The End Of A Magical Trip

This is the last of our trip to Ireland. It was incredible and we’re REALLY looking forward to going back. Just gotta say, Thanks a Million to my “cousin” aka step aunt, Alicia for letting us take over your house and all the help! Such an easy hostess! Those are the kind I love! 🙂 Now come visit us!! 🙂

If you missed the other days of our trip you can start here!

On day 7 we woke up and I ate breakfast VERY slowly considering my horrendous night with food poisoning. Will never eat salmon in that place ever again!!!

We walked around Galway and looked at the shops. This place was swarming with a million musicians and these guys really caught my eye! Hard to balance and play passionately if I do say so myself!

We went on our way back to Dublin. Toblerone full of whiskey and beer and me full of a queasy stomach. After we dropped the car off we went straight to Howth where the rich and famous of Ireland reside and took a walk around before heading to a Mexican restaurant. The views around the harbor were incredibly beautiful. We got there just in time for the sunset.

After a quesadilla or two we headed to a bar which was fun. Filled with old guys singing all sorts of songs, drunk as can be. Then an American family started piping in and being all whacky. They were from Minnesota and the “mom” made sure everyone knew it. Flashing around her “American Ethnicity” a little to much. We had to get out of there because that was BEYOND annoying.

The next morning we had a little time before our flight and we headed to Dublin once again. This time I was specifically searching for a bookstore where I bought the most amazing book when I was young. It was called, “Under the Hawthorne Tree” about children during the Irish Famine. Then we got there and I didn’t realize how huge the Grafton Street area was. That definitely wasn’t in my memory.

Then we stopped and got a listen to the band Request street performing. I had heard them on the radio before and really liked them. You can definitely tell the difference between just your average street performer and signed band!

We met up with the prostitute fish monger, Molly Malone, got some Subway (insert choir singing) and got our parting drink, Guinness. It really did start to taste like water by the end of the trip. We had one last shot of Jameson and headed to the airport.

What an absolutely amazing trip for us. We’re thinking about all the things we need to do next time we’re there. More drinking, perhaps?! I drank whiskey the entire trip and I won’t drink it anywhere else. Well…maybe if it’s Jameson. This country has a magical side to it. It truly does. The people are kind and incredible story tellers. It’s a place I wish I could call Home!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Spice Gets Engaged!

Moving on with our journey through Ireland, I wanted to get to the greatest part!!! So… ON WITH IT, right?!

Day 6 started with us in Kenmore at our B&B called the Hawthorne House where I had porridge with cream and brown sugar. DELISH!  It was pouring rain so the morning of shopping in the town was out of the question so we just jumped in the car and headed towards Galway. Of course stopping  along the way to check out what there was to see!

We hit up part of the famous Ring of Kerry. This “ring” is just a loop you drive around but as you’re doing so you hit all the best parts of Ireland. You see mountains, waterfalls, the beach, ocean,castles, lakes, rivers, green hills, etc. To do the whole thing would take about 4 hours driving and of course to add in stopping for pictures so we decided to just head on our way to my favorite place in the world! But first some shots from the piece of The Ring of Kerry:

And a stop at the Killarney National Park to see the Turoc waterfall which just so happens to be hidden among a fairytale land. Like seriously…fairies live here. I can feel it! See for yourself!! And Note: I did nothing to enhance these pictures. It was literally that green. In fact, these were taken with my iPhone!

See what I mean?? Fairies. Definitely leprechauns and fairies. After being totally blown away by this whimsical fairyland we drove on towards the next destination. My favorite place in the world….*drum roll*…..The Cliffs of Moher.

When I was young my dad brought me here and I knew I always wanted to get married there. I thought it was the most incredible place I had ever seen (and for being 12, it was!)

Check this out…a little bit of old school for you:

It was just as I remembered. Most places where we once were able to lay close to the edge was now blocked off….for obvious reasons. Lots of death is happening up in here. Dumb tourists as you know. But it was fun to relive a memory I had since long forgotten!

We walked our way up to O’Brien’s tower. Just a small place to get a better view. To really feel like you’re on top of the world. As we headed into the tower the man at the door asked for 2 Euros per person to go all the way to the top. Toblerone, being the Schwaebisch German that he is would not want to pay 2 Euros for views that we could see on the ground as well. I told him the situation and he immediately said, “Yeah ok! Let’s go!”  So I was shocked and starting to get a little suspicious. Odd behavior for him!

So we head up to the top and there is a small platform that can hold maybe 3 people at most so we had to wait our turn to get up onto this platform. We were packed like sardines at the top of this tower and finally it was our turn. We stood up there and Toblerone snapped away with the camera as I was off in my own memories snapping away with my iPhone. At this point there was only one other man up top really getting into taking his own pictures. Whether they were any good or not, we’ll never know! As I’m turned away from Toblerone he says, “I’m just going to switch lenses real quick.” Again, I thought it was strange that he was telling me that. Then all the sudden I hear a big *THUD* and I hear a sweet little voice say, “Babe?”

With that I turned around and realized the loud thud was Toblerone’s knee hitting the platform and there he was with a little box in hand. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it’s the same as most I would assume! The man that was still on top of the Tower came over to us and he said, “Is this a happy moment?!” In broken English. He tells me to hand over the camera which I did and although the angle wasn’t so good at least we have the memory.

It was a beautiful moment! Getting married in Ireland would be out of the question considering the two other countries our families come from but an Engagement was the most perfect thing for me. I’m a lucky girl!

After the moment of shock we walked around the Cliffs. Toblerone almost tripped off the side which was very close to becoming a tragic wedding proposal day! He is a bit clumsy at times 🙂

Then it was time to go celebrate the Engagment (EEEEE!!!!) and head into Galway for a nice dinner. We found a cute B&B, got settled in and had dinner at a bar/restaurant. Toblerone had the steak and I had salmon.

We ate and went out in search of a cool bar which we did find. A huge place called Skeff Bar where we got to pour our own pints from our table. Such a cool contraption. I’ve gotta get one of those put into my dinner table!

We walked around Galway a little bit and I tried to remember the place from when I was young. I started to feel a bit yucky so we went back to the hotel where I was plagued with food poisoning until 4 or 5 in the morning. Nonstop puking for hours. I was exhausted and had to get up at 9am for breakfast the next morning. Lord help me!! What a dream on our Engagement night.

All in all it was a magical day! From fairy land to fairy tale Engagement… life was good on June 18th! A happy Irish girl indeed!

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ireland’s Dreamy Landscape

There’s so much to tell you about however I think the pictures would explain it the most! When we left our sweet little B&B outside of Kinsale we ended up heading up the coast and a slight detour around a beautiful peninsula. All the while wearing Toblerone down to the bone with my opposite driving! And for the record most of the signs tell you that you can go 100km or so when in reality, the roads are so small and busted that you have to go 30km or less. So, I didn’t realize the Irish were totally backwards on that too!! Moving right along…..

Here’s a bit of a “photo journal” of our 5th day in paradise. If you missed days 1-2 go here, or for 3-4 go here. We went to an old Abbey built in the 1300’s (whoa…) and came across an Altar Wedge Tomb which was first erected in 2,000 BC – 3,000 BC (double whoa…) which is incredible to think about. On this trip we were making our way towards Galway but really got to see everything from the mountains, lakes, beaches, ocean, etc. Take a look and enjoy the ride with us on Day 5! 🙂

Chasing Leprechauns in Ireland

Continuing on with our vacation in Ireland. If you missed the first two days please click here and it should bring you directly to the beginning! 🙂

On Day 3 we woke up and had breakfast quickly then headed back to Dublin for some day time adventures. It really is unfortunate though how many tourists there are. It really takes away from the feel of the culture. I was really looking forward to hopping in our car and heading around the West coast at this point. The LAST people I wanted to see were Germans or Americans! Which down in this area seemed to be a surplus!

We had lunch at Gogarty’s down around Temple Bar and then headed around town  and eventually to the overly crowded tourist trap of Temple Bar itself.

There were so many cute shops around and I loved particularly the little Candy Shop. Probably because my mom owned one a couple years ago but it just felt like walking into a Willy Wonka movie! So darling!

After a long day of shopping and checking things out we headed back to the bus stop to head back to “my cousin’s” house. Butttt…….we got a little sidetracked at a few pubs on the way! Happens! 🙂

We stopped at a cute little pub called Lloyd’s, had some whiskey, and watched the Euro Cup game. Then headed home for a relaxing night before we took off on our journey to the western coast!

On Day 4 we went out to practice driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road. Toblerone opted out of this crazy experience so I became the designated driver for the rest of the trip which was super fun for me! (Not so much for Toblerone!)

Our B&B way up on the hill!

Our room with a view

We headed out on the M50 going South towards the beautiful town of Kinsale right on the coast. We arrived at our beautiful Bed and Breakfast called, “The Blue Horizon.” A family run place with the NICEST family you could ever come across. We didn’t want to leave actually because these people were so nice! I highly recommend everyone to go and stay with them.

We went out and took some great pictures and then headed over to a restaurant called The Speckled Door for some Irish fare. While we ate we got to watch a foal play with his mother in front of a backdrop of green. I mean really now…only in Ireland.

After dinner we headed back to our B&B for some live music in their bar and ended the night on a whiskey note!

Until next time, Readers!!! Lots more to come!


The Magic of Ireland

I realize it’s been over a month since I last wrote! I’ve been feeling really guilty about it so I apologize! I’ve got LOTS of big news to tell you and will throughout the next two weeks. Where to start with all this news?? Well of course from the start! Let’s take it back to our trip to Ireland! 🙂

There’s so much to show you and talk about in this trip so I’m going to have to split this up over a few blogs but, you don’t mind, do you?

First I have to start off by telling you that we flew with RyanAir. Most of you probably heard about this low-budget airline that offers nothing with a zillion restrictions. Here’s the thing though. For Toblerone and I to fly from Germany to Dublin, Ireland was in total 67 Euro per person! I mean, come on now! That’s like gold in a leprechaun’s pot! Just follow the rules, be cool about it, and relax and enjoy the show! I read so many bad reviews but I never had any problems. People need to CHILL out! If you pay next to nothing, expect next to nothing in return! Moving on now!

Our first night was simple and beautiful. We stayed with my step mom’s sister who technically is my Aunt but we are so close in age that we tell people we are cousins! 🙂  She has a perfect town house central to the wealthy beach town of Malahide and Dublin City Center. It was perfect for us! We went out to a pub in Malahide that night and this started the whiskey sensation of 2012. I’m not a whiskey person, that’s Toblerone more but while I was there – that is ALL I drank! Me and my pal Jameson had a LOVELY affair for a week.

Back to it –  we witnessed little jam sessions in the pubs which are an Irish staple, of course! He’s a clip of the band we saw:

What I loved the most is all the road signs were in not only English but Gaelic as well. Made me want to start taking lessons but what a complicated language that is! I barely know German yet so I guess that goes on the back burner for now!

The next day we went back to Malahide to take pictures in the day time of the beautiful coast. I NEEDED this vacation SO badly. I needed more than anything to be back in a place that feels like home and by the ocean. It was physically hurting my soul. It was incredibly refreshing to be around English-speaking people, with WAY better accents than me! The other thing that was nice – girls with long hair. Girls that actually LOOK like girls whereas in Germany, everyone has their hair shorter than necessary and half the time I don’t know if someone is a boy or girl. It’s odd.

Later that night we headed into the City Center with “my cousin” and were so thankful to be hit with a torrential downpour. Oh, Hey Ireland! It’s been a long time! I forgot all about your crazy ass weather!!! Cold and improperly dressed due to our limitations on our luggage size we made the most of it! We watched the Irish lose their final game in the Eurocup in a giant bar called “Break On The Border.” It was filled with a sea of green and jolly people with charming accents! Then there was Toblerone in his Germany jersey. lol. As Ireland lost, the crowd in the stadium sang an Irish anthem of sorts and the crowd in the bar joined it. It was a weird magical moment and just shows in true Irish fashion the care and humanity they have for one another.

We raced against the windy and rain until we ended up in a really cool bar called Bruxelles (and mind you it’s a Thursday night!) I’ve been so used to not ever needing to dress up. Where we live in Germany, girls don’t dress up like what I’m used to back home so my beautiful fun dresses have been collecting dust. Each bar we went into, the girls are decked out in the latest fashions, heels as high as the sky (HELLO!! LOVE!!!!), and makeup and hair done as well. SUCH a world does exist outside of America. So glad it’s close to me!

We danced until 2am with a million great people. We made friends with the whole bar practically and I can’t wait to go back there again sometime!

The magic was all around us in these first two days…can’t wait to share with you all the rest of it! Stay tuned!! Some big news in store! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Crazy News!

Toblerone and I have been working on getting my visa extended here because, well, I need more time! And with the teaching opportunity, I obviously want to be here for that! So while I was at my language school today working out the fine print for my student’s visa, the headmaster for the “English Program” came into our meeting and told me he really would love to have me teach English for them full time! I’m so excited for the opportunity! I’d be teaching Business English of course and maybe basic English as well! I also have another opportunity to teach English at more of a tutoring center I guess but I would have a full class room and teach them and give them extra help. Bring in the dough!!

How do you like them apples, America?! No teaching degree and I’m about to become a full time teacher! I’m pretty excited about it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do with myself and now it’s really happening! Really looking forward to talking to the headmaster again and to go from there! YAY!

Just a quick post today because I’m busy planning my BFF’s bachelorette party, bridal shower, and organizing our trip to Ireland which is in…count it…..7 DAYS!!!! This time next week I will be getting myself on a plane to the most beautiful country in the world (in my opinion.) I’ll take lots of pictures! Be prepared for lots of green! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Blooms, Trips, and Teaching!

So many new things are happening around here lately and I’m stoked about it! First off, my flowers that I planted are blooming. I’m now seeing the error in my ways of how far apart I planted things but that is just how the learning process goes! I know better for next time! But I feel like a real home owner now! 🙂

Secondly, Toblerone and I are going to IRELAND!!!!!!! Holy crap…I’m beyond excited for this. It’s been well over 10 years since I was last there and I get to see some people I haven’t seen in a while! It’s my favorite place in the world to be besides Cape Cod. There are just no words! So when I don’t write on here for a week in June…thats because I’m having a BLAST in Ireland.

Third, BIG NEWS!!!!! My teacher friend did an amazing thing for me! She asked the principal of the school if I could come in and teach the English class kids for 3-4 weeks!!! HELLO AWESOMENESS!!! This time we will be learning about Atlanta and other such things. I can’t wait! Two times a week I get to hang out with these awesome kids (if you haven’t read about how awesome they are…please do so here.)

Anywho, that is what is happening on my side of the world! Busy bee here this summer so the blog is suffering a little bit! But I promise to get back into it!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Take Me Away….

Oh People, I’m tired. This new year nonsense is wearing me thin! Is anyone else feeling exhausted?? Perfect reason why I need another VACATION!

Ten bucks to the first person to guess where this picture is:

Toblerone sent me an email the other day while he was working very diligently at work that said the following:

I was working on our vacation list for the 1st 6 months of this year 🙂

Here is the plan:

January 28th to the 29th: Munich

February – March: Surprise Trip

Thursday May 17th to Sunday or Monday May 21st: Munich

Thursday June 7th to Sunday or Monday June 10th. Ireland, Dublin

Ha, I love this man! For many reasons but more so that he really does make an attempt to make my life interesting here, giving me something to look forward to. AND…..a surprise trip?!?! I LOVE those! I’ve tried to get some hints already and it’s not Ireland and not Paris. So…everyone give me your ideas so I can try to figure it out. I can’t allow anything to be a surprise, as you know, since I need to plan every aspect out!

I’ve been so busy with life lately that I haven’t had a chance to worry about being homesick. I decided something since my family was here: That I need to just take in what I can because this opportunity may not be here forever and that’s true. I meet with students all week long, go to German class when I feel like it (the people in my class are SO slow so I don’t miss a beat even if I miss 3 weeks), and try to keep this house together and make sure Harley has ample play time. It’s a lot! I swear it is even though you may think otherwise!

Speaking of, I really need to plan something for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Either I do it here and make people drink against their will since they rarely do OR I hightail it out of here to a country that enjoys partying such as England or IRELAND. That would be Amazeballs. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to spend St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland. WHAM!

What are your plans for the first 6 months of the new year? How are you going to make this year different than the last? For me, traveling is a MUST! And…I have LOTS to report on for you guys!

And by the way, Harley wanted me to mention that his birthday is on February 5th and he would like some dog bones and tough toys for dogs. *woof*

Until next time, Readers!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5 AND an Update!

Phew! Who’s getting sick of this blog challenge?! I’m on to day 5 and with 25 more to go, I hope I can make it! You would think it’s easy to just write a little blog every day but it’s super difficult to write about yourself every day for 30 days! Anywho…on with it!

So Quick little update on my life: THANK THE HEAVENLY STARS ABOVE, OUR GARDEN PROJECT BEGINS ON MONDAY!!!!! Seriously, I thought this day would never come. From no phone calls back from the company and being delayed for one month do to random nonsense I am so excited that perhaps I will be able to sit in my jacuzzi on my Birthday (the 22nd of August for those of you who are sending me lavish gifts that include diamonds, shoes, and peanut butter.) I was going to have a large party to celebrate the garden completion, an official house-warming, and then of course my birthday. I canceled this now only because it seemed a little too rushed and complicated with all that’s going on. Instead, a smaller gathering will suffice! 🙂

Today had everything been going according to plan I would have my feet on American soil…clearly this is not the case. I’m a little forlorn. I was really looking forward to seeing my family. I hope we can go in November now which is great – this means I WILL have Turkey Day after all with my folks! Can’t wait!! :-)) AND, I won’t miss out on all the pumpkiny-awesomeness I’m obsessed with!!

Day 5 – A Picture Of Somewhere You Have Been

Please Note: The pictures I’m about to post are not mine. The ones I have were before digital cameras were even cool and I currently don’t have a scanner so these are close enough to the views I saw as well.

Ahhh, soltiude. Beautiful slice of earth here at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland. This place gives me goosebumps every time I see it. I traveled there when I was young, maybe 11 or so and I can remember it so clearly. Incredible views and this was back in the day when they didn’t have a fence up to keep you from getting to close to the edge. People would crawl to the edges and lay down just to get a glimpse of the water below and the ocean ahead for miles. To me, it’s like a big puzzle piece. Cut just right.

This place is really special to me because this is my earliest memory of when I started to grow up. When I realized the difference between making sure I had enough things to do in the car so I didn’t get bored or spending time with my family. Difference between playing with Barbies or grasping the fact that I was privledged enough to be in this place at this time and getting to experience something most of the people I knew would never know.

I wish I was able to put everyone I love on a plane and fly them straight here to experience the wonder of this place. Thus, bringing me to the idea of WEDDDDDDDINNNGGGG!!! I told myself then that I would get married here at the Cliffs of Moher in O’Brien’s Tower. I thought it would be the most perfect place but I was young, naive and didn’t realize that plane tickets are so expensive! A girl can dream right? And since I won’t be marrying an Irish bloke, It’s a little complicated considering I’m having two weddings as it is. Maybe we can throw in a small 3rd one here….or maybe an Anniversary renewing of the vows. This is all crazy talk – A girl can NOT have 3 weddings. Or…can she??

Imagine standing out on that rock – “I’m Queen of the Woooorrrllldddd!!!” – Whats up now, Leo? Anywho, I believe Toblerone and I are heading out that way in September for a week to celebrate his birthday in style! Can’t wait to go back there after 16 years. Was it really that long ago? Omg…I’m getting so old!

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxo