Luck Would Have It

Most of you know that I have been planning our big American wedding from over 3,000 miles away. And not only am I planning it overseas but we chose a location that we are familiar with but have never lived in. I’m from upstate NY but we chose Cape Cod as our dream wedding location. Good choices….all around good choices. ***sarcasm*cough*sarcasm**

This year has been filled with really amazing things. Toblerone got a job transfer to the US, we sold our house in a week without a real estate agent (That would have been an extra €20,000), and this wedding has been coming together pretty easily. All these really great things have been happening to us and I was always just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I never have good luck! Thats just not my style!

So far the only stress I really had was making our DIY invites. That was NOT fun at all. But I refuse to spend boatloads of cash on pieces of paper that people throw away anyways!

And then 3 months before the wedding I get an email from the owner of the house we were renting for the week on the Cape. This house is where we planned the ceremony, reception, and our week vacation with our family. He said in the email that he had lost his job and was no longer able to pay for the home (his second home) and would have to sell his house in July. Which means, our wedding could no longer be held there.


Talk about a meltdown. We were 90 days out at this point and I have to find a house in the middle of a touristy island, during high season, and a place that will allow us to hold our event. Otherwise, we would have to change EVERYTHING we already planned. No caterer, no tent company, nothing.

I left work early and went home to start hitting the streets to get this under control. I searched like crazy and one house stood out to me. This house was GORGEOUS. And even stranger was the one week we needed just happened to be available still. This place was meant to be. It all worked out in the end and our new beautiful ceremony, reception, and family vacation spot is more perfect than I could have imagined it. Better than the last! Can you say “Blessing in Disguise”???

Take a look at our new digs!!!


The worst part about all of this is the fact that on our invites that I worked so hard to put together, the incorrect address is printed on them. So, my job now is to send out a new updated letter to our guests to let them know of the new place. But, that I can handle especially since luck wants it this way. Luck be a lady tonight!

So tell me…did you have any massive meltdowns or drastic things gone wrong with during wedding planning?

Only 66 more days to go for us. I just hope everything holds together now!!!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo

Taking A Time Out!

HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve written! Granted, I was in the US for 10 days and what a WONDERFUL ten days it was!

Love from my bestie!

So, last time, I told you that I was headed back home to NY. What I left out was the precise reason why. The obvious is that I need to restock on my reese’s pieces cups and BBQ sauce but what I didn’t tell you since I was sworn to secrecy was that I picked this time frame to be there to share in the fun when my best friend got engaged!!!!! Her boyfr….ahem…fiance… had contacted me several weeks in advance so I could try to get home for on or around the 25th of February. SO thankful I was able to be there so thank you to Toblerone for giving me the greatest gift for Valentine’s Day and to M for trusting me by telling me the plan way in advance!

For me this has been so thrilling! I don’t have my sparkler yet but just watching the joy that comes along with it all got me really looking forward to whats to come! I was there the day these two met and now I’ll be there while they start the next chapter…holy cannoli…there are no words! Let the planning begin!!!!

I tried really hard to fit everyone/everything into my schedule but I ran out of time. One week really does fly and with a stomach bug for 24 hours that made it extra pleasant. I went to Green Beer Sunday for the first time in my life (which is when they bring a truck full of green beer to the Irish pub in the Irish section of town), Had a green beer for the first time ever, went shopping, was part of an engagement surprise party, went to see a movie (The Vow) for the first time in months, went to Zumba, and hugged everyone before I left! Phew!!!

Proof that I had a green beer 🙂

It was tough having to leave again but this time I did it without tears. I managed to get myself on the plane and I suppose having breakfast with my mom helped. Needed her to remind me that I’m stronger than I think! And quite possibly the many glasses of wine I had waiting for my delayed plane helped. The bartender is this guy I see everytime I’m in this airport. He’s older, hilarious, and just all around charming for a 72yr old. They called my flight to board and I didn’t want to gulp down the last remains of my wine so he said he had just the thing for me. He put it in a coffee “to-go” cup and told me that they do this for all the pilots. Hmmm…….that scares me. A plane full of pilots that are 10 sheets to the wind. Fabulous! And there at that moment went my “strength” I got at breakfast!

Wine to go! (sorry it's sideways!)

Anyways, the trip was good and now I’m waiting for March 14th to hurry up and go. This is when I head to the specialist for my Endometriosis (GRAND!) and then after that I can start the partying for St. Patty’s Day. Somehow, I have to get these Germans to appreciate a day dedicated to drinking!! It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

Am I glad to be back in Deutschland? Not particularly, however, I’m going to make the best of it even if I can’t get decent Peanut Butter here. It’s been 60+ degrees and this is helping to mask the sadness that I miss America, deeply. Oh and by the way, as of yesterday…I have been in Germany for 1 year. Isn’t it ironic that I flew to Germany the exact same day I flew there one year ago? Crazy beans!!!

So here’s hoping we see each other again soon, America. Man, how I miss you!!!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo