Funny Bunny

I’ve recently become part of the Twitter phenom. Actually, no…I’ve been apart of it for a long time just never used it and couldn’t get into it. Now that I have lots of time on my hands I got into it and have been finding all sorts of things that have been catching my eye. The internet really is the funniest place ever. ( I don’t get out much, clearly)

For those of you who haven’t yet, you need to check out #whatshouldwecallme. It’s just hilarious. There are no words. So I’m sharing a few of my favorite funnies! Headlines make it even better 🙂 Enjoy and Happy Easter weekend! (Wait until you see what I’ll be making for our dinner! YUM YUM!)

1. When someone says they don’t need to drink to have fun.

2. When I almost hooked up with my friend’s ex.

3. When the guy from the bar tries to sleep over.

4. When people in front of me are walking really slow.


5. When you realize your friends are taking a group photo without you.

6. When I give someone my phone to show them a picture….and they start scrolling through all of them.

7. When you see someone has gum.

8. When you’re trying to do work and your favorite song comes on.

9. When you lie to your best friend and say you’re too tired to go out. But then you see them out at the same bar.

10. When I think too hard about where meat really came from.

11. When I drink something right after I brush my teeth.

There are millions of these and I’ve spent WAY too much time looking at them. Go check it out and give yourself a reason to avoid the family for a bit this weekend. 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxox