Who Took The Cork Out Of My Lunch?

Almost a year ago when I came to Germany for the first time (when it was cold and snowy) I went to a winery (my first one, ever!) with a few of Toblerone’s family. If you missed that blog, do go back and read it here first and then come back to this one.

We decided to head back again while it was blistering hot for some wine tasting and a picnic! Grand idea if I do say so myself! The drive itself is about an hour or more away which sucks but it’s well worth it! Upon arrival Toblerone’s uncle, The Mayor (for real), purchased 12 cases of wine within 5 minutes. I kid you not! Mind you, we are 5 people squished into one car leaving only the minimal space in the trunk for everyone’s purchases! Germans love their wine!

We tasted this and that, that and this and I was feeling the laughter start to bubble inside of me. You know that moment when you realize you’re buzzed and everything seems to be either hilarious or very serious. I was reading the back of a wine bottle like it was my rough draft for the President’s speech! Everything in my glass tasted awesome no matter what it was. I couldn’t tell the difference anymore between what was red, white, champagne, or pee. It was all amazing!

Toblerone's Uncle (left) and Dad (right)

We packed up our car with our purchased cases, leaving no room for our cooler of snacks! Holy NOT ok! Up we went to my favorite spot at this winery. The circular monument/chapel for the dead Nazi (not all by choice) soldiers. I know, sounds morbid and morally wrong but you need to read the other blog, like I told you to, first. Why is this my favorite place? Because there is something magical about this small little chapel in the middle of a winery with quite a view. And there we were eating our wurst sandwiches, drinking our newly purchased wine, and enjoying the view of the surrounding countries. Hello France, Hello Switzerland, and Hello Germany’s Black Forest! 

I finally took some pictures for you guys of the inside of this sweet little chapel. With large frames on each wall with all the photos of those men, and boys, from this particular town that died in WWII. This town isn’t large so it made me think that at one point, there were probably a total of 10 dudes in the town after the war. What a ratio that must have been! As I looked at all the faces of lives lost I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness. All so young and all share the same undeserved fate. And then again, maybe this had to do with the massive buzz I was working with!

It was SUCH a nice day and I swear to all that come to visit me, I will absolutely, 100% bring you to this place. To eat, drink, and be fantabulous! Not to mention, there is something so right about eating the wine grapes right off of the tree. Speaking of…we planted two wine trees ourselves..can’t WAIT until those babies come in!!!

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Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxo

A Grave Discovery

Back when we went on our hike through the Alps on the way home we stopped to check out a church that was up on a hill however, I was way too tired to move any more and Harley the pup also was against it. We parked in a random parking lot and as I was looking around I saw a grave yard. And who did I think of when I saw this? Why YOU of course! I thought to myself, “I definitely need to go take pictures of the graves here just for my loyal blog readers.” So I blame you for this creepy blog post, however perfect time of the year with Halloween just around the corner!

So before you think I’m totally insane/morbid/creepy or all of the above let me explain. When I was younger (and still now) I LOVED going to really old grave sites. You know the ones that are hidden in the middle of a forest or off the beaten path? Where the gravestones are falling over and almost or at times illegible. I was always a bit of a History buff and this really intrigued me.

What intrigues me is how beautiful the grave stones are here in Germany. I mean…seriously! It’s like the stones are polished every day, the flowers are watered without fail, and people are never forgotten. Granted, when you pick out your stone in advance you have to be ready to fork over $15,000 or more. Which I think is absurd but check out the pictures below, you’ll see what I mean. You can have them complete with waterfalls or for 5 people…crazy stuff!

So call me crazy but I think these are beautiful! Even though I looked like such a creeper with my iPhone out snapping pictures. What really got me was some of the “residents” have been there since before 1980 but yet there “doormats” are still in pristine shape. I guess you know what you’re paying for with all that loot you have shell out!

How many of you think I’m a wicked weirdo for this post? Go ahead…say it, I won’t be offended!! 😉 I guess it’s no different than people posting pics of La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, right?

Until next time, Readers!!!!! xoxoxoxo

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 6

Before I get started I just HAVE to say that my mommy sent me a package on June 8th. It arrived yesterday. Seriously people?? What is wrong with your system?!?! Take package – scan – put on truck – scan – put on plane – scan – customs – scan – put on truck – scan – put in my hands. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?! Either way I’m not complaining because I’m excited that I finally got all my Sephora stuff and a wicked cute dress that my mom picked out for me (pink of course!! and it fits perfectly, mom! thanks!) and some other fun stuff from my home town and from mommy. Now I’m just waiting for the second one to arrive. I’m sure that will be another 2 weeks!

Day 6 – Something You’re Afraid Of

This is actually perfect for today. The other night I got ready for bed and felt a little funny, I was hearing weird noises all night but figured it was just the house settling and normal noises you hear when you’re home alone and there is no other noise. I haven’t had my dog home with me for a week or so and Toblerone is MIA due to other reasons, which I will explain at a later date. SO – I hoped in my bed, read my book (Water for Elephants – love it!) and then it all started. I start hearing walking around up in the attic, doors creaking downstairs. It’s all around me. I can hear mumbling voices, not enough to detect words, just to know that it’s definitely talking. At this point, I’m scared out of my BRAIN! Oh wait…it gets better.

I turn off the light, grab this massive flashlight that Toblerone keeps by his side of the bed. Let me explain this process. We have a giant bed…I mean giant…we can easily fit 5 people in it and still have room. So it’s more like me crawling to Afghanistan to get this stupid flashlight. It’s super heavy and could do some SERIOUS damage so I lift this thing and ponder all the different ways to attack someone in the dark with a flashlight. I also consider jumping out of my bedroom window only to remember that I wouldn’t be going very far in underwear and no keys to a car.

I’m literally laying there for 2 hours from midnight to 2am on the nose and then…. BAM! My night-stand light turns on. I about crap the bed. Eyes wide open and nothing in the room I start to get really scared. Now, this light is a touch light. It ONLY turns on with the human touch. I had books up against it and a necklace and what have you and it didn’t turn on. So, I still moved everything far from it, turned off the light and try to fall alseep. The noises continue not like crazy it’s just every so often I hear something. My chest is tight as I clench my hand around the heavy duty flashlight. (Seriously, as I’m writing this I have anxiety and my heart is racing.) Then…exactly 15 minutes later… BAM! The light turns on again. This time there is no explanation for why this is turning on. Absolutely NOTHING!

I somehow have the nerve to get up out of bed and go out into the hallway. This is all completely freaking me out so of course I decide now that I need to use the bathroom or I’ll never go to sleep. And so I do, checking in the shower, behind the door and waving my flashlight like a samurai. I go back into my room, shut the door this time and lock it. I call Toblerone and wake him up crying and shaking with fear. Enter stage left the Father-in-law. It’s now 3am in the morning and he jumped out of bed and drove the 15 minutes to come get me.

Luckily, when I get to Toberlone’s parents house everyone is nice and comforting. I felt so much better and as I lay down in my bed, his mom comes in and says, “Get up, you’re having a drink!” She pours me something like whiskey or bourbon and there I sat at now a quarter to 4am drinking this fantastic relaxer.

The funny part is, this wasn’t what I was going to write about. I was going to write about how my endometriosis scares me and I’m afraid I’ll never have a child of my own one day. But this story was insane. I just had to share it. We don’t know what it all was and I will be staying at their house until Toblerone comes home. What am I scared of you ask? Not being able to protect myself and my family. I thought about this last night about crazy stories you hear about people that enter your house and murder you in brutal ways. We all remember the story BTK serial killer

or the infamous Ted Bundy. I think about this stuff more than I should or probably more than is healthy but when you’re alone in a country where you don’t know a single neighbor to call just to come check on things or all your friends are farther away than you think, it’s just something that scares me.

Thinking about it now, the craziest things happen to me…I need to check into that. Maybe it’s someone trying to tell me something. I’m not a fan of the whole ghost thing either. Oh well, we’re getting new lamps (not the touch kind) and installing an alarm system just because I said so. 🙂

All is well folks! Moving right along!

Until next time, readers! xoxoxoxo

The Best Time To Give

I want you all to stop what you are doing for a moment and listen to what I’m about to say. Or read rather.

Imagine that one morning you wake up and your partner, your spouse, the love of your life who you’ve spent the past 11 years with and just married 6 months prior, doesn’t wake up. And then imagine, that no one can tell you why. You’re in shock, you’re not sure what to do, you have questions that are unanswered, all the things that stop you in your tracks and make you think….”What the hell?!?!?” or “Why me?!!?!?” or “Why them?!?!”.

There is a wonderful memorial for Matthew Baldwin here at this link. Please click to go to the page to learn more about Matthew and the people he loved and loved him in return. I urge you to watch the videos that were made for him. I’ve personally never met Matthew or his beautiful bride Brittany but felt so overwhelmed by this story that I felt it necessary I pass it on and allow others to help. I’m a friend of someone who knows these two very well and I wanted to do my part! Karma is everything, friends, you never know when you’ll need help from a stranger in a time of need. The funds will go to his wife Brittany to pay for obvious expenses or however she see fit.

How to help:

Option 1 – Go to the link and click on the paypal option in the top right using the button “Donate.”


Option 2 – Wells Fargo. You can either walk in or make a call. They are all over the country. Be sure to mention that it is for Matt Baldwin Memorial Account and it’s a “Benefit account.” They should not have a problem looking it up in their system from there.

Matthew was 33 when he left this world and although so young I can tell from his pictures and stories people share about him  that he was seriously living life, much more than I have. He worked for Nike at his dream job and has an incredibly family that loved him more than anything. His smile is infectious and his eyes told stories of fun, love, and life.

Things like this are never fair and I know that giving a little or a lot goes a long way for one person who is hurting.  For those of you who are married or recently married…consider that life is fragile and you never know what will happen. Hold those you love close to you.

My DEEPEST sympathies go out to the family, friends, and his beautiful wife Brittany. I hope that the pain subsides and smiles reappear. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or in 2 months, but eventually. From an outsider, a stranger as myself – I can see that you all made Matthew’s life absolutely incredible and well worth every moment.  My heart is with you.

Until next time, readers. xoxoxoxo