Another Day Of Spoiling

The fun continued from one party to the next! I had my awesome NY baby shower with friends and family back home and our fantastic neighbors here in Michigan threw us another great baby shower/diaper party. We’ve lived here for just a little over a year now and we have accumulated a really great “family” that is always watching out for us.

We had the baby shower with all the ladies in our home and all the men gathered at the neighbor’s house for the diaper party. It worked out perfectly and I got SO many presents (once again!) I never thought I’d be so excited to open presents for my future children and not for myself. Ha! Who knew!


Harley even wore his fancy new collar which he got as a present from the first baby shower (Thanks Aunt Addie and Uncle John!) He was lovin hanging out with all the ladies!


Granted I am now the size of a beached whale but my hostesses kept it organized and not too long which was great for me! I have zero energy these days and immediately had to nap after the party was over. I loved showing Toblerone all the new things we got and the adorable outfits people gave us. I mean…little khakis!! Can you get any cuter! The boys also got a few German-esque things geared towards their Dad’s favorite soccer team, FC Bayern Munich. Whether they like it or not, they are going to be fans 🙂

We can’t wait to read them books in English and in German and sing lullabies in both languages. It’s going to be a really fun experience to get them to be bilingual. Nothing cuter than kids speaking in German!


A rubber ducky with lederhosen! I mean….how cute is that?!

Only 8 more days until their arrival! It may take me some time to get back here to write again but lo and behold…I will be back!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

FC Bayern Munchen For The Win!

This past weekend was the Superbowl of soccer here in Europe. The Champions League Final. I’ve probably learned more than I ever thought I would about soccer since meeting my husband over four years ago but it’s been interesting to see this side of the sport world. The Germans ask me all the time what I really think about soccer here in Germany and I always tell them that it is, without a doubt, better than American football. (Sorry for the football fans but what a waste of time that game is!) The Superbowl in general is (and correct me if I’m wrong) more of a reason for us to drink and eat fatty foods while waiting for the greatest commercial to come on and wardrobe malfunctions to happen. Am I right? Or am I right? The biggest difference is the “entertainment” factor. Here, soccer is all about the sport. There are no half time concerts and no billion dollar 30 second commercials. In the US I feel like football is all about the entertainment and the “show” much like politics are, but what do I know!


This past weekend we had a Champions League Final party. Toblerone’s FAVORITE team, FC Bayern Munich, was playing against Dortmund which is the German rival. Amazingly enough, all the teams in Europe had to fight for the top two positions and somehow two German teams made it. For Germany, this was HUGE. We organized two kegs of the best beer shipped in directly from Munich (3 hours away), we had white wurst with sweet brown mustard and pretzels (typical food from Munich), and salads galore! Toblerone organized a beamer and projector screen to show the game as large as possible right in the middle of our living room. (The things I allow him to do…) It was an event not to miss and my LORD am I thankful FC Bayern won. Otherwise, I think I would have to put my husband into therapy. They take losses so personally here so it was the best for all! Here’s a little glimpse into the weekend! Next time, you are all invited!!


Until next time, Readers!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo