Omi’s 88th Birthday and German Traditions

Back at the end of September ( I realize I’m behind in my blogging! Laptop issues, remember!!), Toblerone’s Omi celebrated her 88th birthday party! All her children and grandchildren went to a restaurant to toast a beer to the milestone.

She got presents, we all got loads of drinks, and ate full meals. It was really nice to be with everyone in one place since its unusual that we are.

I forgot about birthday traditions in Germany until the end of the night when the check came. Omi paid for everyone. Almost 400 Euro!! On HER birthday!!! Then I had a moment and I asked her why she was paying on her big day and she said, “Well I invited all of you and besides, who else will pay?!” She’s sweeter than she knows!

Then I remembered the company I used to work for in the US was German and our German colleagues or bosses would bring in their own cake on their birthdays to celebrate. They would provide drinks and food if they wanted as well. So, it’s the opposite in the US. We expect to be treated like royalty on our special day and in the German culture, they treat everyone else! I think I like the American way better!!

Until next time, Readers!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo