I Am A Mother

First and foremost – Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!!! Especially to my mom. She’s the greatest person in the world, my best friend, my confidant, and the mother everyone dreams about having. She’s perfect in every way and thank you, mom, for guiding me into the person I am today. Now to figure out how to clone you so I can have you here in Germany with me! 🙂

Here’s a dose of cuteness of me and my mom when I was just a wee thing:

I read this post yesterday written on the Still Standing website – a place for women who handle loss or infertility. The post was titled, ” I AM a Mother,” eloquently so. Whether you read through it or not, it comes at a time that I needed to hear it. Today celebrates the women who physically have children but what about the women who are trying. The women who want nothing more than to have their own.

Children come so easily to many and too easily for some who don’t deserve them. I salute the mothers who have children here on earth already but more importantly, I give a big giant mother’s day hug to those of us who have been mothers for longer. Mothers to the children we’re trying so hard to have. The poking, prodding, surgeries, hormones that ruin us, etc just to bring our child home. This mother’s day is for you.

Me and my nephew – he’s fresh out of the oven!

A lot of women take for granted that they are able to just pop out kids without major complications. What about those who are left without…every mother’s day that passes the ping in your heart tightens. You put a smile on your face when others show you pictures of their babies growing older. Thank you for sharing your blessing with the world…we LOVE your babies. (That was NOT sarcastic by the way.) I just can’t wait to show off mine one day, hopefully. Make sure to say Happy Mother’s Day too all the women you know that wish to have a child as well as those with children currently. Don’t leave anyone out!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms.