The Finished Garden – FINALLY

As you all know from my previous posts that our yard was in the process of being overhauled! It’s complete now and I’m prepared to show you the aftermath. (I was waiting for the grass to grow.) So, don’t be shocked when you see how small our yard is…everyone here says it’s really big, which at that time I laugh in their faces and tell them the tale of living in America with acres of land to play in. However, we will make it work for us! I’m still trying to find a lilac tree here but no luck ;-(

Let the games begin. Enjoy the slideshow of “Before and After” pics. And then I expect to have all your comments/ideas on how to accomplish my English garden. I’ve bought loads of bulbs to plant from all sorts of flowers which will start going in the ground once it begins to cool down here.

I can say though that I’m SO glad this is finished. Now we just need to get our outside furniture and put up a fence (so our nosey neighbors can’t watch us from their windows anymore) and off we go!

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Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 29

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned

That’s a loaded topic. But I’ll give it a shot in numbered format.

1. To Relax – The Europeans have this down to a science. I was never able to really sit outside and enjoy it. I always had to make sure I had water, sunscreen, towels, a book, music and other such distractions. Now, I throw on my sun screen and just sit there. Taking in the silence and the fact that I don’t have to do ANYTHING for that moment.

2. Stop Stressing – It’s no laughing matter that every time I vacuum and mop the floors, which takes me a good 2 hours, it’s dirty within 5 minutes again. This happens with a dog who sheds and loves to play outside. I used to tell Harley and Toblerone that if they didn’t fly through the house then I would have their heads. One little crumb, hair, or spec of dirt used to boil my blood. Now, I’ve learned that there isn’t so much I can do about it. Just have to keep to a cleaning schedule and let it be.

3. Be Patient – It was never my virtue however after these past 30 days I had hospital duty and care-taker duty, and dog-sitting duty, among all the other things I do. So, I was taking it day by day and trying to help Toblerone heal as quickly as possible (so he could get back to doing some chores…ha, jk!) but patiently. I didn’t get upset easily when I had to take the dog out in pouring rain 8,000 times that day as I felt a cold coming on. I didn’t get upset that every time I went to sit down, I needed to get something else situated. So for 30 days, I’ve been exhausted beyond recognition. But patience served me well and now I have some moments to relax and Toblerone is back on his feet and helping out here and there as much as he can. It’s great!

4. Just Do It – Whenever Harley is around Toblerone’s parents…if he needs to go out, his Opi comes right to the rescue. He gets right up without thinking and takes Harley outside. He doesn’t get upset, doesn’t say, “Yeah maybe later.” He just does it. So, before I used to be too caught up with everything else and the thought of having to take the dog out was difficult for me. Then I realized. It’s not that big of a deal, it just needs to be done! So, I made a game out of it and would watch to see how far we could walk and count the steps. I started to lose weight from this and realized that not only was I just doing what I needed to do, I was doing something for me too!

5. Family Ties  – I learned that not only is my family far away, I feel like they are with me every step of the way. When Toblerone was in surgery I must have emailed my mom a million times just updating. Even though on her side of the world, she wasn’t awake yet, I just felt a sense of calm when I would hit the “Send” button. Eventually I would get an email back and it was with overwhelming delight that I would almost hear the words she wrote as if she was saying them right next to me. The homesickness I feel sometimes isn’t too intense, nothing I can’t handle. I think once in this type of situation, you learn that it isn’t easy but your family doesn’t change. Your life may have been uprooted and twisted 180 degrees but your family remains the same. Crazy and there for you no matter what the circumstance. This is exactly the type of family I want to raise as well.

UPDATE TIME: So my birthday was pretty great! Minus the SLIGHT problem with the “condensed milk” portion of my recipe for my cheesecake! That was almost a disaster. Toblerone told me I was having a party at our house but didn’t tell me who would be coming. He only invited a few which was good. It was hectic! And so so so very hot! 86 and humid. Did I mention that these people don’t have air conditioning???? We had one dinky fan trying to cool us all down. I was still sweating as I went to bed!

Anywho, I had a great time and was so happy to have some people over to eat my chocolate chip cheesecake! Recipe will be up soon! 🙂  We played loads of foosball table games and unfortunately the jacuzzi isn’t up and running just yet. Some electrical stuff needs to be properly set up.

On Facebook I had so many “Happy Birthday” comments. I told myself I would reply to ALL of them. That was crazy. This morning I was still replying back! I would still love more subscribers (as my birthday wish of course) so please subscribe in the upper left hand side under “Sweet Tooth”!! THANKS!!!

Today is a cleaning up day, landscapers are still here and should be done this week! I can’t WAIT to show you people. ANNNNDDDDD….I have GRASS!!!! It’s slowly growing but it’s there! Yesterday Harley went outside and smelled around in his new “pee place” and just laid down. Splat! It’s still mud but the little grass that was there was nice and cool for him. So sweet! Anywho, thanks for reading! Last day of this blog challenge TOMORROW! We’ve made it!!! This post happens to be my 100th post! Whoa….I need to get a life, right?

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 18

Day 18- Plans/Dreams/Goals You Have

I’m super late on writing this…it’s passed dinner time here (7:40pm) so I suppose I best get hopping! I’m at day 18 and with 12 days to go…I can do this. Then, I get back to the blogging about what the heck is going on here. So much stuff to tell!!

Instead of writing my blog earlier, I was fixed on laying in bed and finished Season 2 of Vampire Diaries (I know, I’m a dork) and having a couple glasses of wine. Where did I find the time to do this? Oh well, I have the most amazing man in my life and he handled all the gardeners (which by the way the jacuzzi is up! Not running, but it’s placed!) He brought me a glass of wine…later made me a turkey, cheese, and cucumber sandwich and I got to sit there in my GLORY! All day! 🙂 I stumbled around here and there and played with Harley but for the most part…I claimed today as a do NOTHING day! Fabulous.

In other news, the yard is starting to look AMAZING! They placed soil down today and grass seeds as well. Can’t wait to see some green in my lawn other than weeds!  I can’t wait to give you all a full report with before and after pictures. It’s great! I’m on a mission to find a lilac tree…and if they don’t have them here? I’m shipping one in from the US. End of story! I must have it. They are still finishing up the walkways around the house but that should be done on Monday. Toblerone and I go on vacation and by the time we return, I hope all is DONE!

And a sneak peak just for you….You’re all invited! 🙂

So…on with the task today. Plans/Dreams/Goals…easy enough, right? In no particular order….

1. Finish my book(s)

2. Make sure Harley has the best life a dog could have…complete with continuous playtime and snacks – regardless of children entering my life.

3. Get proposed to – married (twice to the same man)

4. Have 4-5 children, god willing

5. Kiss an elephant ear (don’t ask)

6. Own a house on or very close to the beach in Cape Cod…preferably Chatham.

7. Move back to the states

8. Learn to play a super complicated piece on the piano.

9. Spend more time with my family (all of them – cousins too!)

10. Learn German fluently…then I’m tackling French!

11. Travel to Australia, Italy, Thailand, Greece, and making regular visits to the UK and Ireland

12. Become an English teacher here in Germany but I will teach them AMERICAN – English. Not British English!

13. Save up lots of money

14. Go on more date nights with the Toblerone

15. Write more letters – snail mail style.


Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxoxo


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 14

Day 14- Seven things that cross your mind a lot

1. The Future of Facebook

It’s common while I’m stalking others on facebook I think about how we had new profile pictures and new albums of pictures from mini-vacations or new babies. Yet, here in lies the situation. Let’s say in 20 years, facebook is still cool and happening…are people going to leave up the pictures of themselves from 20 years before? The younger, sexier body, better dressed? I mean…what a comparison…You have the hot guy from your 4th grade class who grew up to be even hotter now and is sporting a 6 pack or maybe it’s an 8 pack. Then in 20 years…he has a new photo up. Of him holding his 5 year old and his 6 pack is now gone and replaced by cake, spare ribs, and beer. I have been on facebook for several years now and looking back at my first profile pic compared to now…there is already a massive change. I look old as hell compared to my younger, cuter face back then!

2. Why bother cleaning?

You ever notice that when you spend all day doing laundry, cleaning the floors – mopping included, dusting, wiping down counters, changing the sheets on your bed, and every other thing you do to make your house glisten. Then your family comes tramping in and it’s all a mess before you can blink your eyes. Milk is spilled on the clean floor, dog hair is EVERYWHERE, Food crumbs reappear on the counters, and the nicely made bed is now in a crumbled mess. Someone tell me why this happens? Why it’s only the person who cleans all the time that tries to keep everything clean. This drives me crazy and I CONSTANTLY think about this.

3. Wed-Me-Not

I’m obsessed with weddings and always looking at the dresses and how people do things, what colors they choose and yaddy yadda. Sometimes I’m super nosey and I’m only interested in the details, I don’t want to steal ideas! Just an FYI if you’re ever asked by me. I’ve had my wedding planned for much too long and know exactly how I want them (yes them…I’m having two.) But, there comes a time when I think people need to be shot. Neon colors for a wedding? Or short mini skirts? Or maybe it’s the camouflage wedding. Kill me now.

Why be gross? Why? I wish class grew on trees. I would hand it out like it’s candy! Damn rednecks!! They just annoy me! And, I absolutely can NOT stand people who wear jeans to a wedding. Were you raised in a cave, you moron? Just don’t…don’t breathe, don’t live. Don’t do anything. Just disperse! Sorry – a little hasty but I really have an issue with disgusting people and their terrible judgement. You can see more of these funny pictures here.

4. Bye Bye Blockbuster

Ever since Red Box and Netflix were invented….Blockbuster and all those other fun places are going out of business. I used to LOVE going to the movie store, especially with my girl friends before a girly sleepover. As soon as I walked in I would just be overwhelmed by all the choices and would scan the new releases twice. Round one, I would think about it, round two I would make my decision. Now, it’s as easy as a click of a button and that takes away from the excitement of it all. I think making the rental of a movie so easy is unnecessary. Too much technology – making life WAY too comfortable and easy while taking the fun out of it.

5. Harley Says

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? And if he could talk…what exactly would he say? Toblerone and I make up voices for Harley and talk for him (weirdos) but I wish he was blessed with vocal chords so we could have a chit chat every now and then. I wonder if he would ask for tea instead of water….or a crumpet instead of a dog bone. Would he talk politics or the latest hottie on the street? Would he use swear words or have a sweet little kid voice (after all – he’s only 17 months!)  For now, he’s my mute of a dog and I love him more than anything!

6. Why is my sweater there?

I’m also so shocked to wake up and find the clothes I went to bed in to be all over the place. What really surprises me is not knowing how they got there. In normal day time hours when I’m trying to pull a sweater over my head I always get my ears stuck or end up with static hair all over my face. So what boggles my mind is how I manage to do this and fix myself back into sleeping mode without so much as waking up fully. I mean, really? Do I somehow have noddle arms in my sleep so my sweater just falls right off? And is my hair wet so that doesn’t move an inch either? What in the world?! I’m just struck my this and every morning I wake up and I see my PJ’s on the floor or under my covers somewhere I start to question myself. Or maybe I should question Toblerone? Just sayin.

7. What’s Next?

I am always trying to plan my next move. Where will I be in 5 years? In Germany still? Or maybe back in the US. Australia perhaps? Hanging out with the Dingos! I usually don’t stay in one place very long…only in Maine and NY have I been in one spot for more than 3 years. I have the travel bug in me and I need to constantly be stimulating my brain with new sites and new culture, new people, new faces, new food. You get the idea.


UPDATE: The garden is superb!! They started laying down some of the 8 billion stones we received and it’s starting to look like a backyard! I’m so excited!! And when I say “Garden” I mean the whole yard. Here in Germany they call the whole yard a “garden.”  So, things are going well and they are moving along fast! They’ve only been at it for 5 days now and the stones in the Jacuzzi area are all placed and the walkway has begun! TA DA!!!  I’ll keep you posted on more news and more pictures are to be coming too!! :-)))  

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12

Day 12- What is your favorite quote

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” – Max Ehrmann

Thats an easy one. I mean, I love love love many other ones but this one just called to me. Funny story about how I found this. My mom used to arrange and organizers volunteers for the Elderly. I also used to help out and this came to an abrupt halt when one particularly cocky fellow decided that putting his hand on my leg during a movie was a smart idea. Men never change! Anyways, they weren’t all like that! Most were very sweet and very very happy to have help and someone to talk to.

One particular old man with probably the biggest set of ears I had EVER seen in my whole life was moving or something or another. So we went to check in on him or help him. I can’t remember it was back in the good years (19 years old…etc.) My mom did her usual chit-chat and I was fixated on the things around his place. I was always searching for antiques that were interesting to me. I came across a hand-stitched saying in a frame and I fell in love. I read it over and over again to memorize every word. In that moment I was thankful I was in plays/on stage. Having to memorize a bunch of lines comes in handy when you need it!

So, that’s how I found the quote but it spoke to me. At that particular time in my life I was uncertain and in the process of finding myself or rather I like to say creating myself and the simple idea that fate would take it’s course whether I knew it or not. I needed to just let the cookie crumble or let the puzzle pieces fit together. That everything would work out in the end. With that, this became my favorite quote. I live by this!


I bought my first drindl today!! WOO HOO!!! Take a look at it! 🙂 Normally these can be several hundred Euros…then there are the cheaper ones that are in stores at 100 Euros and most aren’t very nice but I found this one at 60 Euros!! I almost fell over. Tobi got a matching shirt for his lederhosen and I’m SO excited to go to Oktoberfest at the end of September!! It’s going to be awesome – and I will drink my face off. That is happening. Yes.

Our Garden is flying right along and approximately in 3 days, I will be sitting in the bubbly warm water of my jacuzzi with a drink in hand. I don’t care if I dehydrate. I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS! Can you believe we bought this jacuzzi 2 years ago? It’s time to unveil the beast! As far as the rest of the yard, I can’t wait to show you the finished project, it’s going to be beautiful. Soon we will buy furniture and the largest fence ever made…or hedges. I can not look at those stupid neighbors anymore. They make me want to puke. So, the stones arrived for the deck, the walkways in the back of the house and for the driveway! Check this out….and this isn’t even all of it. More pallets of stones arrived after I took this picture! We have taken over our neighbors yards…several of them. 🙂 Oops!!

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Sorry for the slacking on the blog, friends. I have been crazy busy and I just found a moment to write.

Once again we had a long vacation weekend. These Germans LOVE their vacation…you know with the whole 4 weeks they get off during the summer and then plus all the holidays. Ridic!

So we had a BBQ at the sister-in-laws house (total of 6 people) where we enjoyed way too much. We had everything from steak (fresh from her uncle’s farm…), two different kinds of chicken, sausages galore, etc etc. Plus three different kinds of salad  – Green, Pasta, and Potato. Lets just say I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. It was great though…afterwards we sat around and played a drinking game – a German one….in German of course. Nothing compared to “Kings” or “Down The River” – I love those games but will have to wait until next time to show them!!

It’s been so warm here and I can say that even for my pale freckled Irish skin, I have the gleaming bits of a tan coming on. (Yes I wear sunscreen…apply 65SPF  approximately every 20 mins.) We went to a wedding on Saturday, my first one which was beautiful but some things were different then how I would have done them. So, lets back up and let me explain how it works here. Typically, the idea of the wedding (church, recepetion, etc) is similar so it’s not terribly different but they do invite people from their hometown that are of the same age. So, we were invited because Toblerone went to school with the groom and they are the same age. As well as about 4 or 5 other guys that were with us. There are literally specific invitations with your birth year on them and everyone has to check yes or no if they will be attending. I don’t think for my wedding in the US I would be inviting anyone who is the same age. Thats too many people and I don’t even like half of them!

Culturally, they don’t have “engagement” rings like we know them in the states. You know, the glitz, the bling bling etc. Here it looks similar to a wedding band normally and thats the ring. This option is not for me. I expect the glistening diamond shining and blinding me and everyone else in the eyes. Thats just my stand on the matter.

So the wedding begins in a beautiful church somewhere along the Lake of Konstanz. The Groom greeted everyone outside and then told us all to go in as it got close to the wedding starting. As we sit the music starts and in walks the bride and groom hand-in-hand down the aisle together. Each have one friend as their maid of honor and best man. Thats another thing…it’s not normal to have more than one person in your bridal party. Wait until the Germs get a taste of how I’m going to do it. And, walking down the aisle together at the beginning? I don’t like that. There is so much to say about the man waiting for his bride to come and the first moment he sees her in front of everyone! I always watch the groom, it’s the greatest moment ever!

For a Catholic wedding it was quite quick though, I think it was 47 minutes and we were counting on an hour or two. It wasn’t all that bad if you didn’t consider the Disney songs they had two German girls sing. There were 4 songs in total. Interesting selection. We had Lion King’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and also something from Mulan I think? I have no idea. Anyways, moving on.

Then from the church we walk to another building for champagne and some snacks (which went VERY fast with the amount of people that were there.) We said congrats to the bride and groom and sat down. I of course had the man coming around filling up the glasses just leave a bottle with me. Yes, this is how I do it. I mean, what do you expect…I’m around people speaking too much German, I’m bored, and I want to drink – to celebrate of course!

Moving on, so now we have to pack up in our cars and drive another 20 minutes away – with no directions – to a parking lot. Then we walk from there for 15 minutes down to the port and wait for a boat. On this boat we are to enjoy coffee and cake. No we’re not….I’m to enjoy oodles of wine, thank you very much.  So, it’s hot out…we have to go all over creation and I’m in 5 inch stilettos. I bet you can sense my happiness. Let me remind you that Germany has cobblestone roads and uneven stones everywhere….yes, try this in heels in the sweltering heat.

Anywho, the boat was a nice idea though. Perfect day however they didn’t have enough places for everyone to sit….and the service sucked. Other than that, it was ok. It was a two and a half hour ride on the lake going past Austria, Switzerland, and of course Germany. About 2 hours too long on the boat if you ask me. It doesn’t take long for people to consume coffee and cake. So, we of course found a bar and went from there!!!

At the end of the boat ride we said goodbye to the happy couple and as half of the people went to a Hotel about 10 minutes away from there (lots of traveling I would say…) for the reception, the other half of us headed back to our cars to call it a day. So normally here they invite only a handful of people to join in the dancing/dinner/etc. I’m not sure if thats normal in the states but I’m pretty sure that whoever is coming to my wedding will be there for the whole thing, beginning to end. And we won’t be traveling all over creation to do this. Literally 4 different venues for small little things is not that enjoyable for those of us who traveled far from home or in heels. ANYWAYS. Moving on.

Toblerone and I were obviously hungry by this point since the wedding started at 11am ( we had to leave our house by 8:30am) and it was now 5pm. He found this GORGEOUS spot up from the water in this beautiful restaurant. The food was great, the view was fantastic, AND a wedding was going on in the courtyard and a DJ was just setting up in the dining area so I got really excited and I’m KIND of hoping Toblerone chooses this for the wedding spot. (HINT HINT!)

What have I learned from this weekend’s experience? To be more open to other cultures and their traditions. Granted, I wasn’t sold on the whole wedding and I’ve never been to a wedding I didn’t like. I figured it had to do with the differences of how we do it in the US. Although they were slight…it was hard for me all the same. Also, Don’t make people travel to 8 million places!! It’s inconvenient and the whole time, every one was complaining about this. So, this wasn’t just me…it was everyone. However, the important thing was that the bride and groom were happy and they were. Their special day was just that…special.

Since I will be having two weddings – One in Germany, the other in the US…I’m open to traditions and cultural differences. I’m also open to having two dresses… 🙂

In other news…we found a landscaper!!!! We’re shelling out 21,700 Euro to fix everything to our liking, they will even move the jacuzzi to it’s designated spot! Can’t WAIT! So the 3 or 4 stairs leading down to the platform we want for the jacuzzi cost 2,000 Euro! Ha! What is that?! Stairs are so expensive…who knew! Either way, I’m SO excited! They will start the first week of July and it will take them 3 weeks! So, By the end of July we will have a yard, our garden will be complete. I just need to find some lilac trees and such. 🙂

Oh and also we just booked our tickets for our tour of the East Coast in the US. I can’t WAIT to see all of my family again. And of course stop in NYC, Cape Cod, and Florida for a little R&R…I mean, afterall…it is vacation!!!

Until next time, readers!!!


To Greener Pastures

I wish I paid more attention to my step dad when he was building things or fixing the deck. Or when my mom worked on her vegetable garden or planted flowers. I have a very “beginners” idea to yard work and now I’m realizing I REALLY need to know these things.

Toblerone also has this raw idea of how things are to be done. He understands that these landscaping tasks could be easy, however, he never had to learn them either. So we’re both in the dark. Reminds me of this commerical:

Now, I mentioned that I was going to tell you about the quote for our incredibly wonderful and beautiful yard *sarcasm*

First off though, Here’s one design idea we were given:

So, what exactly are we looking at here? Well the bottom of the page is the front of the yard where my darling rock crate thingys are and the top of the page is the back of the house. It a pretty simple design, I think.  However, I’m not totally sure what the issue is with having grass here but these people are totally against it. Most of the neighboring yards around us are covered in stone. Literally, instead of mulch or flower beds, there are stones. Bunch of crazy people!

I like this design but I don’t appreciate all the stone. Sometimes it’s nice to have grass to lay in or for our pup, Harley to fertilize! Gotta think of these things, people!

What I do like, is this:

The area in the top left is stairs that go down to a platform made specifically for our jacuzzi. I love the idea of having a bit more privacy. I don’t want to sit in my hot tub and give our neighbors another reason to stare at us! The Brady bunch that lives across the street act like Paparazzi. “ohhh look! The American girl is breathing again!”

And for your viewing pleasure, another close up of the front yard.

This is also ok for me, I like the idea of the steps that lead down to the driveway. It’s too high to jump down and it’s annoying that we can to either go back through the house or around the outside of the house to get there.

As for the quote….drum roll please……

………35,000Euro, convert that and you get $50,000……… I know, I know. Contain yourselves. I about jumped off the roof myself. Thats insane. Completely crazy and I don’t know the breakdown yet but from what I understand, the labor cost is the majority of it. It would be done in 2 weeks. This for me is ABSOLUTELY not ok. There is nothing extravagant like a statue of me being carved out of steel and then placed. I mean, HELLO! Where on earth do these people think they can get away with this? Hell no. Not Happening. NO WAY, Olga! Head back to the hills before I get all Crazy American on you!!

 So, there you have it folks. We are now looking for cheaper quotes, maybe looking into what we can do ourselves or enlisting the help of knowledgable friends. All of the above.


Read All About It

The sun has been out here in Germany for quite some time, which I’ve been told by the locals that this is not normal for late March, early April. However, as I’m writing this it’s gloomy with a forecast to rain until Friday. Thats ok, because I need to nurse this slight sunburn I have ;-). I somehow loved the fact that it was gorgeous here and my friends and family on the east coast were still battling with snow! (Sorry guys!)

So, Toblerone and I went to a great ice cream place in Spaichingen (said like: Spy-king-in). It’s an Italian place, run by Italian men known for it’s great “Ice” as they call it here. I love places that really stand out with their menu (Ahem..and men.) I mean they had whacky tobaccy options which I love! I just got a regular yogurt icecream (disgusting…tastes like sour cream, so much for the healthier option) with chocolate. See below. Of course Toblerone gets the cool one that I want! Spaghetti Carbonara! Umm…YES! HELLO! GIMME!!! Not sure how they make icecream look like spaghetti and not melt as we sat outside in the sun but it was great! So all the good stuff (whipped cream, etc) was in the middle under the spaghetti icecream. How cool is that?!

The rest of the week was so beautiful so we had many dinners outside on the grill (we still need to put together our huge Weber grill) but it was quite nice.
Friday afternoon I was picked up by my sis-in-law and we went to Tuttlingen (Toot-ling-in) for some shopping. They have an H&M so immediately when I walked in and saw all the chaos that is H&M, I felt at home! In the other stores though, the clothes are very similar to what we have in the states. They have a slightly different taste in clothes here but no big difference. I mean you get the occasional really stylish person but for the most part they are pretty casual. But they make casual look so nice! Dammit!
Anywho, so I get home and Toblerone is home waiting for a “garden expert” to come and check out the house. The man told us that there are MANY problems and the rock crate things I hate do need to be there but not as many. So, they will break it down, put some random hill in the front, which I’m ok with for 5,000 Euro and then the rest of the place will need some serious work done as well. Ugh, I just want it all to be done now and the jacuzzi to be up! We have other options coming to the house and we will pick the best design and all of that. What a process!
So, after the dude left I quickly got ready and off I went to the sis, Ele’s,  house for pre-gaming with all her friends. My first girls night out since I was with my other ladies back home in NY. (Oh how I miss all of you girls.) We had some time to kill so we went over to one girl’s farm which if you could have seen my outfit. I basically put on all the clothes I could find and some random house shoes of Ele’s mom. Fantastic! I suppose it’s a farm where they produce meat of course but it’s also a place that people go to look at the animals so they have some random things thrown in there. You can see for yourself! I think this guy below here looks like “Donkey” from Shrek but he’s just a short and fat horse!
I’m excited to go back and take a ride on some horses! I haven’t done that in a long time and think it would be fun!
We left there and went back to Ele’s house and sat around listening to music and drinking champagne and this drink or as they call schnaps called, “Ficken.” In German…that is basically the F-word in English with “ing” on the end. You with me? I’m not totally sure how to describe this exactly but I think it’s something like cranberry or pomegranate? I have no idea but it’s SOOO addicting and a quick way to get you fired up and ready for debauchery! For those of you who know you are coming to visit – yes, a bottle of this will be ready and waiting for you!  
So, six girls are trying to decide which club to go to and we decided to go to a club which, I can’t spell the town name (ha…great) but we did know that there would be younger people there but let me tell you, what a reality check for me! Age has crept up on me faster than I ever thought! God do I miss the good days of being 22!
We drank our bottle of champagne in the car on the way there and finished it as we approached the door, rather I was told to chug it because everyone else was done drinking already! What is this place?! Are we in Germany?!?! PEOPLE!! Work with me here! 
Once inside, omg…seriously. Talk about robbing the cradle! There were kids there that were literally 16, possibly even 14! lol. (yes they could drink). BUT, if you all know me, I don’t let that get me down. Of course there were older people as well but I just felt like these little buggers were everywhere. So, I did what anyone would do in my situation. I drank and drank and drank a little more and a little more. Vodka and Redbull, You are a nightmare but SO good! I was a dancing machine, like, seriously couldn’t stop. I haven’t been out really dancing in a LONG time so it was good to get it out! Something that was weird to me is that there was NO drama, none at all! What?! These German girls seriously surprise me sometimes!
I will not post pictures from this because they are not only embarrassing but seriously not ok to show anyone else but those that were there. So for the first time in my life I actually said I wanted to go home ( I think this was around 3:30am) Usually, I stay out until I can’t stay out anymore but thats when I’m in America where the bars close at 2am. Lame. America – GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! Don’t you want people to be useless on Saturdays or Sundays??
Speaking of useless, we ended up staying at Toblerone’s parents house only because it was easier. We all were going to the same house (the boys were out too) so Ele and I stayed there. Of course, I always wake up the ass crack of dawn and joined the parents in law for breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and they died laughing at the sight of how glorious I looked. Makeup down my face, my hair sticking straight up in knots. Awesome. The Father in law decided that I would go for a bike ride with him to see the woods he owns. Thank you. Thank you Drinking God for blessing me with this AMAZING opportunity to go riding bikes on Saturday morning after having 4 hours of sleep and mixing every type of alcohol there is. Thank you for this bread. Amen.
Here in Germany most people own a part of the forest for fire wood so this is pretty normal and he was so proud to show me. I coudn’t say no. But couldn’t we WALK!? I can NOT ride a bike, people. Last time I did was probably when I was 14. I can’t even remember, I’m terrified!! It’s hard to say no to people here when you don’t speak the language. lol. So we start to ride and I’m seriously shaking, and not just from the hangover. The bike is wiggling all over the place because I can’t keep it still. He tells me we are going left up ahead where the only option is to go left or right. Yeah, I got straight. My feet slip off the pedals (in flip flops mind you) and I’m going straight towards a field of god knows what! Luckily I was able to stop but my GOD! I am NOT a fan of this bike thingy!
Sunday was as usual Toblerone’s soccer game. He told me that if he scores a goal he will dive towards me and I thought, hmmm….a dive? He hadn’t yet this season but I could see it in his eyes that today was the day of great things!! So, he attempted a few times and came close and then BAM! There it was!!! He scored the 4th goal for the team and I could see him looking for me in the crowd and there he came…running and DIVE!  It’s a very romantic gesture for those of you that don’t know anything about soccer. When you dive to someone you’re like dedicating that goal and that win to them. Whatever, I was happy!! 🙂
So the week was great and looking forward to this week. Tonight we have our first American visitor coming over for dinner and I’m excited to talk to someone without an accent. However, my German is getting better by the day. I’ve been having many conversations now. Crazy!!
Did you know that the Germans seriously think American’s are stupid? Some where along the way, they heard that American’s believe or were taught that Hitler is still alive. WHAT?! I tired to explain to them that there are some Americans who are stupid and they tend to live in certain places. Lets hope you don’t live in those states.
Ciao for now!!

Landscaping Without a Green Thumb!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that our house was built and designed by the mayor of this town. He ran out of money and had to sell. Clearly his eyes were bigger than his wallet. Obviously, not the smartest cookie in the jar because he drilled massive holes in our walls and I mean a lot of them!! Reference: the blog about the bathroom and see what I’m talkin about. Awesome-sauce!

Along with many other things that need to be finished, we have to design and put up a big ole chunk of moola to get our yard finished. Below are some pics that I took of what it looks like on the outside. We’ve got a lot of work to do. You’ll see the weird rock crate thingys they use as decoration here. Absolutely not. It looks like an unfinished jail or something!! Toblerone states it has something to do with the water or something, but I really don’t care. I’ll slip the landscaper a 50 and tell him to rip it right outta there! Nuff said!!!

The front deck

To the right side of our front deck

Directly behind the house with sheds

Driveway full of dirty small rocks

Backyard view

Crazy crated rock things...

Front door and steps

Our backyard - all the way to the concrete wall

Front of the house with rock crate thingys

I don’t have a green thumb, as they say,  but I would like one. I’m not sure where to begin and how to really plan for a garden. I saw this picture in a Pottery Barn and fell in love with the simplicity of it and the globe lights above. I have to have this and I will. We have a small backyard so I’m trying to figure out how to do this without taking up too much space! Maybe instead of a 10-seater table, I’ll break it down to 6 or so…need some tall trees placed strategically, beacuse oh how the Germs love their sunshine!

Is that not the cutest thing? We obviously don’t have too much privacy as most of the houses are very close together, so I’m contemplating a large fence or thick trees.  So far for sure we need a space for the jacuzzi , I want a vegetable garden, and a small pond with a waterfall area, and a place to sit and eat/drink outside with friends. Too much? Maybe so….but I think we can make it quaint without cluttering it too much.

We have two sheds out back where it’s very shady all the time so I’m thinking we may remove one or both of those as we have SO much space here in the house and the garage.

Who has some ideas for me? Any one have ideas for the space we have?

Looking through some options that they advertise here, it’s quite different. Take a look at some of the houses here and how they do their gardens. In some cases, it’s like thay don’t want any grass whatsoever. Hmm…different.

Here’s some pics I found on the web but it doesn’t really give you the full idea of what I’m looking at. I have to pick a certain stone, then decide on the size, the color, the placement, the design….oy! This crap is for the birds! I say, we hire a designer and I tell them what I want and they can do it, I’ll go on vacation, come home and BAM! It’s perfection!

Seems to me I’ll be following a very modern style, thats pretty much all they really offer other than some Zen garden stuff, not a fan of that either. Oh well! We’ll see how persuasive I can get with some English style gardens 🙂

We should be narrowing down choices for stones for the driveway soon and also have the guy who originally set up the rocks out front to come and check it out for us. He originally didn’t want to talk to us – come to find out Mr. Mayorpants didn’t pay the company their money for what they did. He probably won’t be elected into another term.