Another Big Move

I’ve been really quiet since my rebirth and that’s because we have big news to share!

Most know the story but for some of you who are new here, I’m from NY. No…not NYC…the state of NY. Specifically, Upstate (the better part of NY altogether!) The only thing NYC has to do with upstate is the atrociously high taxes it causes us! Toblerone and I met there actually. It holds a very special place in our hearts and of course our friends and most of my family is there.


I try to think back about when I first decided to follow him to Germany and I must have been drunk. I’m surprised I went at the end of the day. That was a major risk and I think my little 25yr old brain didn’t have ANY idea of what I was getting into. Somehow I thought, “I’ll just move back home if I don’t like it!” The reality is, I can’t just go home when my “home” (Harley and Tobes) wouldn’t be coming with me. It was more complicated than I thought.

I went to Germany with a huge carry on bag of German cuisine cookbooks (seriously) very unsure of what my future would hold and after 4 years it giving it the old college try, we decided moving back to the states was best for us. Tobes got a job that shipped us over to Michigan and although it was the US, it still was 9+ hours away. So I went from a 9+ hour flight to an equally as long of a drive. Not sure it was a win.

photo (6)

Chilling at a winery in the black forest

Every time that we did make it back to NY we always talked about how our hearts were warm and we felt relaxed. Much of that has to do with the atmosphere my mom’s house presents and also because of the friendships we have there. We have a tribe.

The goal was always to make it back closer to family and out of nowhere the stars aligned and here we are…going back to NY. We’ll be 20 minutes from everyone and we are bubbling over from excitement thinking about how different our life will be now. Not just for us but for the kids.

Ten years later…home. I’m no longer tribeless.

Finally holidays that will mean something. Traditions to continue. Birthday parties to have. It all finally makes sense. Finally.

We left a couple days before Thanksgiving and we’ve been shacking up with the prenatal units until we close on our new house after New Years. It’s been a surprisingly easy transition. The kids are adjusting nicely and Toblerone fits right in at his new job. All is well so far!!

Until next time, Readers!!! Xoxoxoxo

An American Easter in Germany

Easter rolled around again and it’s crazy to think that I’ve been here for two Easters already. My how time flies. We were slammed with more snow BUT our home was warm with American friends and a roaring fire of course.

I mean look at these lovely guests!

I mean look at these lovely guests!

We had our American buddies, who live in Stuttgart Germany, drive out to spend the weekend with us which was such a treat for me! I really love having visitors to begin with where I can speak my own language and remind myself of all the slang words I’ve forgotten living out this way! Not only that but these two brought us the most AMAZING gifts!!! I mean…HELLO!! Take a look at these:


Can we talk about that for a moment? They are not in the military but have access to the military base because one of them works on base, which means they have access to the grocery store with all the American stuff. It’s like this treasure hidden away and I’m not allowed in 😦 I wish they would just grant me access to shop there. I’d be all over that! Anywho, we got a normal sized peanut butter jar with YUMMMY peanut butter inside, loads of reese’s, Sam adams beer for Tobi (there were more but those went bye bye in a mere 5 minutes!), and GIRL SCOUT COOKIESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! OMG! I can’t even begin to tell you. Its amazing. The last time I bought girl scout cookies I think I had to leave them with my parents because I was moving to Germany so I never did get my last one 😦 So…THANK YOU, FRIENDS!!! Made out Easter 1 million times more amazing by bringing a piece of home to us!

So we had a great dinner with my strawberry salad and caprese filled burgers. Totally American, totally loved!

After our bellies were overstuffed overjoyed we hopped in the jacuzzi for a long time and discussed wedding plans. Obviously not with each other but our American weddings are a week apart. So that’s fun! We snuggled up on the couch and watched the Syracuse game against Marquette and it was totally amazing to see live (thanks to our new “English” channels).

The following morning was filled of Easter fun and more snow…fantastic. Everyone had to find their basket…including Harley and there was also an Easter egg hunt at the end! Loved doing this and now I know why my mom loved doing it every year too 🙂




We had omelettes for breakfast and then they were on their way home. It was SO nice for us and so easy with these guys. I forget sometimes just how easy going Americans can be and it’s not an all out process like it is with the Germans. Two totally different cultures and two totally different stress levels!

Here’s a little gem for you….check me out in the mornings with the lovely Fe!! WOOHOOOOOOO Sexy thang!


Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Raise The Roof

As I’ve mentioned in the past its common that the German people save up enough money to one day build a house of their own. Along with doing so comes more crazy traditions. Any reason to party right?

Behind our house they paved a new road last year and now are slowly starting to build a few houses at a time. One house in particular has been moving right along. The night of our Halloween Party we could see lights on and drunk Germans singing every song ever written. Loudly. The following morning, I awoke to this:20121117-195757.jpg

Indeed, that’s a decorated tree hanging outside. I did some serious digging….aka asked Toblerone what was going on. I was quickly informed that when you put the roof on a house, you celebrate it and kind of “bless” it. Of course, the Germs would have it no other way then to drink and sing together in a cold unfinished house and hang a tree! Makes perfect sense! And they think Black Friday is absurd??

Until next time, Readers!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

Omi’s 88th Birthday and German Traditions

Back at the end of September ( I realize I’m behind in my blogging! Laptop issues, remember!!), Toblerone’s Omi celebrated her 88th birthday party! All her children and grandchildren went to a restaurant to toast a beer to the milestone.

She got presents, we all got loads of drinks, and ate full meals. It was really nice to be with everyone in one place since its unusual that we are.

I forgot about birthday traditions in Germany until the end of the night when the check came. Omi paid for everyone. Almost 400 Euro!! On HER birthday!!! Then I had a moment and I asked her why she was paying on her big day and she said, “Well I invited all of you and besides, who else will pay?!” She’s sweeter than she knows!

Then I remembered the company I used to work for in the US was German and our German colleagues or bosses would bring in their own cake on their birthdays to celebrate. They would provide drinks and food if they wanted as well. So, it’s the opposite in the US. We expect to be treated like royalty on our special day and in the German culture, they treat everyone else! I think I like the American way better!!

Until next time, Readers!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Maibaum – May Tree Celebration in Germany

I think everyone has heard of the May tree somewhere in their life. If you’re anything like me you don’t have a clue what the heck the May tree is or what it’s purpose is. I’m here to explain that to you – as I’m learning about it as well!

Der Maibaum – The May Tree

The whole idea is to raise a may pole on May 1st to welcome spring. A may pole is a large tree trunk of a pine or birch but without the branches. On top of the may pole is a small pine tree decorated with ribbons, figurines, or other decorative things that are specific to the town.

So far, each town I’ve been through whether small or large has a May tree up and they are pretty cool once you see them. Really tall. Most towns have a big festival to follow the rising of the pole and this includes singing, dancing, and of course eating/drinking.

This is all grand however the fun part of the May tree is this:

May tree also stands not only for Spring but for LOVE! The story goes that if a young boy/man likes another girl/woman he will decorate a tree with colored ribbons and the like and then he will put it on the top of her roof in the middle of the night before May 1st as a surprise. The dude then leaves it up for one month and when he returns to take it down, if the girl likes him back, she will invite him to dinner, give him a cake, a case of beer, or if he’s reallllllly lucky – a kiss.

If it’s unrequited love? Well, that sucks for the guy. He wasted his time, energy, and craftiness for nothing. I’m waiting for my May Tree on the roof but Toblerone has confirmed that this could cause quite a scandal in this little town we live in. That would mean that I’m clearly having an affair. The May Tree on the roof of your home would only mean that another man is looking for my affection. Since I’m not married and/or ENGAGED (hint hint!) then I expect a May tree. NOW.

Happy Spring and Happy May!! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo