Things Are Changing Around Here

In light of my VERY exciting journey coming up I decided that while I was doing some house cleaning to do a little blog cleaning as well. So, the blog is “under construction” at the moment. A very brilliant and dear friend of mine has put together a few banner options for me to call my own and now I’m tasked with making them work on my blog. Something I’m an idiot with, rightfully so. I am very thankful for his help and I really think you all should check out his photography work. He’s got an incredible eye for the unseen or the overlooked and gives us a new perspective through his lens. Incredible work so I urge you to please go and look at his work – ATP Photography:

His Website:

or on Facebook:

Now the house is clean, the bags are packed…well mine are for the most part, Toblerone packs the morning of. We are leaving around 6am tomorrow morning…so thats midnight for you East coasters 🙂 We drive an hour to the airport…check in…sit down in the airport lounge of Lufthansa and drink ourselves into an anxiety free oblivion! 9 hours later we land in the US and I’m going to hug every stranger, kiss the dudes who stamp my passport, and be nice to people. Whoa…stop yourselves, I know. I’m shocked too! Me? Being nice to someone? HA! What a dream! I’ll be in a good mood anyways. Today I received letters from the kids I met with and I’ll be busy reading those on the plane. HUGE smile on my face when I saw those in my mailbox! LOVE those kids!!

What’s on the list of things to do? Of course drink a martini…no, correction…Drink MILLIONS of martinis. Spend time with family…obviously…squish my friends and gossip and all that since I’ve been missing out on that desperately here. I don’t even know what celebrities are pregnant or the newest fashion trend. I so can’t wait to just bask in the glory of good old USA! More so, I can’t wait to get my fix on all things I love – You know them as my good friends –  Mr. Peanut Butter, Mrs. Pumpkin Spice, and Miss Shopping Mall. 🙂

I’ll be keeping you guys up to date, I promise, while I’m on the road. I somehow don’t feel complete without a blog post. I’m addicted. More importantly, if that plane decides to blow up mid-flight, I should tell you all now… THANK YOU for following my blog and more so, thank you for being the driving factor behind my blogging! What a great feeling it is to know that people actually stop for a moment to read what I have to say. Albeit, never important and more ramblings than anything but it’s just that warm fuzzy feeling a homesick girl needs!

So with that being said… Ta Ta, Toodles, Ciao, Tschuss, Au Revoir Germany and HELLLOOOOOO AMERICA!!!! 🙂

Now…where did I put that passport of mine???

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxo