The Best of Friends

I’m not sure I’ve ever touched on the topic of my best friends and how much they mean to me but I’m gonna now.

I’ve just finished watching the 2 seasons that were made of ‘Lipstick Jungle’ and for those who don’t know what the hell that is…a t.v. series that followed the lives of three very important and highly paid best friends through NYC. Granted, my friend and I are not living in NYC and nor do we have bank accounts with over 100k in them, however I stress the fact that we can have just as good a time if not better on a lower budget!

The other night we went to dinner at this great place called Pastabilities and sat for hours drinking wine…talking..and of course…writing poetry. lol.

Then from there we decided to continue our fun laid-back evening at this Chocolate/Wine Bar called Bittersweet. We each got some wine as well as big giant chocolatey dessert…each of us trying each others of course. It was amazing and cured my sugar fix only for a moment. Old French music played in the background and set the tone perfectly for the evening. Friendship. Keep in mind these two had to work early hours and they were out with me…for me..until midnight or longer. It was just one of the moments I wish I could capture and frame and play back every day. I want to be able to re-live it for the rest of my life.

The point of this post is not to tell you about our evening because that doesn’t interest anyone but us. During the first ten minutes of hanging out with my girlfriends, I became almost speechless. I couldn’t find anything to talk about because I realized what was happening. I would be leaving them..going to another country and there lives would remain unchanged, as if I was never there. As they talked about other restuarants they wanted to try out, and when they needed to go shopping next, what they were doing over the next few weekends…my life seemed to fade out fast.

It all hit me…I’m really really sad. Here I was looking at these two beautiful girls that I’m so happy to call my closest friends and fighting to the death, tears. It was moments like this that I knew I would be missing the most. Those simple moments I took for granted before. So right then and there, as they talked about what they should send me in care packages, I made a vow to always remain in touch with them. I’ve moved around enough to know that eventually…life happens…and you lose touch but not this time. Whether a quick email, Skype, or traveling…these girls are for life. Had it not been for them…my time in this city would have been one to regret.

A few days following this dinner…I found out that a dear friend had lost his battle with complications from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. I haven’t seen him in quite some time and guilt rushed over me. With this, it just made me realize more how important every second is and to share with the people you love that they mean the world to you and they’ve changed your life. RIP MM.

So for all of you that have girlfriends you can cry with, eat all the frosting off their piece of cake on their plate, borrow underwear in emergencies, share intimate details about your sex life, and laugh together until your sides hurt…make sure to tell them every day or show them how much they mean to you.  I will be telling these girls more often since I won’t be here in person to show them.