30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

Good question. I’m not doing this for fun. I’m doing it to keep motivated in the blog world. For the past 30 days I have been engulfed in a medical situation that did not allow me to think outside my own box. So, to have daily topics already planned for me was the best.

As I briefly spoke about why I was proud of Toblerone, this was the reason for the 30 day blog challenge. Not only did I need a distraction, but I needed something to keep me going and focused.

So Toblerone had a crazy rare GIANT cyst type situation growing and stretching out his duodenum. For those of you who are not up on your medical terminology – google it. Basically for ten years Toblerone had been limited to certain foods, over time it got worse and eventually it was down to eating only soup. If he ate anything else, he would puke it up. Then it started with the fevers of 104 degrees which would last for about 24 hours or so. Chills would set in and there we went. Up at odd hours of the night trying to warm him up. There I was with my hormones, hot as can be and trying to warm up our room. This could go on no longer. He missed out on soccer games and work functions due to this. It was not a life to live.

We decided it was time to check him into a stay at the hospital and do the necessary tests to figure out what was wrong with him. And so we did. He had this rare cysts nonsense and would require major surgery. Most of his organs were weakened and stretched out. It’s way more complicated than all of that but the whole thing took a toll on both of us and our families. For one, I traveled the many miles every day to the hospital. Some stays were longer than others but during the first week or so, he slept most of the time. Secondly, I was in a hospital with people who barely spoke English, if at all. So confusing, I didn’t even know what they were doing to him half of the time. It took me several hours after his surgery to really find out what they did! I mean I was staring at him with 8,000 tubes coming out of him and I couldn’t do a thing. I hadn’t heard his laugh in so long I almost forgot what it sounded like. More than anything I needed my mommy.

So, the surgeon told us to prepare for a recovery of 6-8 weeks. He was a jerk. I hated him. I won’t get into it but he’s good at what he does in the operating room…he’s crap with socialization. We were left thinking that Tobi would be in the hospital for 6-8 weeks…not the case. It was at this time that I knew I wanted to continue with my blog but didn’t have time to focus on anything other than him. I knew I wouldn’t be seeing anything but the stark hospital so there wasn’t much to blog about anywho.

There you have it…we’re home now, and he’s doing fantastic. He’s got a big old battle scar on his belly but it’s healing rather fast and can finally move around and he eats EVERYTHING (without puking.) His whole life has changed around and he can finally taste and see the world without fear of being sick all the time.

And that is why I chose do to the 30 day blog challenge. It’s not ideal but it’s something!!!

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

P.S. In case you didn’t remember….my birthday is tomorrow. WOOT WOOT!!


It’s a Medical Mystery

I’m tired and I’m sick. No, not tired and sick of living here… I actually quite like it, that is, if I could get out to explore it all. I’ve had seriously chronic lower back pain since I was 18 years old. I’m now almost 27 and I’m starting to realize that a good majority of my life has been taken by this medical mystery. Thats right, folks, I’m a mystery.

I’ve seen so many doctors, specialists and mothers, that you would think by now someone has a clue. Oh no…no clues have been given. I’m sent on my merry way every time with a, “hmmm…I’m not sure what it could be! Have you tired to ice it?”  It’s exhausting. My poor family and friends…and of course Harley and Toblerone have all suffered through this with me. I can’t walk…I can’t eat…I can’t do ANYTHING except cry. I know you people don’t want to hear about my sob story….there are worse things in the world. I guess I just want someone to fix me. It’s frustrating enough to spend thousands of dollars on medical testing and doctor’s, and ER visits every time this acts up. I just want someone to heal this issue so I can go on living my life!

You know, it’s like if you have cancer…someone can do a test, and be told. Or if you’re diabetic…again, it takes a test and you know what it is. Can you imagine feeling such severe pain you rather wish you were dead and the smartest doctors in the world just look at you and blink?? What is that?! Certainly isn’t confidence that one day you will live a normal life.

So yes, it’s dibilitating, paralyzing, and incredibly painful. It’s gradually become worse over the years and when we thought we figured it out, it would come back. It’s now become pain management. This bout of it all has come as a shock to me. We had recently found that I had acquired such terrible endometriosis ( attached to my appendix and gall bladder) that had I not had this “diagnostic test” I would have certainly been back in the hospital with a burst appendix from it all. Awesome!  Due to this, my doc put me on Lupron – a.k.a. Menopause. They put my body through temporary menopause for 6 months which means I give my body a rest from the monthly woman issues and gain HOT FLASHES!!! WHOOO!!!!! Note: I am NOT looking forward to being 50 and getting these again. I figured I could handle it for 6 months…my last injection was in Jan…it’s now March and I’m still getting them. The miracle of it all was I didn’t have back pain. NONE for those 6 months. As soon as I stop the injections…it’s attacking me once again. COME ON!!!!!

Let’s lists all of things have I done and according to The Mayo Clinic…thats all there is to do!

Physical Therapy and Exercise


Nerve Testing

Chiropractice Care


Nerve Testing

Bone Scan


CT Scan


Blood and Urine Tests


Cognitive Behavorial Therapy

Diagnostic Laparoscopy

I have successfully completed all of these things with no answer. Kill me now. ANDDDDDDD this does not included the ridiculous long and scary list of drugs I’ve popped. My mom can account for this. I woke up in SEVERE pain in August (a few days before the Lupron) and honestly, couldn’t take it anymore. I was already walking with a cane and my pride was demolished. I stopped wearing stilletos (MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD) many moons ago. Toblerone was scared because all I was doing was sitting there and screaming/sobbing. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t lay down but standing was ok. Standing and not moving.

My mom came to take me to the hospital and I stood….I stood for about an hour or two in the waiting room. Then I stood for several hours behind the terribly and not fashion-forward curtain. ( I had to stare at it for ages.) I was in so much pain at this point I wasn’t moving at all. They gave me an injection of morphine and percocet (I believe)…came back 30 minutes later and nothing had changed so they gave me a pill of something else, another 30 minutes later and nothing changed again so I was given another two injections again of morphine and percocet.  At this point, my body was shutting down. I was exhausted and there was SO much medicine in my bloodstream, I was able to sit on the bed and res my head tovsleep on the little roley poley dinner tray. And what does the doctor tell me? “Oh, I don’t know what you have, we can only make you comfortable in the ER, we can’t diagnose.”  For as hot as he was….and as drugged as I was….I let that one go. However, it still makes me angry today. This is my life story…lots of drugs, no help.

I’m patiently ( although honestly, not so patiently) awaiting for my insurance to clear here so I can get my broken ass to the doctor. I’m DYING for something other than these 2400mg of Ibuprofen I’m downing (which don’t even touch the pain.) If there are any doctors out there….PLEASE HELP ME!

I just want to be able to move around and go to Toblerone’s soccer games, or go out with friends, walk my dog, sit and watch a movie, SLEEP, just anything without crying about it or limping. I’m 27, not 80! Right now, I’m sitting on my couch…where I have been for the past week, praying for a miracle. Toblerone is sound asleep upstairs in our big bed and the sofa is where I live.

I know this post isn’t that exciting or about Germany, but you know…sometimes it’s best to just get it out! So brighten my day and subscribe to this blog. 🙂 It’s the option on the lower right hand side 🙂 THANKS!