The Most Gorgeous Town In Germany

Now and again I browse through my travel board on Pinterest and I come across pictures of places that I know must be in the area. The greatest part about where I live, I’m surrounded by Switzerland, France, and Austria. Literally, just a short drive away. Ahhh the greatness of being an expat! One of the pictures that recently caught my eye was of a town called Rothenburg ob der Tauber:

I did a little more research and found out it was a touristy area but for many reasons. I usually try to avoid those type of places but there was so much about this place that was drawing me in. Documents date back to the year 950 for this town which is just mind blowing! There is a town wall that goes around the entire village which makes you feel like you’re going back in time.



This town has incredible museums which Toblerone and I loved! We started off at the Christmas Museum made our way to the Medieval Museum, and ended with the Doll & Toy museum. Because I loved these places so much and I took so many pictures, I decided to split this blog up a bit. So today, I’m sharing with you just the quaint little town.



Thanks to our good friend I learned this town has been the stage for many movies such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2. I mean, walking through this place felt like I was walking through a movie. Or another time. It just didn’t feel real.



I’m not sure where these little balls of joy came about but the Schneeballchen (snow balls) are special for this area. I wanted to say they were like fried dough but it’s more like a fortune cookie in a giant ball of yarn form. Toblerone got a nuss-nougat and I a chocolate filled one. Nothing to be excited about. I would never get them again and I think that’s the consensus from most that have tried them.


image (1)

There were souvenir shops all over the place selling over priced Christmas decorations,ornaments, and of course beer steins. Cute to see but nothing I would be willing to open my wallet for! But pass the tourists, through the streets of quaint little shops came suddenly the place I was searching for. The reason I drove over 200 kilometers. The house from the picture. Sadly it was a cold, gray day but nonetheless. Still really cool to see. One of those moments you say to yourself, “check!”



This place was very quickly made my top favorite town in Germany. There is more history than I can even wrap my head around and full of Christmas shops which are open year round. I found my heaven at last!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxo

A Secret Castle In The Hills

We all know that one of the greatest perks about living in Europe is the plethora of castles at every turn. For me, I see one at least every few days. They are just everywhere and not to mention, most are preserved quite well. Thankfully, I’m not yet desensitized to seeing these massive architectural masterpieces. The magic is still very much alive!

Recently, Toblerone told me he had a surprise to show me and I always get pretty excited for these! We parked in the middle of the woods, and we walked quite a distance until appeared, from behind the thick trees, ruins of a castle built long ago.

There was something really eerie and heart breaking about it. And although it was ruins, you could still imagine the people living here long ago.


The history of the castle is stated on a small sign that also shows you what each room was used for.

It Reads:
Michelstein was built in 1100
Imperial City of Rottweil destroyed it in 1377
Acquired by the Lords of Ifflinger-Granegg in 1535
Later abandoned and in 1831 it was bought back
Bequeathed by the last Baron of the Catholic Church in Rottweil
Transferred from the Swabian Hiking and Preservation Club.
In 1931 ownership granted to the club to keep the castle from further decay.

The Residential Tower

The Residential Tower



Nestled high up on a mountaintop, far away from anything else, this castle had the perfect view of the small village below.

It’s still so amazing to me how much history is here in Germany. How lucky I am to be surrounded by it all. Reading about this in school holds no candle to actually experiencing it in real life. FIELD TRIP!!!!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxo

A Grave Discovery

Back when we went on our hike through the Alps on the way home we stopped to check out a church that was up on a hill however, I was way too tired to move any more and Harley the pup also was against it. We parked in a random parking lot and as I was looking around I saw a grave yard. And who did I think of when I saw this? Why YOU of course! I thought to myself, “I definitely need to go take pictures of the graves here just for my loyal blog readers.” So I blame you for this creepy blog post, however perfect time of the year with Halloween just around the corner!

So before you think I’m totally insane/morbid/creepy or all of the above let me explain. When I was younger (and still now) I LOVED going to really old grave sites. You know the ones that are hidden in the middle of a forest or off the beaten path? Where the gravestones are falling over and almost or at times illegible. I was always a bit of a History buff and this really intrigued me.

What intrigues me is how beautiful the grave stones are here in Germany. I mean…seriously! It’s like the stones are polished every day, the flowers are watered without fail, and people are never forgotten. Granted, when you pick out your stone in advance you have to be ready to fork over $15,000 or more. Which I think is absurd but check out the pictures below, you’ll see what I mean. You can have them complete with waterfalls or for 5 people…crazy stuff!

So call me crazy but I think these are beautiful! Even though I looked like such a creeper with my iPhone out snapping pictures. What really got me was some of the “residents” have been there since before 1980 but yet there “doormats” are still in pristine shape. I guess you know what you’re paying for with all that loot you have shell out!

How many of you think I’m a wicked weirdo for this post? Go ahead…say it, I won’t be offended!! 😉 I guess it’s no different than people posting pics of La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, right?

Until next time, Readers!!!!! xoxoxoxo