Resolutions Schmesolutions…

Every new year gives us the open invitation to begin again. Usually, we start something new and then by mid-February we’ve lost that motivated push and we go back to how we’ve lived every year before. But, I like trendy things usually so I’m jumping on the new year resolution wagon once again but doing things a bit different. Tangible goals. So I suppose sharing them with you here will make them more solid and will hold me accountable!


1. Read more books!
Time to put down the electronics now and then. Flying home for Xmas I bought a book and I’m really into it. Almost forgot how much I loved reading. I want to attempt to read a book in German too. That may be a bit difficult but worth a shot!

2. Eat better and count calories!
Wedding time is just around the corner and I want to feel and look my best for the big day. But besides that, I think its just time to start paying attention more to what I’m eating. I want to change my eating habits so they stick! So counting calories has been helping with that. I write everything down and have been trying to drink 9 cups of water a day. Tough, but so far so good!


3. Live in the “Now”!
Big things are happening this year and I just need to have a healthy balance of looking forward to things and living in the moment. I have a bad habit of looking forward and not coming back! I focus on what is to come instead of making each minute count until I get to that point in the future. So, My goal this year is to live it up, in the here and now!

As I mentioned above, big things are happening this year (you’ll hear about it later :-)) and I really need to get a better savings plan in place for us. Doesn’t hurt to save the pennies. Last year I started a wedding fund and it was basically all loose change goes into the jar. That will be used to buy decorations or whatever for the wedding. Besides all that, I just want a good chunk of money saved in the bank in case anything ever happened or for that rainy day when we need a vacation!

Wish me luck! Starting with these 4 and really hope to turn them into good habits that never go away!

What are you resolutions this year? We are 13 days in, are you still going strong? Have any motivational tips to share? Write them in the comments below!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Throwback Thursday – A Babyrific Post!

Another Thursday yet again, only that much closer to the weekend! Woot woot! I’ve been having crazy dreams about babies and fertility drugs and all sorts of whacko stuff. And staying in theme with this week’s post about Germany’s way of announcing babies I decided to throw us all back to a cold December day in 2009 when my nephew was born! He was the first to give me the name “Aunt Kait” and I just fell TOTALLY in love with him when I saw him all wrapped up like a burrito.


Isn’t he adorbs?!? He’s all grown up now practically…talking, walking, saying “no” to everything because he can and because he’s a little manpants. Still totally in love with that sweet boy! This picture was also before I knew I had endometriosis and it was a time where the possibility of having my own child was still an easily reachable goal on the horizon.

For those of you who know that I wrote a story called “The Letter” for a great organization called CausePub, we need a certain amount of people to sign up to buy the electronic story. It’s only $10, and it would help us meet our goal to 1. Publish the book and 2. provide clean water to over 40,000 people in Africa. This is such a big deal to me.

I wrote the story a long time ago, not really sure that I would ever publish it in fear of showing my feelings and sounding too dramatic and spotlight hogging. But that’s not the case. I published it and people wrote to me, thanking me for my bravery. That they share the same feelings and problems and are feeling less alone. To have this story published in a book would be not only incredible for a writer like me but imagine the people it would influence!

If you would like to spend the $10 (come on, we all have it to spare!) then please go to CausePub – Buy the book and read more about what your money would do for others. Andddd of course, how it would make me kinda famous!

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxo

I Live In A Place That… (Part Four)

Back again with more delicious treats of the place I live in! If you missed the other three parts find them here:

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And now…on with the show!

I Live In A Place That……..

….When you enter a restaurant or office you say hello or good afternoon. And when you leave…the same. I learned this the hard way. Walked into my doctors office waiting room filled with people and said nothing. I got a few glares and just tried to avoid looking at anyone. Then a lady came in, said good morning, and all responded in chorus. Whoops…don’t mind the unfriendly American!

….Tells you where the radars are on the radio. There are radar stands that replace the need of police but if you are even one notch over the limit these radars will snap your picture and blind you with a bright red light. There are many that are set up temporarily to surprise you from the ones that you know are always there. And these temp ones are called in to the radio and every 15 mins they give you an update on where they are. Isn’t that illegal in some way??! Isn’t the point that you want to catch people??!

….Calls rap/hip hop “Black Music”. I did a post on this before but you can be the judge….

….At lunch time you say “Mahlzeit” and before you eat a meal with other you say, “Guten Appetit.” Which is basically “Good Appetite” or as we say in the US “Enjoy.” Guten_Appetit

….They do NOT believe in Air conditioning. In fact, most Germans tell me this is what causes sickness, says the people who wear fashionable scarves all year round and even to bed sometimes! It gets hot here, sometimes. And with no air conditioning..its bad. And we all know, the Europeans don’t have a good reputation for being the best smelling….if you get my drift. Being in trains or small enclosed areas in the summer is a serious NO for me. I’m going to start handing out deodorant! Of course this isn’t ALL the Europeans but a good percentage. Mainly men…true story. collegehumor.373c24e9585d97507c0a64a65133c58f

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxo

Oh That’s Just Rubbish, Literally!

I don’t know why I find this so fascinating but when I first moved here I couldn’t believe how genius this was! And it’s taken me two years to decide if I want to show you this or not…no…just kidding, it actually took me two years to get my butt out of bed early enough to catch them!

I present to you the modernized garbage trucks! Who is excited for this?!?!

There are no dudes hanging on the back of the truck in all kinds of weather, making next to nothing. There is only a dude sitting comfortably listening to his 80’s mix with a coffee in hand. It’s just that easy. He pulls up to the can, releases some trash can picker-upper (watch out, getting technical on ya!) and empties it into a little shoot that does its thing from there. This makes me want to throw glitter it’s so amazing and that doesn’t happen often, normally only on my birthday.

Please, enlighten yourself with this new contraption and SOMEONE tell the Americans they need to catch up with the times!





Awesome right?! No…?!? Yes?!?!…..Next up is the Postman! You just wait for that dose of crazy!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

The Right To Bear Arms? I Think Not.

Today in America was yet another tragic moment. Another school shooting. Another gun in the hands of a killer. Another tragedy. My deepest feelings go out to the families, children, teachers, emergency responders, and any others connected to this. What a heart breaking thing to go through right before the holidays. 

There was a mall shooting in Oregon on Tuesday as people were holiday shopping as well. How did this happen? AGAIN? My question is, when will we learn? When will America actually do something about this? I know that there are many opinions on what needs to happen to remedy the situation. Many people suggest we start with teaching people to be compassionate and learn right from wrong. In my opinon, thats good in theory, but things happen to people. I’m not as compassionate as I was when I was 6. I’ve been burned before and learned to ‘hate.’ And in some people…that rejection can push them. What do we do with people who have chemical imbalances but go ignored? Compassion won’t always cure that. And then there is media and such that blasted the shooters from Columbine. Saying it was video games and death metal music that influenced them. No in fact, it wasn’t. A friend on facebook said it best, “Don’t blame the media, don’t blame video games, don’t blame anyone but the people who held the guns.”

Other people suggest taking guns out of homes. This is also good but then we have hunters who have an issue with this. I believe in hunting, my step dad does it but he’s very careful with his guns and has them locked away and follows all precautions and rules that goes along with this. This is not the issue. Where the issue lies is within the right to bear arms…anyone to bear arms. 

How did a 24 year old get a hold of a gun like this to bring into an Elementary school today? 

Talking with Toblerone about this issue, you RARELY hear about people shooting another here in Germany. The laws here in Germany are incredibly strict and smart. I think we could learn something from them. We aren’t cowboys anymore and having a gun to protect ourselves could only cause issues in return. Children have killed themselves on accident from careless parents. I say lets make it personal and store a baseball bat next to your bed.

German gun laws are as follows

       1. In order to get a hunting license you have to take a hunting course starting at 6 months up to 1 year. 

      2. The hunting course costs start at 3500 Euro (approx 4,000 USD) for taking the 6 month option down to 1,500 Euro (approx. 2,000 USD) for taking the course for 1 year. 

      3. The exam you take at the end of said course is extrememly difficult to pass. This also is a test on trust, demeanor, and necessity. If they don’t need another hunter for that area, you don’t get a chance for a license until another hunter either dies or doesn’t renew.

     4. There are no gun shops or places that sell ammunition. You must buy this online and ONLY with your registration number from your hunting license. The gun is automatically in a large system registered to you and what region you will be hunting in. Dicks Sporting Goods can find something else to sell in that section.

      5. All the guns must be put in a safe. Not a gun cabinet that displays them in a glass window-pane. This safe is impossible to get into without the registered owners code and or key which they must keep hidden. 

     6. At any time, random times, an official can come to check that the guns are stored per the protocol and check that everything is in order. Keeping registered hunters on their toes and following the law. 

Thus, making it difficult for 20 year olds to go to a gun shop and purchase a gun just because. I’m not saying this solves the issues at hand but it’s a start. There is no longer a reason to allow for guns to be so available. Absolutely no reason. Hunting can still be allowed but regulated. Toblerone literally knows maybe 3 people that have this hunting license and most are deterred from getting one because it’s time consuming and expensive. 

The ONLY gun that people are allowed to buy here are BB guns. And many people have them for competitons (there are many of those here in Germany.) By eliminating the advertisement of guns (ie. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart) would this change the outcome of guns in a household? In the eyes of Germans, guns are for hunters. They don’t think of it as a weapon necessarily. Why does America have shooting ranges? Why do people buy guns just to shoot? How is that fun or enlightening? I know how to shoot a gun and if I needed to, I could in a bad situation. However my feelings are that the system is all too loose. Healthcare isn’t even that easily accessible so why are guns? Healthcare for those who are hurting, have chemical imbalances, who need help. This may start to solve some of the issues or maybe it won’t but any start is better than where we are at now.

I really think America could learn something by looking at countries that have less gun violence. What is it that we aren’t doing that we could change? How could we improve? Enough is enough. It’s time for a change. Security systems in every school regardless of size. We shouldn’t be waiting around for a tragedy to strike and it’s too late. 

Tell me your thoughts? Do you think America should do more to control weapons? 


Until next time, Readers! xoxoxox


The Blog Experiment

Since I’ve been busy with my most recent visitors (sad they are gone!!! but had a BLAST!) I didn’t have time to sit down and write my blog so I read a few others here and there. I’ve also been “introduced” to a few through the Twitter world which has been great! In doing so I took notes on blogs that have a lot of traffic/comments and my findings are slightly annoying!

Here’s what I find interesting though. To me, a blog is a place where a person can write down their thoughts and other such musings about their life or whatever topic it is that they are into. HOWEVER, I’m finding that a lot of these “bloggers” aren’t doing any of that and instead filling in the spaces with ridiculous “link ups” and page fillers. For instance, there is a group of bloggers that do something different for every day of the week. For example: “Funny Fridays” or “Nail color Mondays.” So on Friday, each girl posts a funny picture/movie/etc and who ever wants to join in just simply adds their link to their blog on the main page and that’s it.

Or there are the other people who post one picture and say 2 sentences but yet they have a ton of traffic. I don’t know about you people but I love gossip and the more I know about someone’s life, the more I’m going to connect with their story and read their blog on a daily basis. Not when it’s filling the internet world with mumbo jumbo about what they buy on Taco Tuesdays. To each their own I suppose! I don’t want to pull traffic in with fancy giveaways or boring posts. I guess my posts can be boring from time to time but at least I’m not taking the easy way out!

Nothing wrong with the other ways, I just prefer the type of blogs that follow people’s lives I suppose!

What do you all prefer? A little gossip or giveaways and flash? Stick with me, kids, and you’ll continue to get the first look into my personal life for free! No gimmicks!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo

The Best Feelings In The World

Since I’ve been a little sad and homesick lately I tried to take my mind away from the negative and focus on the things that make me happy. So I’ve compiled a list of the best feelings/things in the world that I just couldn’t live with out. This easily could fall under “white girl issues” if I was complaining about them. We are pretty privileged, aren’t we? Thanking my lucky stars!

*Hot Showers

*Fresh washed sheets and fluffed pillows

*The smell of a new candle in the house

*Warm puppy fur from puppy playing out in the sunny sunshine for a bit.

*Comments from strangers about how they love my blog, etc. (even though I’ve been seriously slacking lately!)

*Looking at pictures of happier times – thank baby Jesus for cameras!

*Hearing a song that really pulls on your heart strings, and then playing it on repeat until you learn the lyrics.

*After being away from home for a while and finally just falling into your bed.

*Hearing your best friend tell you how much she adores you.

*Being held really close when you need it the most.

*Watching the flowers grow that I planted months ago.

*A nice clean house that smells like springtime.

*The first time you kiss someone you really like/love.

*Having laugh fits with your best girl friends

*Laughing about those laughing fits well after they’ve happened.

*Peace and quiet to myself.

*A hot bath with candles, a glass of wine, and my favorite show on.

*Knowing that you have people that love you and think of you daily.

What are some of your “feelings” you can’t live without! There are so many, I can’t possibly write them all here but would LOVE to hear yours!

Oh and remember to follow me on twitter. I’ve had the account open for ages, but never really got addicted to it…and now I have. I clearly have WAY too much time on my hands! Here’s the link:!/DiarySugarSpice

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

My Visit With German Students

I just returned only minutes ago from a classroom where I got to sit and hang out with a bunch of German Kids for 50 minutes. Even though I should be cleaning for my big Halloween party tonight I had to stop for a moment and write about this experience because I’m just so excited about it. These kids were fantastic!!! I think I’m finally settled on what I want to be in life..It only took me 10 years but teaching would be ideal.

So my friend here is an English teacher and she asked me to come in and talk with the kids since they are learning about NY and NYC. Perfect! I was a little worried if they would understand me or if they would think I’m strange but they were so great. They laughed at all the right things, they listened as I told them about my experience with 9/11, just an all around great atmosphere. And here’s the fun part…they were all totally into my sweet spider rings and candy corn that I made them try. (Yes, made them!) It’s America’s #1 Candy! 🙂

(Great face….I know….lol)

So here are a few pics of me with the kids, I told the kids I would post them today already. I had so much fun and would love to come back around Christmas time and hang out with them again! 🙂  They spoke EXCELLENT English, I mean, seriously. I’m still trying to learn English but they were so great and had 5 questions each ready to throw at me! They all really made my day! 🙂

My new buddies!

Crazy Faces!

Pic with our sweet rings!

Special thanks to my Mom back home for sending me all the goodies I needed for this day to be a success! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxox

Who Took The Cork Out Of My Lunch?

Almost a year ago when I came to Germany for the first time (when it was cold and snowy) I went to a winery (my first one, ever!) with a few of Toblerone’s family. If you missed that blog, do go back and read it here first and then come back to this one.

We decided to head back again while it was blistering hot for some wine tasting and a picnic! Grand idea if I do say so myself! The drive itself is about an hour or more away which sucks but it’s well worth it! Upon arrival Toblerone’s uncle, The Mayor (for real), purchased 12 cases of wine within 5 minutes. I kid you not! Mind you, we are 5 people squished into one car leaving only the minimal space in the trunk for everyone’s purchases! Germans love their wine!

We tasted this and that, that and this and I was feeling the laughter start to bubble inside of me. You know that moment when you realize you’re buzzed and everything seems to be either hilarious or very serious. I was reading the back of a wine bottle like it was my rough draft for the President’s speech! Everything in my glass tasted awesome no matter what it was. I couldn’t tell the difference anymore between what was red, white, champagne, or pee. It was all amazing!

Toblerone's Uncle (left) and Dad (right)

We packed up our car with our purchased cases, leaving no room for our cooler of snacks! Holy NOT ok! Up we went to my favorite spot at this winery. The circular monument/chapel for the dead Nazi (not all by choice) soldiers. I know, sounds morbid and morally wrong but you need to read the other blog, like I told you to, first. Why is this my favorite place? Because there is something magical about this small little chapel in the middle of a winery with quite a view. And there we were eating our wurst sandwiches, drinking our newly purchased wine, and enjoying the view of the surrounding countries. Hello France, Hello Switzerland, and Hello Germany’s Black Forest! 

I finally took some pictures for you guys of the inside of this sweet little chapel. With large frames on each wall with all the photos of those men, and boys, from this particular town that died in WWII. This town isn’t large so it made me think that at one point, there were probably a total of 10 dudes in the town after the war. What a ratio that must have been! As I looked at all the faces of lives lost I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness. All so young and all share the same undeserved fate. And then again, maybe this had to do with the massive buzz I was working with!

It was SUCH a nice day and I swear to all that come to visit me, I will absolutely, 100% bring you to this place. To eat, drink, and be fantabulous! Not to mention, there is something so right about eating the wine grapes right off of the tree. Speaking of…we planted two wine trees ourselves..can’t WAIT until those babies come in!!!

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Harley and Me – Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog

I had a dog growing up but I never thought I would be a dog owner.  When I broke up with one of my ex-boyfriends I think I started to miss the dog more than him so I wanted to get a dog out of spite and the possibility I would run into him at the dog park to show off. You all know you’ve been there and wanted to do crazy stalker-like things to your ex. No? Ok…maybe that’s only me! But let’s stay on topic, shall we?

Harley was a sweet little 3 month old pumpkin when we got him and since then it’s been a wild ride with our million-dollar dog. We call him that because he’s always sick and our vet bills are always through the roof with surgeries and the like. How many of you have had a dog eat a sock at 3 months old only to have surgery done that cost $1400!!! INSANE! Anywho, he will be 2 years old in February and since he’s been sick these past few days I thought it would be good to write about him. (He’s snuggling with me right now as I write this to make sure I don’t give out any false information or leave anything out!)

Patience is a Virtue

I can be patient only in circumstances where I have to be on my best behavior. For example: in a meeting, teaching, meeting new people for the first time, dinner parties, etc. However, most of the time, I’m a loud mouth and when I want something done I speak my mind until it’s done. I suppose that would make me annoying. Once Harley came along and during his “puppy training” he had to learn how to sit for X amount of time before he could be rewarded with treats or love.

Harley waiting to get his ball

Every day there is some reason I tell him to “wait” or “stay” and he does just that. He doesn’t complain, he just does it. So now when someone is asking me to “hold on a sec” or “I’ll do it later,” I  try very hard to hold my tongue and allow things to happen as they are supposed to. I know eventually I will be rewarded too!

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Harley is a labrador…that means two things to me. 1. The absolute best looking dog there is (I’m biased) and 2. He’s the goat of dog breeds. He wants to eat everything he can find. This proved to us in his first 3 months (as mentioned above) when he ate a delicious smelly black sock of Toblerone’s. We always vowed we would never give him people food since the day one lady told us she keeps all her Lab’s alive until the age of 17 by not feeding them people food. Makes sense but we give in to those puppy dog eyes and he LOVES potatoes. So, he gets to have a snack here and there and we soothe are worried minds by telling ourselves that he gets a lot of exercise and gets to have a really good doggy life by eating really yummy food! I’m welcoming your criticism with this, I know.

Back on topic, as he begs for food, he doesn’t care what it is normally unless it’s kidney beans, cucumbers, or bananas. He doesn’t whine about it when we give it to him (which is not all the time by the way), he just accepts it (obviously…like I said…a goat.)  For me, I’ve learned to be the same. When I don’t see that giant pink diamond ring I’ve been waiting for…I won’t be upset. I’ll just take it ( and at this point, I’ll rip it out of his hands!)

Stop and Smell The Roses….Every Rose

Every single day that we go outside he has to lick every rock, eat every piece of grass, and smell the ground every 4 feet. Walking with him is atrocious so now we just let him run and he does his own thing. Whiplash is so not worth it for me! I take him out a lot every day even though I don’t need too but I like to. He loves to go out and run around and play and he’s in a great shape…so wish I could be!

After a day at school or when Toblerone comes home from work, we take Harley outside to play and it relaxes all of us. We take a moment to chill out and to get ready to relax for the evening together. It’s a nice way to cool down and Harley taught us that sometimes all you need is a little bit of time and some fresh air to get your mind stable. Who needs meditation???

This also taught us to definitely not sweat the small stuff. He doesn’t worry about bills or if the water is too cold in his morning showers. He simply just lives. The simple life…we start to appreciate that more and more each day.

You’re Never Too Big To Be A Lap Dog

Every time I sit on the ground for whatever reason Harley always comes and plops himself into my lap. Literally his fuzzy butt is on my leg. It’s probably the sweetest thing he does. Perfect for snuggling with him. Reminds me that no matter how old I am, I’m never going to be too old to snuggle up to my mom and rest my head on her shoulder or lay my head on my dad’s stomach.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Harley follows me every where. He snuggles up to my legs as I’m cooking or as I’m putting on my makeup. He’s my little…I mean BIG sidekick. When I moved from the US to Germany I felt really alone at first and as if I had no part of me here. No family, no friends, etc. I had my materialistic things but what I didn’t have was the companionship of familiarity.

Somewhere along the line I had forgotten that Harley came from the US with me. He was just as much apart of the change as I was and he was and is the family I brought with me. I talk to him all day in English….sometimes German since he’s a bilingual smart ass and he loves me. That’s all I need in the world.

What have you learned from the fur balls in your life?

This lesson is brought to you by the letter H and the number 1 1/2 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo