30 Day Challenge – Day 7




Day 7 – Five Things You Love About Germany


FIRST of all – Congratulations to my best friend, Ash! She’s getting married today and I SO wish I could be there. She’s stunning in her dress and marrying the most perfect man for her. Couldn’t be happier!! Love you sweet cheeks! See you soon and then we can have a celebratory martini! 😉 xoxoxo

1. Personal Bread Cutter – We all know that the Germans love everything fresh. The meat fresh off the bone, the fish fresh from the water and their bread fresh from the oven. I absolutely LOVE this in my house. At first I was confused…then angry that it took away from cupboard space but now, we use it all the time. We buy our bread by the loaf – not pre-sliced and it lasts quite a while, So a bread cutter is surely a necessity since I’m no good with knives. Check this little nugget of awesomeness out! 

It’s excellent! Who wouldn’t want this fine piece of equipment in their home? It”s standard in the new houses now. You have your oven, your stove, and of course your bread cutter! Fabulous!

2. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – America is so far behind on this it drives me crazy. Now that I’ve lived here for 5 months I’m starting to see where we have gone wrong back in the home country. A trip to the grocery store begins with paying for your cart with either 50 cents, 1 euro, or 2 euro coin. You come to the “drinks” section and this is huge. All drinks come in cases of either 6 or 12 normally. So when we buy water (Tobi likes his sparkling) then we buy it buy the case of 12 and get 2 or 3 cases at a time. When we’re done with them, we bring the cases back with the bottles and get usually 3.30 Euro back for one case. 

Secondly, we have four trashcans. Each has their own purpose. The blue bin is for recycling, the brown for food items, the black and yellow for random trash like pudding containers or plastic bags and the green and black for …well I’m not sure what yet. I think things like styrafoam or what have you. Anywho, this is brilliant…and I think America should jump on this system if they know whats good for them! 

3. Supreme Hotels – These people really know how to relax and they do it not with 2 or 3 stars but with 4 or 5 and reasonably priced too. We are headed to this place within the next 3 weeks and it has an outstanding rating and testimonials/reviews that can’t be beat. It’s typical, this beautiful place in the middle of the Alps and complete with a full spa and rehabilitation center. People who have been sick with various things can go here and they make you special food and give you massages and all that nonsense! Incredible! I plan on living it up there, complete with a massage at the end of it. Their food is 5 star and most of these places are impeccable. I find though that in the US you get motels and hotels that are so cheap and disgusting. Causes some concern for your health! Here, that is never the case. Every time you go to a hotel or motel it’s as if you’re walking into your mom’s house. It’s homey and clean and comfortable.

Hotel Bavaria

4. No Speed Limits – This is pretty self explanatory but when you want to get somewhere quickly, it’s so nice to be able to drive as fast as you want. There are some speed limits but not many. Just in sketchy areas so plowing down the road going 130kph which is roughly 80 MPH is way fun. You’ll remember in my earlier blogs mentioning how the roads are crazy curvey and scary a bit so this is always good to get your adrenaline pumping! In America, you have the constant speed limits as if you’re entire drive is supervised. It’s annoying! 

5. Greetings – It is completely normal to walk into a restaurant, completely packed and everyone looks up at you and greets you with a warm hello. You eat your meal, drink your drinks, settle the tab where you tip no more than 5% (this is normal…giving someone 80 cents on a bill of 40 Euro is considered a good tip) and as you walk out the door, something magical happens. Everyone tells you goodbye or to have a nice evening. “Ciao”  rings around the room as you exit. It’s refreshing to be in a place where people actually care to give you the time of day and acknowledge you. Americans refuse to look at each other. It’s sad. This happens more in the regional restaurants rather than in the larger cities but still, all the same. It’s just a warm enviroment. 

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – Describe 5 Things You Will Never Learn To Love in Germany


Originally the challenge was to show a picture of you and your friends. Um, that’s lame and it’s not a challenge. Who posts a blog with only a picture? Not me. No thanks. So, I changed it. As I drove around today, I found several things that drive me UP THE WALL and I certainly will never be able to love these things. So, to give you a little taste of my usual nonsense, shall we?

1. You Shall Never Park

Not only are the streets small, yet somewhat manageable, the parking spaces drive me bonkers. The other day I had to park in a parking garage and about smashed into cars just to make my very own American sized parking space. They try to squeeze everyone into the smallest possible spaces. No room for error, let me tell you! And it’s not that all the cars are small here. Not everyone has the Smart car and all those other 3-wheeled vehicles you see in the Mr. Bean movies.

Also, I had to go shopping today and lord knows we had to drive around 8 thousand hours just to find a parking spot. No street parking. As a side note: I would like to add that the roads are so curvy, never a straight away so when you want to pass the slowest truck you’ve ever been behind when you’re in a rush, touch luck. You best sit back and enjoy the Sunday stroll!

2. Fashionista Suicide

I know my friends here will kill me for this (all of which I think dress beautifully) but it’s just the facts! I about go insane when I look at all the stores they have here. Back in LaLaLand, America I used to think that all Europeans were the fashion icons of the world and BOY was I wrong. It clearly is subjected to only select countries. Here, so far, the ONLY place thats of interest to me is H&M which in the US I never went to or very seldom. The rest of the stores look like you’re getting ready to either turn into a 90 year old or you’re going on a safari. Just no color and no fun! Some of the pants these girls wear make them look like they had a bit of an accident. NOT attractive by any means!

These pants aren’t too terrible. Most the girls wear these in khakis or jeans but this material looks like sweatpants and it’s horrendous. and rolled up at the bottom? STOP YOURSELF!

Do you see what I mean??? Accidents in the pants. These are considered super “trendy” right now. I would NEVER put my legs into those. I mean I can’t tell if this is a dude or a chick. And the back of these pants is just as saggy. No shape whatsoever. Nasty.

Back home, there are shoes galore, and beautifully cut dresses (my personal fave BCBG) and here you don’t have that. It’s all the same in every store. I want to DIE! Shopping used to excite me…now I get excited when I look at H&M….that has never happened before. It’s gonna be a looooong few years!

3. Did You Hear That? 

I want to rip my ear drums out and soak them in acid. The radio. What a load of crap that is here! You have one station that plays oldies…as in German Oldies…as in the stuff you here inside the beer tent at Oktoberfest. Then you have another station that plays all 50’s, 60’s music. And then you have the rest of the stations which are all EXACTLY the same. They are the WORST stations possibly in the world. They trick you by playing something new like the latest from Kesha and then they turn around and throw Tina Turner at you and maybe some Bon Jovi. Can someone have ONE station that is all Top 40’s or latest pop stuff? Anything so I want barf all over myself as I’m driving anymore! Honestly. I’ve heard Dave Matthews Band played ONCE…and I actually think that was in a store via satellite or something. I can’t even remember it was so long ago. I’m hearing songs I haven’t heard since the early 90’s. It’s terrible…horrific. I need to buy blank CDs to burn..STAT!

This is an example of what is playing…all the time. Sounds like bad 90’s music…and this stuff is recent and popular. Oh and this show is on every Sunday, makes me want to shoot myself! (Scan to the middle of it, you can see what I mean)

4. Yes Ma’am

This is obviously something that I can’t change, but I plan on starting the process. In the US we approach everyone as “You, He, She…etc” Here you have to change your entire language based on whether you are friends with the person or not. Do you know how hard that is for someone trying to learn a new language? So, I started saying the “informal” to Doctors, strangers, etc…and NO ONE tells me to call them by the “formal” words. I think the newer generations don’t care how you talk to each other – the younger guys I mean, however the older people are fine with it also. I don’t know, I think it’s just annoying and added vocab that isn’t necessary!

5. Can I Borrow A Cup of Sugar?

Since we’ve moved in we’ve had zero neighbors come and introduce themselves. I thought about doing it ourselves until I realized. Everyone around us is a freak. Across the street we have 4 adults and an illegitimate child with serious psychological issues. The adults consist of an older woman and her three adult children. They love to peer out their windows into our house or watch what we’re doing/saying at every minute. Then to the right we have a brand new house where the neighbor (husband) on our first meeting at a festival told me that he loves me and sees me outside in the garden in my shorts on hot afternoons. Thank you, creeper for noticing! The rest of the community are big families with children everywhere and no one is friendly. NO ONE. These smaller towns hate when new-comers come into their village, especially Americans. So…my American flag is still flying proudly at the front of our house. And there it will remain until people smarten up and get on my good side.

Ha….After reading this over again, I realized I sound a bit bitter. Just my opinions…I think I’m in need of peanut butter. Which of course, I bought out the whole store when they brought in “American Peanut Butter”…it’s allll mine! 🙂

Until next time, readers! xoxoxoxo

Driving Miss Furstenbergerstein

Most of the time, Toblerone drives. Thank god for that. As you all know I have a thing against the Autobahn and I’m not so sure I understand the rules of driving here. But, I’ve had many times where I’ve had to drive myself around to go shopping or what have you. I’m so thankful for my photographic memory, otherwise…I probably would end up somewhere in the Alps. So far this is what I’ve come to learn:

Other than the basics, Everything you’ve learned does not apply here. 

Truth. I’m what they call a “defensive driver.” I’m quick, sometimes daring, but my plan is always well played out! I should be a FORMULA 1 driver! 🙂 Dreaming big! The basics are obvious…get in car, put seatbelt on, turn key. Thankfully, I’ve always driven a manual car because EVERY single car here is a stick. I’m not sure if there are automatics but everyone I know drives a stick. (“Stick” – I know you love it when I talk all technical!) Regardless of my fantastic defensiveness when it comes to the fine autos, there is NOTHING in the good old U.S. of A. that prepares you for the way the Euro’s put the pedal to the metal.

Never in my life have I been car sick. Only here. Literally. There are SO many curves and with the lack of a speed limit, it’s like a joy ride..one that I was never excited to take. The only real straight road is the Autobahn which I have had to drive only a few times pushing my own personal limit to 100MPH (160 KPH) while I was being passed by others going closer to 200MPH.

So even though there are few speed limits, only in places that are clearly necessary or when you first come up upon a new village. There aren’t signs for this but there is a general knowledge, which I didn’t know for quite some time that you MUST be going 50KPH (which is 30MPH) as soon as you drive past the town sign. If you don’t obey…well you have to risk the possibility of getting caught by a “flashing station.”

Flashing stations are genius. I WISH they had these in America. The Germans hate them here but honestly, if they had to deal with the random police everywhere, I would bet money they would choose these stations over that. So, let me explain. The flashing station or a “blitzer” is placed on the side of the road and it’s set to “flash” you or take your picture rather when you’re somewhere between 5-10 KPH over the limit. Here’s the smart part…you usually can see it ahead of time ANDDDDD it never  moves. You know when one is coming up if you’re in that town enough. People! Are you with me? Consider a world where there are no cops sitting in their cars hidden behind bushes or right around the corner. No, all you have to do is go 50 when you enter a town and you’re good. Some towns have flashing stations, others don’t. I get it, I’m rambling. I’ve had two glasses of wine.

Here’s a bit of what they look like:

Something else that almost caused me to have a bit of an accident was the lack of knowledge about who has the right of way. Let me see if I can put this into words to explain. So there aren’t many “stop” signs. In fact, I’ve maybe seen two or three since I’ve been here. Most of the time it’s like a “yielding” situation without the yield signs. As you’re driving along what you would think is the main road in a village you have to be careful. If a car is coming from a side road on your right, you MUST stop and let them go. The righties have the right of way. ODD!! I’m not sure who thought of that rule but most of the time I don’t let them go. I use my, “Oopsies! I’m a blonde American” excuse and go with it! I think this rule is stupid so I continue to give myself the right of way, ALWAYS.

There’s a little driving lesson for you folks. The thing is, if you go to another country…you rent a car..good for you. However, you better really look into what the driving rules are. You don’t want to be stuck trying to explain to the Police what you’re doing driving on the wrong side of the road! Oh and here’s a fun fact that most people don’t know: If you’re in Europe you drive on the same side of the road as you do in the US (the right side) UNLESS you are in England or Ireland.

Until next time, Readers!!!