An Editor In The Making

Here’s something about me…as I read books I ALWAYS find spelling or grammatic errors so I decided I will post the ones I find and where on here. I always told myself I would keep a log of this. It drives me absolutely crazy!!! Editors – DO YOUR JOB!!! Or else, I just may take over!! 🙂

I’ll need to go back through all my books again and find these errors but this will build over time! 🙂 I’ve gotten out my red pen and I’m ready for action!

1. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen – Page 319, Second paragraph, second sentence.

“My ribs show, and the a few hairs left on my chest are white.”Remove the “a” and then you have a sentence.

2. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah – Page 195, Second to last paragraph, first sentence.

“For years, she’d expended effort to keep the faucet of her longing for him turned off, but now that he so close, there was no holding back.” “That he was so close.”

And another from her book. Page 216, 7th paragraph, 3rd sentence.

“She wanted to say more, pray to God to for help, but while she was grasping for words, the world tilted sickeningly and she passed out.” – “pray to God for help” Don’t need the extra “to” in there!

3. Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook
Page 235, 4th paragraph down, first sentence.

“You know, we’ve already been though all this,” I said.

Just a typo – should be through!

4. True Blue by Luanne Rice.
Page 19, 3rd paragraph down, first sentence.

“No response; he thought about his times in space, wired to his colleagues with mikes and headsets, talking constantly as they flew around and around the world.”

Well….how many men named Mike can one person have wired to them?!? I think she meant to type “mics.”

5. True Blue by Luanne Rice.
Page 65, last paragraph, first sentence.

“Elizabeth had laughed – a little bitterly, Rumer had often though later.”

I think she meant “thought.” Oops!

6. Tempting Fate by Jane Green
Page 34, last paragraph, last sentence.

“It needs to filed away and never thought of again.”

It should read, “It needs to be filed away ad never thought of again.”

7. Secrets Of The Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore
Page 245, first paragraph, 4th sentence.

“People were still curious about her, she could tell by the furtive way they looked away when she caught their eyes and the way their lowered their chins and voices when they spoke.”

It should read, “….when she caught their eyes and the way they lowered their chins…”


12 thoughts on “An Editor In The Making

  1. I love when stuff like this happens in books. I mean, they have like a zillion people look over these things. How does obvious stuff like that slip by?

    • I know it!!! It drives me absolutely bonkers! Every book I’ve ever read has at least one mistake! I’m excited to go back through and find them all…and then, I hope someone makes me the top Editor for a publishing house. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  2. Can you say “spell check”? These errors are grammatical, not spelling, so the editors out there must be relying on spell check and speeding through the text when they read.

    We live in the digital age where spell check has replaced actual effort.

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