Typical American Halloween Party in Germany!

So what does a typical American Halloween Party entail? Drinking. End of story.

Halloween isn’t really celebrated here. I’m not sure what it means to everyone but I think they are picking up on the fact that American’s have the best parties in the world (besides Oktoberfest) and Halloween is a GREAT example of that. With everyone dressed up as a character…you already feel silly…and it makes for an even sillier party-goer! So, like I said, Halloween isn’t huge here so decorations are scarce. There aren’t any big Halloween Outlet stores or Party stores where you can shop till you drop for all your holiday decorations. Luckily, my mom sent me boxes of Halloween decorations which I am SO grateful for! With the things she sent me combined with the few items, I made…it was a hit!

Here are a few pictures of the decorations (I know…the pics aren’t that great…but you get the idea). This year I took a ride back to the past of 1980’s. Toblerone was Papa Smurf..which he was last year too but who cares! (It’s hard to find costumes here too….) Harley stayed with his Omi and Opi and had he been here…he would have been a big black spider! 🙂 Well, a spider for 20 seconds before he ate his fake legs off.

I painted the brown bags with spiders, witches, cats, leaves, bugs, bats, pumpkin faces, ghosts, just about everything I could think of and lined them up the driveway and up the stairs in the house with. These took a long time to make but thankfully I had some help painting! (Thanks Ele!)

The previous owner left this perfect witches broom and I just decorated with some leaves and Wahhhh-BAM!

Spider webs are always key 🙂 This is the walkway into the house after the mud room.

We set up tables around with little decorations and a “Potions” table so people could get their own drinks! 🙂 Sorry for the bad quality of pictures! It’s so hard to take good pics in the dark…and I don’t know how to use our big camera just yet.

A Skeleton Vegetable man (thanks to Mom for the good idea on this one!) I like his “mushroom guts” 🙂

The spread! 🙂 Complete with candies, Clementine pumpkins (in the back), broccoli salad, veggie skeleton, avocado feta salsa, bread bowl dip, chocolate cake, buffalo chicken wing dip, mini meat sandwiches, and my cheese and fruit plate! 🙂

All in all it was a good time and by the end of the night the jacuzzi was in full swing, loaded up with people! 🙂

Happy Halloween, lovelies!! Be sure to give out lots of candy to the kiddies and promote cavities! 🙂 That is a treat with a trick 😉

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxo

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Oh how I love long weekends! It’s awesome to see Toblerone more and also to relax a bit. Not to mention the weather is phenomenal! I’m talking almost 70’s here. (Sorry to all the folks back home, I know…it’s been crappy weather!)

So we started off the weekend with a birthday party for my sister-in-law-to-be, which ended up with me trying every type of alcohol that was put in front of me, eating massive amounts of pretzel sticks, and sleeping wherever I fell that night. I love how these people can drink even ME under the table. They seriously know how to party here, and I’m an expert!

Friday was great too, minus the hangover, we went to Toblerone’s parent’s house where our puppy had been staying overnight, (He likes to go for sleepovers with his Omi and Opi!) So tradition says that you can NOT eat meat on Good Friday. Fish is acceptable and that is precisely what we had. Ok, so stop for a moment and picture yourself at your worst hungover state. I mean, wanting to puke at any movement, sounds at a whisper are too loud, etc. Got it? Image in place? Ok…then….imagine someone putting this in front of you on your plate.. (and wait…there is more…)

Let me try to explain to you what this is:

Tomatoes, 2 different kinds of peppers (somewhat hot) with cream cheese-like filling, Rye bread with butter on top, and fish that is cold and has a very distinct taste. It’s almost sweet, I guess.

 So, I gulped that down with my nose plugged and prepared myself for what was next. I knew it was going to be something that could quite possibly send me over the edge. A few minutes later, I was graced with this spectacular item:

This was a first for me. I’ve never had fish with eyes and mouth….and TEETH still intact.

 Hangover status: There are no words to describe the feeling.

Once all the gross bits were taken away from me and I was left with just the meat, It was delicious! Very very very good actually. I’ve had a few fish dinners here and some people just really know how to do it, I find. So, after dinner Harley played in the water from the hose for a bit with Toblerone. He absolutely LOVED it!

That evening we hosted a game night where we built up our foosball table (I bought this for Tobi for x-mas last year) and had some snacky foods! I made my favorite, Avocado Feta Salsa as well as some White Wine Sangria. I made little mini pizza’s for everyone and afterwards we played “A Game of Things” bought in America, but all in German. It was great practice for me and since I know so many bad words in German, my answers were easy to guess.

Saturday morning Toblerone and I went up to the woods to gather moss to make our own easter nest. Traditionally here, you don’t have the giant easter baskets. You normally make your own out of moss or hay or whatever you can find really and hide it outside. So, I received a wonderful Easter box from my mom back home which was filled with reese’s eggs (omg…how I miss those!) and Cadbury eggs as well. Two things you can absolutely NOT get in Germany. Anything with peanut butter is a negative. Nowhere to be found. So, I’ve been craving that like you can’t believe!

Mine is the one with the rock in the middle. I’m trying very hard to try out these new traditions and customs and find a way to incorporate my own that are so special to me. I’m a little nostalgic when it comes to traditions and don’t really feel like changing. That’s the fun of starting a family right? Including a piece of everyone’s family story and tradition. This is new….VERY new for me. I normally don’t change a hoot for no one!

We went off to Toblerone’s soccer game to be followed with a BBQ with the teammates and their girlfriends. That was a lot of fun, we were some of the last to leave but all in all it was a great time! I got to use my German more and found a hair dresser as well as got to know Toblerone’s friends that he grew up with.

Sunday morning came early and I thought I would die. Another night of drinking (seems like all I do here, huh? Well SOMEONE had to finish all the wine!!)  but I was up early and ready to find our Easter basket/nest thingys!  I was so excited! I got a German cookbook and a spaetzle press! Spaetzle = noodles, people. Plus loads of candy and my FAVORITE – Mars bars!! No, not the American ones. When my dad lived in England, I would literally buy two 5-packs of these and they would be gone in a couple of days. OBSESSED!

Of course the Easter bunny ALSO came for Toblerone and Harley! 🙂 Harley I think had the most fun! And Toberlone and I have enough candy to last us all year! I had to assign a special cabinet just for all of our chocolate. There is NO WAY we can finish this by next Easter! There is just too much! Harley had a great time playing with his new (and quite young) girlfriend named Mia. She’s the next door neighbor to Toblerone’s parents. So the two of them run free and after each other like crazy!

To make sure Harley was beyond exhausted we decided to take him on a hike to a little river/creek to swim around. Little did I know that it was straight down a mountain and then to return home, it was straight up. Lordy, Lordy…look who feels like forty!  It was of course raining as soon as we get to the bottom of the mountain but it was still warm outside so that didn’t matter. Whats a little soggy sock? Nothing to worry about! All the same, it was incredibly beautiful even without the sunshine. This is the stuff that inspires me to do what I love.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend and you all have more chocolate than you ever wanted or needed.

Until next time…