Raise The Roof

As I’ve mentioned in the past its common that the German people save up enough money to one day build a house of their own. Along with doing so comes more crazy traditions. Any reason to party right?

Behind our house they paved a new road last year and now are slowly starting to build a few houses at a time. One house in particular has been moving right along. The night of our Halloween Party we could see lights on and drunk Germans singing every song ever written. Loudly. The following morning, I awoke to this:20121117-195757.jpg

Indeed, that’s a decorated tree hanging outside. I did some serious digging….aka asked Toblerone what was going on. I was quickly informed that when you put the roof on a house, you celebrate it and kind of “bless” it. Of course, the Germs would have it no other way then to drink and sing together in a cold unfinished house and hang a tree! Makes perfect sense! And they think Black Friday is absurd??

Until next time, Readers!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

Everywhere Is Backwards

I’ve been here quite a while now (Over a year) and I’ve made a few notes on the strange ways the Germans live and I wanted to share them with you. It would be interesting to see what they think is strange/weird/different coming to the US. But until someone decides to write about it…I’m writing my side!

A Tissue, Please

No matter where I am, no matter what time of year or time of day, people here are constantly using tissues. I think growing up my mom always had a tissue in her purse or a napkin in the car glove box for emergencies like spilling my drink all over me or cutting my finger off but usually not for the reason the tissue was invented for. Here, in good old Deutschland, these boogers are using tissues religiously. Even dudes carry around their own little handy pack in their back pockets.  It could be the hottest day in summer and they are using them!

I can’t really put it into words how often these people use them. In fact, when I get asked for one and I don’t have a pack in my purse, it’s like the devil horns grew out of my head and poked people they are so shocked! It’s ok…I’m here to help…put down the tissues. First step is admitting you have an addiction!

Thumb To One:

I realize this may actually qualify towards a few people in the US but they don’t count. When counting I’ve noticed that many Deutsch peeps use their thumb as the number “one.” In the US we usually use our pointer finger and thumb as a last resort. Am I wrong?? But here, the thumb is king. It’s the big, fat, and juicy part of the hand. Why not be number one, right? No. Not ok.

Thats just weird. I always get confused when they start counting and I see them use their thumb. Like when they are trying to show me “2” it looks like they are making the “Loser” sign or maybe the “pistol.” Either way, it’s awkward.

Text Me Later, Baby!:

Nowadays, since I have a working cell phone and can speak enough German to get me by, texting is once again an easier form of communication for me. This isn’t weird so much as it is endearing. When someone texts you they always say, “Hallo Spice…” and they end their texts with “LG *NAME*” The “LG” stands for “Lieber Grusse” which is translated to “Lovely Greetings.” Or something strange like that. I guess it means “Sincerely” to us Ami’s. (That’s the short word for Americans.) What strikes me as weird is that it’s like writing a formal letter to each other. I can go back and forth via text for days without actually greeting someone with a “hello” or a “Have a nice day.” Here, for every single text you get whether you’re in a conversation or not, they end it with “Sincerely, Spice.” But in German obviously. Are you following me? Anyways, they are just so polite and formal with each other. I can’t get the hang of it. My texts usually go something like, “Hey Bitch, bring me food. NOW.”  Any one notice I used quotation marks wayyyyyy too much in this bit?

Don’t Text, Facebook Me:

We all know that in America social networks rule our lives. We invented them, why wouldn’t they be.  So Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (now very lame), and whatever else you can think of literally keeps me up late at night checking and refreshing until my brain shuts off. It actually drives me crazy when I ask people if they have Facebook and they tell me “No.”  What? NO? Are you a cave man? One of those weird hippy people that live off the earth?? Get yourself together and advance into the future, folks! Anyways, I notice this a lot with the Germs. They shorten their names or abbreviate them? For instance, if I was to do this with my blog name it would look like so: Dia Sug Spi.  I suppose they don’t want people to find them? There are privacy options for that first of all. I mean, isn’t the whole purpose of facebook or any social network for that matter is so that you can stay in contact with your friends/schoolmates that are all over the world? Ok…the real reason is so we can stalk our ex’s and people we hated in school and in life but that doesn’t matter.

The Apple Of My Eye:

I’m not sure any of you know this but I hate apples. Like unbaked, straight from the market apples. Can’t STAND them. If they are squishy and in a pie or cooked in someway, I’ll eat them. The texture of them fresh and straight off the tree is making my teeth cringe at this very moment. Disgusting.

Anywho, Toblerone eats them and I often pack those in his lunch every morning. (Yes, I’m an awesome Frauy. Wifey = Frauy) However, Every single time I have to wash them off vigorously because there is this wax-like coating on them to preserve them. That’s extra gross to me. It’s like grabbing an apple covered in vasoline. Ok, maybe not that extreme but for me – the average apple hater, it’s pure torture.

Walking In A Construction Wonderland

I’ve told you before that the Germs love walking. They do it all day every day and do nothing else. In fact, they don’t work. They only walk. Just kidding. The great thing about Germany is the incredible amounts of space to walk or go hiking. There are trails that lead you to each town and into the next. In fact, usually my day with Harley begins with me checking out how many people are out walking around to limit his “attacks” to at least 2-3 a day.

Recently behind our house they started constructing a new road and places for housing along those roads. This has been going on since October or so of last year and is still continuing. I was shocked yesterday when I was out with Harley for our walk and there were two older yet fit ladies walking through the construction site on this “road” as if there were no bulldozers working around them. Um, I’m pretty sure if we did that in the US we would be screamed at and our chances of death would be quite high. Who does that?! 

That’s where the ladies were walking yesterday (I took this today) and I was absolutely floored. There are plenty of places to walk (see where I’m standing) that avoid this area. People are so RUDE! Oh and check out that ugly yellow house. YIKES! They just built it and when they put that color on it…ruined the whole thing. Gross.

Anywho, I love these Germans…I do, but sometimes they do strange things! Well strange because it’s not what I grew up with! Have you ever been to another country or state even and noticed they do things a little bit different? Like going to the south and they put so much sugar in their ice tea!! In the North or how I was raised, no sugar! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo