The End Of A Magical Trip

This is the last of our trip to Ireland. It was incredible and we’re REALLY looking forward to going back. Just gotta say, Thanks a Million to my “cousin” aka step aunt, Alicia for letting us take over your house and all the help! Such an easy hostess! Those are the kind I love! 🙂 Now come visit us!! 🙂

If you missed the other days of our trip you can start here!

On day 7 we woke up and I ate breakfast VERY slowly considering my horrendous night with food poisoning. Will never eat salmon in that place ever again!!!

We walked around Galway and looked at the shops. This place was swarming with a million musicians and these guys really caught my eye! Hard to balance and play passionately if I do say so myself!

We went on our way back to Dublin. Toblerone full of whiskey and beer and me full of a queasy stomach. After we dropped the car off we went straight to Howth where the rich and famous of Ireland reside and took a walk around before heading to a Mexican restaurant. The views around the harbor were incredibly beautiful. We got there just in time for the sunset.

After a quesadilla or two we headed to a bar which was fun. Filled with old guys singing all sorts of songs, drunk as can be. Then an American family started piping in and being all whacky. They were from Minnesota and the “mom” made sure everyone knew it. Flashing around her “American Ethnicity” a little to much. We had to get out of there because that was BEYOND annoying.

The next morning we had a little time before our flight and we headed to Dublin once again. This time I was specifically searching for a bookstore where I bought the most amazing book when I was young. It was called, “Under the Hawthorne Tree” about children during the Irish Famine. Then we got there and I didn’t realize how huge the Grafton Street area was. That definitely wasn’t in my memory.

Then we stopped and got a listen to the band Request street performing. I had heard them on the radio before and really liked them. You can definitely tell the difference between just your average street performer and signed band!

We met up with the prostitute fish monger, Molly Malone, got some Subway (insert choir singing) and got our parting drink, Guinness. It really did start to taste like water by the end of the trip. We had one last shot of Jameson and headed to the airport.

What an absolutely amazing trip for us. We’re thinking about all the things we need to do next time we’re there. More drinking, perhaps?! I drank whiskey the entire trip and I won’t drink it anywhere else. Well…maybe if it’s Jameson. This country has a magical side to it. It truly does. The people are kind and incredible story tellers. It’s a place I wish I could call Home!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

The Magic of Ireland

I realize it’s been over a month since I last wrote! I’ve been feeling really guilty about it so I apologize! I’ve got LOTS of big news to tell you and will throughout the next two weeks. Where to start with all this news?? Well of course from the start! Let’s take it back to our trip to Ireland! 🙂

There’s so much to show you and talk about in this trip so I’m going to have to split this up over a few blogs but, you don’t mind, do you?

First I have to start off by telling you that we flew with RyanAir. Most of you probably heard about this low-budget airline that offers nothing with a zillion restrictions. Here’s the thing though. For Toblerone and I to fly from Germany to Dublin, Ireland was in total 67 Euro per person! I mean, come on now! That’s like gold in a leprechaun’s pot! Just follow the rules, be cool about it, and relax and enjoy the show! I read so many bad reviews but I never had any problems. People need to CHILL out! If you pay next to nothing, expect next to nothing in return! Moving on now!

Our first night was simple and beautiful. We stayed with my step mom’s sister who technically is my Aunt but we are so close in age that we tell people we are cousins! 🙂  She has a perfect town house central to the wealthy beach town of Malahide and Dublin City Center. It was perfect for us! We went out to a pub in Malahide that night and this started the whiskey sensation of 2012. I’m not a whiskey person, that’s Toblerone more but while I was there – that is ALL I drank! Me and my pal Jameson had a LOVELY affair for a week.

Back to it –  we witnessed little jam sessions in the pubs which are an Irish staple, of course! He’s a clip of the band we saw:

What I loved the most is all the road signs were in not only English but Gaelic as well. Made me want to start taking lessons but what a complicated language that is! I barely know German yet so I guess that goes on the back burner for now!

The next day we went back to Malahide to take pictures in the day time of the beautiful coast. I NEEDED this vacation SO badly. I needed more than anything to be back in a place that feels like home and by the ocean. It was physically hurting my soul. It was incredibly refreshing to be around English-speaking people, with WAY better accents than me! The other thing that was nice – girls with long hair. Girls that actually LOOK like girls whereas in Germany, everyone has their hair shorter than necessary and half the time I don’t know if someone is a boy or girl. It’s odd.

Later that night we headed into the City Center with “my cousin” and were so thankful to be hit with a torrential downpour. Oh, Hey Ireland! It’s been a long time! I forgot all about your crazy ass weather!!! Cold and improperly dressed due to our limitations on our luggage size we made the most of it! We watched the Irish lose their final game in the Eurocup in a giant bar called “Break On The Border.” It was filled with a sea of green and jolly people with charming accents! Then there was Toblerone in his Germany jersey. lol. As Ireland lost, the crowd in the stadium sang an Irish anthem of sorts and the crowd in the bar joined it. It was a weird magical moment and just shows in true Irish fashion the care and humanity they have for one another.

We raced against the windy and rain until we ended up in a really cool bar called Bruxelles (and mind you it’s a Thursday night!) I’ve been so used to not ever needing to dress up. Where we live in Germany, girls don’t dress up like what I’m used to back home so my beautiful fun dresses have been collecting dust. Each bar we went into, the girls are decked out in the latest fashions, heels as high as the sky (HELLO!! LOVE!!!!), and makeup and hair done as well. SUCH a world does exist outside of America. So glad it’s close to me!

We danced until 2am with a million great people. We made friends with the whole bar practically and I can’t wait to go back there again sometime!

The magic was all around us in these first two days…can’t wait to share with you all the rest of it! Stay tuned!! Some big news in store! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo