothing to enhance these pictures. It was literally that green. In fact, these were taken with my iPhone!

See what I mean?? Fairies. Definitely leprechauns and fairies. After being totally blown away by this whimsical fairyland we drove on towards the next destination. My favorite place in the world….*drum roll*…..The Cliffs of Moher.

When I was young my dad brought me here and I knew I always wanted to get married there. I thought it was the most incredible place I had ever seen (and for being 12, it was!)

Check this out…a little bit of old school for you:

It was just as I remembered. Most places where we once were able to lay close to the edge was now blocked off….for obvious reasons. Lots of death is happening up in here. Dumb tourists as you know. But it was fun to relive a memory I had since long forgotten!

We walked our way up to O’Brien’s tower. Just a small place to get a better view. To really feel like you’re on top of the world. As we headed into the tower the man at the door asked for 2 Euros per person to go all the way to the top. Toblerone, being the Schwaebisch German that he is would not want to pay 2 Euros for views that we could see on the ground as well. I told him the situation and he immediately said, “Yeah ok! Let’s go!”  So I was shocked and starting to get a little suspicious. Odd behavior for him!

So we head up to the top and there is a small platform that can hold maybe 3 people at most so we had to wait our turn to get up onto this platform. We were packed like sardines at the top of this tower and finally it was our turn. We stood up there and Toblerone snapped away with the camera as I was off in my own memories snapping away with my iPhone. At this point there was only one other man up top really getting into taking his own pictures. Whether they were any good or not, we’ll never know! As I’m turned away from Toblerone he says, “I’m just going to switch lenses real quick.” Again, I thought it was strange that he was telling me that. Then all the sudden I hear a big *THUD* and I hear a sweet little voice say, “Babe?”

With that I turned around and realized the loud thud was Toblerone’s knee hitting the platform and there he was with a little box in hand. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it’s the same as most I would assume! The man that was still on top of the Tower came over to us and he said, “Is this a happy moment?!” In broken English. He tells me to hand over the camera which I did and although the angle wasn’t so good at least we have the memory.

It was a beautiful moment! Getting married in Ireland would be out of the question considering the two other countries our families come from but an Engagement was the most perfect thing for me. I’m a lucky girl!

After the moment of shock we walked around the Cliffs. Toblerone almost tripped off the side which was very close to becoming a tragic wedding proposal day! He is a bit clumsy at times 🙂

Then it was time to go celebrate the Engagment (EEEEE!!!!) and head into Galway for a nice dinner. We found a cute B&B, got settled in and had dinner at a bar/restaurant. Toblerone had the steak and I had salmon.

We ate and went out in search of a cool bar which we did find. A huge place called Skeff Bar where we got to pour our own pints from our table. Such a cool contraption. I’ve gotta get one of those put into my dinner table!

We walked around Galway a little bit and I tried to remember the place from when I was young. I started to feel a bit yucky so we went back to the hotel where I was plagued with food poisoning until 4 or 5 in the morning. Nonstop puking for hours. I was exhausted and had to get up at 9am for breakfast the next morning. Lord help me!! What a dream on our Engagement night.

All in all it was a magical day! From fairy land to fairy tale Engagement… life was good on June 18th! A happy Irish girl indeed!

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

DIY Monograms – Pin Challenge – Day 6

I’ve been dreaming up my wedding for years. Much too long actually and now that I’m helping out my best friend plan her wedding I have started to realize how many  little details there truly are. Since I don’t have a dime to put towards my already budgeted $150,000 wedding I’m going to need to do as much as I can without spending!

When I saw this fancy feature on Pinterest I got all sorts of excited and did a little dance. Easy to make, Looks professional, and FREE! Granted, the colors aren’t exactly what I’m looking for as far as my wedding goes but it’s a handy tool for those of you looking to cut back on expenses! This can be done for table numbers or monograms. You can put names, initials, numbers, etc. Play with it and you’ll see what I mean!

Pinterest link is here, and actual link to the site is here.  Here is what I came up with:

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

Day 20- Your dream wedding

If you know me at all you know that this is my absolute FAVORITE topic on this stupid blog challenge! It’s going to be hard to keep from telling you all the details! So go ahead and steal my ideas if you must…but know that you are STEALING ideas 🙂 That’s lame.

Dream wedding would be on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland with all my family there in true Irish fashion BUT…that doesn’t make sense now does it? So I readjusted my dream wedding and decided on the following.

Wedding #1 – America Or Germany

Colors: Navy Blue (dark dark dark navy) and white


Dress: I think something with ruffles and fluff. Since I’ll need two dresses I really can have the best of both worlds! This one I think will be white. Something along the lines of this but the fluff will fall nicer, not poofy and out.

Wedding #2 – America Or Germany

Colors: Antique rose pink,champagne, off-white and I’m thinking of light gray also but not sure on this.

Shoes: I’m a huge fan of the Louboutin’s obviously so keeping the theme – antique pink with diamond encrusted heel. Beautiful!

Dress: Thinking about doing a very light pink dress…so light it almost looks like creme colored not sure about that but will probably take a less fluffy dress and one that is more subtle 🙂 Look at #1 out of these four…that’s what I’m going for 🙂

As for the rest of it, I haven’t planned it out yet. I may end up switching it all around but regardless, I have an idea for both weddings! Either way, without all the glitz and glamour and the material things…I get to marry the most wonderful man – TWICE! I’m so excited!!!!! I’m glad I have the chance to play around with my wedding.

As far as decorations…as long as I have hanging lights everywhere I don’t care!

I want it to look like a fairy land…like the inside of a Christmas tree. You get the idea! 🙂 I have a few ideas for some great hanging lights so we’ll see how that goes! 🙂

What are your ideas for a dream wedding??

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxo

An Inspiration of Love

Today, I’m not going to write about my experiences in Germany. I’m actually going to stick to another topic that is near and dear to my heart.

My Grandparents.

Today happens to be their 59th wedding anniversary and although I wish I could be there to celebrate with them, I figured a blog about them would suffice! So without further ado, Happy Anniversary Grams and Gramps!!

They met on a blind date many moons ago and have been inseperable since! They had 4 kids together (two boys, two girls – including my momma!), a few pets and a few houses later and here they are! As sweet as ever!

When I was a little girl and I would do something bad, my mom would always say, “I’m going to tell Grandma!” That used to scare the ever-living-you-know-what out of me! I don’t know why it did because my Grandma is probably the sweetest person in the world. I can’t ever remember her yelling at me (even though I’m sure she did – I was wild!) Now that I think about it though,  I guess I just didn’t want my Grammy to know I was anything but perfect.

At one time in my life we lived with them for a short while during the midst of moving and some of my BEST memories are in that house. I wish they still lived there but it was a big place for just the two of them. Now of course they live in a smaller house, which means closer quarters and more bickering between the two of them. It’s so sweet though, if bickering can be sweet! 🙂

At their house there was an umbrella tree out front I would sit in for hours and pretend it was my own house and no one could see me. Grams always had the fridge stocked with my favorite bologna – The “German” imitation kind, Wunderbar. (My fate for Germany was set at a young age, obviously.) My grandpa set up a hammock for us downstairs and I would love to sit out there and swing and thus my LOVE for hammocks had begun. Looking forward to buying one for my house once the garden is done. They had this deck where we would put out food for the squirrels and Johnny Mathis would play on the record player – my Grams’ favorite.

Old movies…hmm..where do I begin. They have a collection of the best movies ever made and my ultimate favorite is Harvey Girls with Judy Garland. I would watch them all: Meet Me in St. Louis, Anchors Aweigh, High Society, On The Town, and the list goes on and on. The classics…nothing better than that! They opened me up to a whole new realm of awesomeness. Movies these days lack class and pure talent. Anyone can act, but back then…there was some REAL talent. People dancing, singing, and acting. Good stuff!

Christmas time at their house was incredible. Our whole family would come together and it was the most special time for me. The greatest memories. Back then, it was only me and my brother – no one else had kids. We had our bread bowl and a million other snacks. I used to try to wait so patiently to open one gift that night.

These two people helped shape me into who I am today. Being around them gives me a look at what being married for 59 years is like. Sweet bickering, ever-lasting friendship, and an understanding of each other that you only get with time. There is an ease about them that is reassuring and I look forward to having many long years with someone too. They inspire me to love whole-heartedly.

I love you both! I hope today is just as special as it was 59 years ago! Hugs and kisses from across the ocean blue!  (See you in 25 days!!!!)

Until next time, readers!! xoxoxoxoxo

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Sorry for the slacking on the blog, friends. I have been crazy busy and I just found a moment to write.

Once again we had a long vacation weekend. These Germans LOVE their vacation…you know with the whole 4 weeks they get off during the summer and then plus all the holidays. Ridic!

So we had a BBQ at the sister-in-laws house (total of 6 people) where we enjoyed way too much. We had everything from steak (fresh from her uncle’s farm…), two different kinds of chicken, sausages galore, etc etc. Plus three different kinds of salad  – Green, Pasta, and Potato. Lets just say I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. It was great though…afterwards we sat around and played a drinking game – a German one….in German of course. Nothing compared to “Kings” or “Down The River” – I love those games but will have to wait until next time to show them!!

It’s been so warm here and I can say that even for my pale freckled Irish skin, I have the gleaming bits of a tan coming on. (Yes I wear sunscreen…apply 65SPF  approximately every 20 mins.) We went to a wedding on Saturday, my first one which was beautiful but some things were different then how I would have done them. So, lets back up and let me explain how it works here. Typically, the idea of the wedding (church, recepetion, etc) is similar so it’s not terribly different but they do invite people from their hometown that are of the same age. So, we were invited because Toblerone went to school with the groom and they are the same age. As well as about 4 or 5 other guys that were with us. There are literally specific invitations with your birth year on them and everyone has to check yes or no if they will be attending. I don’t think for my wedding in the US I would be inviting anyone who is the same age. Thats too many people and I don’t even like half of them!

Culturally, they don’t have “engagement” rings like we know them in the states. You know, the glitz, the bling bling etc. Here it looks similar to a wedding band normally and thats the ring. This option is not for me. I expect the glistening diamond shining and blinding me and everyone else in the eyes. Thats just my stand on the matter.

So the wedding begins in a beautiful church somewhere along the Lake of Konstanz. The Groom greeted everyone outside and then told us all to go in as it got close to the wedding starting. As we sit the music starts and in walks the bride and groom hand-in-hand down the aisle together. Each have one friend as their maid of honor and best man. Thats another thing…it’s not normal to have more than one person in your bridal party. Wait until the Germs get a taste of how I’m going to do it. And, walking down the aisle together at the beginning? I don’t like that. There is so much to say about the man waiting for his bride to come and the first moment he sees her in front of everyone! I always watch the groom, it’s the greatest moment ever!

For a Catholic wedding it was quite quick though, I think it was 47 minutes and we were counting on an hour or two. It wasn’t all that bad if you didn’t consider the Disney songs they had two German girls sing. There were 4 songs in total. Interesting selection. We had Lion King’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and also something from Mulan I think? I have no idea. Anyways, moving on.

Then from the church we walk to another building for champagne and some snacks (which went VERY fast with the amount of people that were there.) We said congrats to the bride and groom and sat down. I of course had the man coming around filling up the glasses just leave a bottle with me. Yes, this is how I do it. I mean, what do you expect…I’m around people speaking too much German, I’m bored, and I want to drink – to celebrate of course!

Moving on, so now we have to pack up in our cars and drive another 20 minutes away – with no directions – to a parking lot. Then we walk from there for 15 minutes down to the port and wait for a boat. On this boat we are to enjoy coffee and cake. No we’re not….I’m to enjoy oodles of wine, thank you very much.  So, it’s hot out…we have to go all over creation and I’m in 5 inch stilettos. I bet you can sense my happiness. Let me remind you that Germany has cobblestone roads and uneven stones everywhere….yes, try this in heels in the sweltering heat.

Anywho, the boat was a nice idea though. Perfect day however they didn’t have enough places for everyone to sit….and the service sucked. Other than that, it was ok. It was a two and a half hour ride on the lake going past Austria, Switzerland, and of course Germany. About 2 hours too long on the boat if you ask me. It doesn’t take long for people to consume coffee and cake. So, we of course found a bar and went from there!!!

At the end of the boat ride we said goodbye to the happy couple and as half of the people went to a Hotel about 10 minutes away from there (lots of traveling I would say…) for the reception, the other half of us headed back to our cars to call it a day. So normally here they invite only a handful of people to join in the dancing/dinner/etc. I’m not sure if thats normal in the states but I’m pretty sure that whoever is coming to my wedding will be there for the whole thing, beginning to end. And we won’t be traveling all over creation to do this. Literally 4 different venues for small little things is not that enjoyable for those of us who traveled far from home or in heels. ANYWAYS. Moving on.

Toblerone and I were obviously hungry by this point since the wedding started at 11am ( we had to leave our house by 8:30am) and it was now 5pm. He found this GORGEOUS spot up from the water in this beautiful restaurant. The food was great, the view was fantastic, AND a wedding was going on in the courtyard and a DJ was just setting up in the dining area so I got really excited and I’m KIND of hoping Toblerone chooses this for the wedding spot. (HINT HINT!)

What have I learned from this weekend’s experience? To be more open to other cultures and their traditions. Granted, I wasn’t sold on the whole wedding and I’ve never been to a wedding I didn’t like. I figured it had to do with the differences of how we do it in the US. Although they were slight…it was hard for me all the same. Also, Don’t make people travel to 8 million places!! It’s inconvenient and the whole time, every one was complaining about this. So, this wasn’t just me…it was everyone. However, the important thing was that the bride and groom were happy and they were. Their special day was just that…special.

Since I will be having two weddings – One in Germany, the other in the US…I’m open to traditions and cultural differences. I’m also open to having two dresses… 🙂

In other news…we found a landscaper!!!! We’re shelling out 21,700 Euro to fix everything to our liking, they will even move the jacuzzi to it’s designated spot! Can’t WAIT! So the 3 or 4 stairs leading down to the platform we want for the jacuzzi cost 2,000 Euro! Ha! What is that?! Stairs are so expensive…who knew! Either way, I’m SO excited! They will start the first week of July and it will take them 3 weeks! So, By the end of July we will have a yard, our garden will be complete. I just need to find some lilac trees and such. 🙂

Oh and also we just booked our tickets for our tour of the East Coast in the US. I can’t WAIT to see all of my family again. And of course stop in NYC, Cape Cod, and Florida for a little R&R…I mean, afterall…it is vacation!!!

Until next time, readers!!!


Weddings – What a Kick in the Teeth! (or Wallet!)

I know I’m jumping the gun here but I’ve already started planning the wedding. I’m without a doubt and unashamed to admit that I’m that girl. You know, the one that has continuously dreamed up my wedding day since I was a little girl. Well, since Barbie came into my life. Here’s a little timeline for ya:

 5 YEARS OLD– GIANT barbie hot pink ball gown (similar to below) as well as hot hot hot pink shoes. Of course, Ken would pick me up in our pink convertible. Ahhh…the life!
12 YEARS OLD – Cinderella was the theme now. A big poofy white gown. With a tiara that sparkled just like my blue eyes.
Prince Charming we would dance me to the moon! As if.

18 YEARS OLD – Boys suck. I’m never getting married. Never! PERIOD! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! NEVER!!!
26 YEARS OLD – Now it’s really time to figure it out and so far, I know we will get married in the summer in Cape Cod (yes!!) and so for this, I picked my favorite colors blue& white. A slight nautical beachy theme but not so much that it’s overwhelming and lame. And who can forget my pretty little Louboutin SHOES!!! (This isn’t the dress but something similar to this style.)

I have a scary feeling that this wedding is going to cost me oodles and oodles of moola. Crap.


Two years ago my lovely adorable boyfriend picked out the ring he thought would be perfect for our engagement. For two years, I have been drooling over this piece of sparkly wonder and literally dreaming about it being on my dainty left hand showing the world, naturally.

On a Friday night he was a little tipsy after a night out with friends over in Germany. He called me in the states to tell me goodnight per usual and happened to slip about maybe having picked up something special from the jewelers. He’s good at manipulating my mind on this stuff and making me believe one thing and then changing it around so I’m confused. I know he wants it to be a surprise but I have such a hard time with this!

I really need to learn not to control every aspect of my life. It’s causing be to have premature gray hairs! I think i’m just overly excited. I’m most definitely one of those girls that has been dreaming about my wedding for ages and living vicariously through Barbie and Ken – minus the hot pink convertible and matching speed-boat. Damn them!

This is what he showed me years ago…and obviously I’m super in-love with this idea. He nailed it. This basically should be named “SugarandSpice.” It’s speaks to me…I want to bathe in it’s lusciousness… ok ok…I’m getting a little crazy but you get the idea of how much I LOVE this ring. And dammit it all to hell…I better have it!! I sound spoiled, but I promise you I’m not. Just for once I want a dream to come true…I’ve waited so long to have it.

There….now can you blame me for acting like a psycho girl from “The Bachelor.” Yes, I will accept this rose…and the fabulous one-on-one dates to Italy…and this sparkling ball of fantastic pink love! I do!