To Be In Two Places At Once

Vacation…yup. It was awesome and MUCH needed. Toblerone and I took 4 days with the idea to travel to the Austrian Alps and to skip across the border to check out Italy! I was pretty pumped to add another country to my list of “countries I’ve visited.”



We traveled to Stubaital which is a valley that runs through the Austrian Alps. The really really incredibly massive and beautiful Alps. It was actually pretty different from other times that I’ve been. We drove up on top of the mountains and then there were little ski lodges and ski towns up on tops of these massive beauties. It was quite bizarre actually!

We enjoyed the naked spa as usual (heehee) and Tobi skied down a massive glacier. We took a quick little trip over to the Swarovski Museum in Innsbruck, Austria. This was actually probably one of the best museums I have ever been to. I was VERY surprised. I thought it was just going to be a room full of jewelry and such but they turned this place into a massive interactive art museum. Each room used crystals in it’s exhibit completely different than the last. What a really incredibly place! I saw it on Pinterest actually and never imagined I would be close enough to go visit it. And sure enough! I was stoked at first about the unique fountain outside but the inside was the best part!



Toblerone and I also tried to be as young and fun as we once were so we went to a few bars at night but we really just wanted to go home to bed! My how the times have changed! But we played darts and watched the youngins down their drinks!

Date Night for these old folks!

Date Night for these old folks!



We filled our bellies with yummy 6 course meals…ok more like stuffed ourselves..forgetting completely about the fact that I have to fit in my wedding dress in 4 months. Lord help me! But it was worth it!

Then the last two days we headed to Italy. Granted, we stayed close to Austria so the scenery looks similar but the atmosphere is different. You can somehow feel it. I was so bummed about the service at the hotel in Austria and we crossed the border into Italy and something in the air changed everything. Maybe it was the fact that their stores are open on SUNDAYS!!!

I got to cross off something from my bucket list in the coolest way! I always wanted to be in two places at once and well… 🙂 Right on the border crossing into Italy for the first time in my life I was in Austria and Italy. Two places at once! Totally rad! 232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv7;49=ot-2346=34-=357=XROQDF-2--6438-3-239ot1lsi


We were in a town called Vipiteno, Italy which was just across the border of Austria but what a darling little place! Everyone knows German but prefers to speak Italian of course. It was so fun to watch people switch back and forth between the two languages. And it’s really no joke…Italian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I could have listened to them all day long. We got to enjoy a mini wine tasting in one of the liquor stores and had fun looking at all the different foods they had there.

We started off in a little mini cafe/wine bar and to my surprise, we weren’t the only ones drinking wine at 10 in the morning! But the Italians are so cool about it all. They had a glass of wine, an espresso close by, and a water. You can tell they appreciate the good things in life. Food and drinks!



Our hotel was gorgeous! Sadly we only stayed one night but we were just so in love with this place. So relaxed and there were many people but it was kind of nice.


Not to mention..the dinner was INCREDIBLE!!! I can’t even put it into words. The dessert was a massive room filled with mini desserts! Omg…I took horrible pictures because I felt like such an American but you can get the idea! It was really really amazing. I over-ate on purpose. No shame!

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

Before I left I was able to pay homage to a special part of my step-dad’s family. His mother is from Austria and his Dad from Italy. I made sure to light candles for them all in a church in Austria and in Italy too. It was so special for me to be able to do that in one trip. His family had lived in the US for a long time so after they had died, I don’t think (to my knowledge anyways) that anyone was able to give their souls peace in their homeland. Was pretty special. But magically enough, both churches had incredible views of the Alps and I felt like these two spots couldn’t have been better to do this.

The church in Italy

The church in Italy

Outside the church in Austria

Outside the church in Austria

Inside the church in Austria

Inside the church in Austria

If a trip has to end…then please let all trips end like this one did. On an incredible high note. Money well spent!


(P.S. In the next week or so I will be posting up hints in the form of pictures to a MASSIVE REVEAL OF A SECRET I’ve been keeping since January! Please follow me on my facebook page to get these hints and be in on the fun!)

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Another Year In Cape Cod


Toblerone and I go to Cape Cod every year. We have ever since my 25th birthday (which seems like ages ago!!) Theres a magic about that place that I can’t explain but each time we go, we find something new and do some of our more “traditional” things. And by traditional, I mean…beating each other at mini golf. (He cheats, just saying!) But we try new restaurants and really try to soak up every piece of it that we can. Eventually, and possibly sooner than we expected, we will be buying a little vacation home there. CAN.NOT.WAIT. I’ll go overboard with interior decorating it with all things “ocean” inspired! Yeah, proud to be that person! Anywho…Here’s a look into all the things we saw and did!

First things first of course, I picked up some pretty awesome seashells! And we just so happened to run into two of our favorite people who happened to also be on the Cape at the same time! Got myself a dirty martini and some food poisoning on the first night but all is well. I’d eat the same thing again, no shame!

We just absolutely ADORE the little bed and breakfast that we stay at in Dennis, MA. It’s perfect, the people leave you alone and you can come and go as you please without worries. Plus, they always give us beers when we arrive. AMEN.





We stocked up on our concerts while we were there! Rolling Stones was crazy cool considering the dudes are as old as dirt and still run and jump around the stage like 15 year olds. But a very good show and a bucket list item checked off! BAM! And I got to go see Dave Matthews Band. For Toblerone,he got to really see how serious the fans of DMB take the pregaming. It’s not a joke and not to be messed with. People putting up flags, BBQing, playing beer pong, singing and playing music. Crazy cool.





We walked around Hyannis and had a great time as usual…sometimes a little too much 🙂 We saw the JFK memorial, got some Icecream and walked around in the cute shops.







I got to have my ULTIMATE favorite thing ever which is called the Cod Reuben sandwich (with my martini of course) and I can STILL taste it. I have to have that every time I go now.

And of course, our trip is never complete without visiting our favorite beach, Chatham, playing mini golf (I got a hole in one!), and eating LOBSTER!!!! We also stopped at a few antique stores and found some pretty cool stuff. I particularly liked this old bed and walking around a corner I got the crap scared out of me by these two dudes:












On our way home we stopped of course at the Cape Cod Brewery (our favorite place) and decided that they will be our beer of choice for our American wedding! 🙂 AKA….gives us another excuse to go to the Cape to pick up the kegs! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxo

Throwback Thursday!!

It’s Throwback Thursday again!! And in two days I will be off to America…PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

This weeks throwback is a happy happy joy joy one! This is the hubs and I when we first started dating, circa 2009. We went to Cape Cod for my 25th birthday, which I almost didn’t make it out alive! This was his first time going and its exactly what started the tradition that we go there to vacation every year now! In fact, in the short two weeks that we will be home in the US, we will be there for a few days which is A-MAZ-ING. Seriously necessary!

Anywho, this is us at our favorite beach in Chatham, MA. Happy Throwback Thursday, ya’ll!


Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

The Annual Hike In The Alps

Fresh off the boat from China…..ok, it’s more like off the plane from America but same difference,…I put on my hot pink socks, laced up my fancy hiking boots, and grabbed my walking sticks for an adventure! It’s that time of year again when the Music Club of Toblerone’s hometown takes an overnight hiking trip to the Alps. Last year, we went on a similar trip just in a different area, which you can see here.

Day 1 – View From our hotel

Once in Austria, the plan was to hike up for a good 4 or 5 hours, get to camp (which is more like a hostel with dinner and drinks!)  and spend the night. Next morning climb back down for another 4 hours or so. All together, I believe it was around 10 miles of a hike but it’s not your average 10 miles…we’re going straight up and then straight down. Literally. So it was grueling and at some points dangerous but really beautiful as usual…and as always…I loved going down MUCH better than up!

Day 2 – Loved these funky trees all over the place!

We stopped along the way to have lunch at a little restaurant and witnessed a wedding high up in the Alps. How darling! Then we trekked on towards our final destination for the night. But somehow, once we relaxed for a few hours, people convinced me to go even further to the top of the mountain where a large cross is. (As in the one Jesus carried or whatever) I Went the extra mile (or 3 more really)  and went to summit but was glad to get back and not move for the rest of the night!

Day 2 – Group shot descending

Throughout the Alps there were small clearings and houses made of logs where farmers would stay only during the summer time. Their cows and other animals would be brought up to this area to feed on the fresh grass and would be fully equipped with bells. Each bell has a certain note so the farmer can constantly hear where his animals are. Intelligent, ay? In order for the farmer to get food, it’s delivered once a week. He then can collect it from the stream/river that they send it on for him or by hiking down to the town. Here’s an example of one of the houses:

Day 2 – Favorite shot – waterfall across the way

Check out the Slideshow for more of our trip!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course the only way to get completely down is with none other than by Alpine Rollercoaster! I don’t have pictures of this (was too afraid I’d lose my phone!) But here is a video to give you an idea of what it looked like. SO fun!! (This isn’t the exact one but very similar to this)

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Back In The Game

Here I am again, folks!! I had an AMAZING vacation back home. 3.5 weeks just isn’t long enough!!!

We packed in so much stuff in the time we were there so here’s a brief picture summary of what we busied ourselves with!

“Tea Party” Bridal Shower for my best friend:

Annual Cape Cod Trip:

28th Birthday Party Extravaganza (Oldschool style with putt-putt and bowling!):

Bachelorette Party for my best friend:

Camp with the family:


We also took my baby sister to College for the first time as well! Busy busy bees!

We certainly had our days filled and it was incredible! I was so happy to be home. Now I’m dealing with jet lag and lesson planning for my new teaching gig which starts up in 3 weeks!

Since we won’t make it home for Halloween or Thanksgiving this year I’ve decided to throw the Germans our usual annual Halloween party as well as a Thanksgiving! I packed my bags full of stuffing, cranberry sauce, and recipes! The fun part will be cooking a much smaller turkey in my much smaller oven. I honestly think that Americans only have large ovens specifically for the 20 pound Turkeys we cook each year! Here, I can get maybe 10 pounds at most, anything else won’t fit!

More to come on all that goes on! I’m trying to nurse my jet lag (it’s 4am as I write this) and no better way than to hike the Austrian Alps! Pics to follow!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

The End Of A Magical Trip

This is the last of our trip to Ireland. It was incredible and we’re REALLY looking forward to going back. Just gotta say, Thanks a Million to my “cousin” aka step aunt, Alicia for letting us take over your house and all the help! Such an easy hostess! Those are the kind I love! 🙂 Now come visit us!! 🙂

If you missed the other days of our trip you can start here!

On day 7 we woke up and I ate breakfast VERY slowly considering my horrendous night with food poisoning. Will never eat salmon in that place ever again!!!

We walked around Galway and looked at the shops. This place was swarming with a million musicians and these guys really caught my eye! Hard to balance and play passionately if I do say so myself!

We went on our way back to Dublin. Toblerone full of whiskey and beer and me full of a queasy stomach. After we dropped the car off we went straight to Howth where the rich and famous of Ireland reside and took a walk around before heading to a Mexican restaurant. The views around the harbor were incredibly beautiful. We got there just in time for the sunset.

After a quesadilla or two we headed to a bar which was fun. Filled with old guys singing all sorts of songs, drunk as can be. Then an American family started piping in and being all whacky. They were from Minnesota and the “mom” made sure everyone knew it. Flashing around her “American Ethnicity” a little to much. We had to get out of there because that was BEYOND annoying.

The next morning we had a little time before our flight and we headed to Dublin once again. This time I was specifically searching for a bookstore where I bought the most amazing book when I was young. It was called, “Under the Hawthorne Tree” about children during the Irish Famine. Then we got there and I didn’t realize how huge the Grafton Street area was. That definitely wasn’t in my memory.

Then we stopped and got a listen to the band Request street performing. I had heard them on the radio before and really liked them. You can definitely tell the difference between just your average street performer and signed band!

We met up with the prostitute fish monger, Molly Malone, got some Subway (insert choir singing) and got our parting drink, Guinness. It really did start to taste like water by the end of the trip. We had one last shot of Jameson and headed to the airport.

What an absolutely amazing trip for us. We’re thinking about all the things we need to do next time we’re there. More drinking, perhaps?! I drank whiskey the entire trip and I won’t drink it anywhere else. Well…maybe if it’s Jameson. This country has a magical side to it. It truly does. The people are kind and incredible story tellers. It’s a place I wish I could call Home!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

The Magic of Ireland

I realize it’s been over a month since I last wrote! I’ve been feeling really guilty about it so I apologize! I’ve got LOTS of big news to tell you and will throughout the next two weeks. Where to start with all this news?? Well of course from the start! Let’s take it back to our trip to Ireland! 🙂

There’s so much to show you and talk about in this trip so I’m going to have to split this up over a few blogs but, you don’t mind, do you?

First I have to start off by telling you that we flew with RyanAir. Most of you probably heard about this low-budget airline that offers nothing with a zillion restrictions. Here’s the thing though. For Toblerone and I to fly from Germany to Dublin, Ireland was in total 67 Euro per person! I mean, come on now! That’s like gold in a leprechaun’s pot! Just follow the rules, be cool about it, and relax and enjoy the show! I read so many bad reviews but I never had any problems. People need to CHILL out! If you pay next to nothing, expect next to nothing in return! Moving on now!

Our first night was simple and beautiful. We stayed with my step mom’s sister who technically is my Aunt but we are so close in age that we tell people we are cousins! 🙂  She has a perfect town house central to the wealthy beach town of Malahide and Dublin City Center. It was perfect for us! We went out to a pub in Malahide that night and this started the whiskey sensation of 2012. I’m not a whiskey person, that’s Toblerone more but while I was there – that is ALL I drank! Me and my pal Jameson had a LOVELY affair for a week.

Back to it –  we witnessed little jam sessions in the pubs which are an Irish staple, of course! He’s a clip of the band we saw:

What I loved the most is all the road signs were in not only English but Gaelic as well. Made me want to start taking lessons but what a complicated language that is! I barely know German yet so I guess that goes on the back burner for now!

The next day we went back to Malahide to take pictures in the day time of the beautiful coast. I NEEDED this vacation SO badly. I needed more than anything to be back in a place that feels like home and by the ocean. It was physically hurting my soul. It was incredibly refreshing to be around English-speaking people, with WAY better accents than me! The other thing that was nice – girls with long hair. Girls that actually LOOK like girls whereas in Germany, everyone has their hair shorter than necessary and half the time I don’t know if someone is a boy or girl. It’s odd.

Later that night we headed into the City Center with “my cousin” and were so thankful to be hit with a torrential downpour. Oh, Hey Ireland! It’s been a long time! I forgot all about your crazy ass weather!!! Cold and improperly dressed due to our limitations on our luggage size we made the most of it! We watched the Irish lose their final game in the Eurocup in a giant bar called “Break On The Border.” It was filled with a sea of green and jolly people with charming accents! Then there was Toblerone in his Germany jersey. lol. As Ireland lost, the crowd in the stadium sang an Irish anthem of sorts and the crowd in the bar joined it. It was a weird magical moment and just shows in true Irish fashion the care and humanity they have for one another.

We raced against the windy and rain until we ended up in a really cool bar called Bruxelles (and mind you it’s a Thursday night!) I’ve been so used to not ever needing to dress up. Where we live in Germany, girls don’t dress up like what I’m used to back home so my beautiful fun dresses have been collecting dust. Each bar we went into, the girls are decked out in the latest fashions, heels as high as the sky (HELLO!! LOVE!!!!), and makeup and hair done as well. SUCH a world does exist outside of America. So glad it’s close to me!

We danced until 2am with a million great people. We made friends with the whole bar practically and I can’t wait to go back there again sometime!

The magic was all around us in these first two days…can’t wait to share with you all the rest of it! Stay tuned!! Some big news in store! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Take Me Away….

Oh People, I’m tired. This new year nonsense is wearing me thin! Is anyone else feeling exhausted?? Perfect reason why I need another VACATION!

Ten bucks to the first person to guess where this picture is:

Toblerone sent me an email the other day while he was working very diligently at work that said the following:

I was working on our vacation list for the 1st 6 months of this year 🙂

Here is the plan:

January 28th to the 29th: Munich

February – March: Surprise Trip

Thursday May 17th to Sunday or Monday May 21st: Munich

Thursday June 7th to Sunday or Monday June 10th. Ireland, Dublin

Ha, I love this man! For many reasons but more so that he really does make an attempt to make my life interesting here, giving me something to look forward to. AND…..a surprise trip?!?! I LOVE those! I’ve tried to get some hints already and it’s not Ireland and not Paris. So…everyone give me your ideas so I can try to figure it out. I can’t allow anything to be a surprise, as you know, since I need to plan every aspect out!

I’ve been so busy with life lately that I haven’t had a chance to worry about being homesick. I decided something since my family was here: That I need to just take in what I can because this opportunity may not be here forever and that’s true. I meet with students all week long, go to German class when I feel like it (the people in my class are SO slow so I don’t miss a beat even if I miss 3 weeks), and try to keep this house together and make sure Harley has ample play time. It’s a lot! I swear it is even though you may think otherwise!

Speaking of, I really need to plan something for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Either I do it here and make people drink against their will since they rarely do OR I hightail it out of here to a country that enjoys partying such as England or IRELAND. That would be Amazeballs. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to spend St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland. WHAM!

What are your plans for the first 6 months of the new year? How are you going to make this year different than the last? For me, traveling is a MUST! And…I have LOTS to report on for you guys!

And by the way, Harley wanted me to mention that his birthday is on February 5th and he would like some dog bones and tough toys for dogs. *woof*

Until next time, Readers!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Vacation In The Alps: Day Five – Mellow

Obviously, this didn’t start with day Five so if you haven’t read day one, two, three, or four…you can do so now to find out what there actually is to do while in the Alps 🙂 

Day Five:

It’s the “going home” day but not before we did a few things of course! I was definitely feeling relaxed at this point and think the vacation was altogether quite a success. We made sure every day was packed with something fun but didn’t over-do it (except for the princess day which was NOT fun!)

Again we had champagne breakfast in the room to end the vacation right of course! We sat outside and enjoyed the moment. The early morning with alcohol rushing through your system. AMEN!

Granted we “slept in” until 8:50 which is rare. We don’t ever sleep in too long, especially that long! Before we packed up our stuff to head out for the day I took a little dip in the pool again. I couldn’t get enough of that. I really need to invest in one of those puppies!

We headed back into the town of Oberstdorf to search for hiking boots.  I needed to prepare for a hiking trip in the Alps in Austria at a later date so it was needed to get them now to start wearing them in! I got a great pair for 170 Euro I think it was and a darling pair of red plaid rain boots to frolick around with Harley in! 🙂 The dude at the store threw in a pair of hot pink socks for free…Thank you very much! 🙂

We walked around only a little bit more and found ourselves at the Schnapps museum. So, this is liqueur…German schnapps are seriously high proof and are a type of distilled alcohol with a slight fruit flavor or what not. Schnapps is intense. I tried a few that were Beer flavored (weird), Blueberry (Awesome), Raspberry (awesome), Spices – think Jaegermeister (disgusting), and many others.

After we had a good buzz going, I bought a little a special wine for when my family comes for Christmas and off we went back home! Arriving to my super clean house was amazing. All we did was unpack and recover from recovering. 🙂

Thanks for coming along on our vacation with us! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!! :-))) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Vacation In The Alps: Day Four – Chill Out

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Vacation day one, two, and three! Be sure to “like” the new facebook page on the right hand side of this blog or by going to this link. It’s easy and makes me happy. So do it. RIGHT NOW! Thanks for everyone’s support!! 

My special day had arrived, it was officially “Princess Day” announced by me of course! I was so excited that I woke up at 7:45 (idiot me!) and went to have breakfast. Upon arrival I saw a sign in front of a food warmer that read “Bacon.” English…the word I have been waiting for since March. As soon as it registered in my brain what I was actually seeing I yelled out, “BACONNNN…..MOVE!” and with that pushed Toblerone aside and went hog wild towards the breakfast table!

Massage at 9:00am proved that I need more spa days. The knots the elbow lady worked on in Day two were still there and refusing to leave my shoulders! Anyone want to donate to the “stress-free-Spice-fund?” After the lady gave up and set me free I was off to prepare for the big day. So why is it a Princess day? Every Princess belongs in a castle…right? Today we were off to see the most photographed castle in the world – Neuschwanstein Castle!!!! I made sure all my jewels were on…who says I’m too old to play pretty pretty princess?

Off we went! Normally we live about 3 hours from this castle but we were only 1 hour from the hotel so it seemed like a good idea. It was so warm outside I felt as if I would melt if I moved out of the A/C in the car. And so I did. We were in traffic for much too long and there were people EVERYWHERE. It was an absolute madhouse with people walking in the streets we could barely move an inch. Finally parked and approaching the ticket center was about a 5 hour wait. That’s not an exaggeration. We quickly learned that the only way to see the actually inside of the castle was to have a ticket and a tour scheduled. They apparently ask that you reserve your ticket a day in advance. So, my happy Princess bubble I was in all morning immediately burst and I turned into Godzilla.

Without a ticket we’re allowed to walk around the outside of the castle and take pictures and this was the ONLY option I would allow at this point. I was ready to just go home but Toblerone tried hard to remedy the situation. We found a shuttle that would take us up the hill to the castle. A lovely, HOT shuttle with no windows open, sweaty people who forgot their deodorant…What is it with people here and their lack of deodorant?

Up on the mountain we have a plan to just get in, take our pics, and get the hell out! There were the typical types taking 8,000 pictures of the same thing over and over again. You know what I mean. This was the first time I was actually annoyed that there weren’t many Germans around. I heard all sorts of different languages and it really took away from the whole magic of the castle, I thought. I was not impressed and was ready to leave and we did just that. As we were leaving it was also a madhouse trying to get on a bus. People crowded all over the place and an older group of fat Italians literally almost trampled and squished me into the bus. I had to turn around and tell them to “Calm the F*** down! We’re all going to the same place. JESUS!” They sort of backed off but probably weren’t sure what I said, only noticed that my eyebrows were angry.

My recommendation to those coming to check out this beautiful castle: Make a reservation the day before for a tour, wear comfy shoes because you do a lot of walking just to get to the castle even after the bus drops you off, and do NOT go during peak season – the summer is off-limits. I bet fall is beautiful though. AND there is another nice castle a few miles down from it so that is something to see as well.

We drove back to the hotel and I was in rare form. I did NOT want to ever look at a castle again or have a day just for me. Clearly, this never works out. There’s always something that goes wrong. Any of you have that same problem? We decided to stop for a beer because that was seriously needed. A little restaurant had maybe two other people there which was great except we had to wait 20 minutes for a beer. Spice = SUPER ANNOYED! So we stole the beer glasses after we paid and went on our way. Yes, we stole them. It’s Justice, people…don’t judge.

Princess day wasn’t over yet so I decided to start over and make the best of it. I swam for a bit in the hotel, watched sex and the city (in English of course) and then went off to dinner. I had another fun thing to look forward to so I wasn’t going to let that stupid castle ruin my day!

Appetizer: Pesto bread with ham and mustard. Balsamic vinegar and watermelon with feta cheese. 

Soup: Decided against this and got a smoothie instead -yogurt and johannisbeeren. Berries we don’t have in the US to my knowledge. 

Dinner: Colorful rainbow trout with wildflower garnish, veggies, and rice of some sort!

Dessert: Ice cream with chocolate, strawberry, and apricot sauce, fruit, and sweet popcorn in pistachios. 

We rushed into town for……..DA DUMMMMMM….. Musicals on Ice! Let me explain…no…I can’t. When I was little I loved to see the Ice capades and this particular show happened to be in town while we were there so Toblerone got me tickets for my Princess day.

It was really great and most of the skaters are top competitors so it was nice to see this and hear all my favorite musical songs. Was really missing my mom and sister in that moment since we’re the musical queens! Anywho, intermission was also really nice. They had another rink with small tables on the ice and in the middle a place to get all sorts of snacks and drinks from Sangria to chocolate covered bananas. Toblerone managed through it all since the girls had on such interestingly small and tight outfits. 🙂

Back at the hotel we had a drink at the bar and then to bed. Our last night there wasn’t so bad. The day however was a nightmare! No more castles for me during summer. Never again!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo