Take Me Home, Country Roads

It’s almost time…that time to make the HUGE trip back to the states! So much has been happening and to be honest the blog has suffered. It’s been sitting on the back burner for quite some time now. I’ve completely been enveloped in stress. I’m planning the wedding (which is exactly 27 days away now…OMG!), still working full time, trying to organize what gets packed or trashed in the house…the list goes on! But I won’t bore you with the details!

Slowly I am really starting to get excited about whats to come! As soon as the wedding is done, we will fly back to Deutschland for 3-4 weeks to pack up our house and then ship out at the end of September! There is no time left to do anything! But Toblerone and I share constantly what we are looking forward to. Granted, my wants are very different from his. He wants the total American dream. The house on the water, a boat, fishing license (thats hard to get here in Germany), a big Mercedes, etc.

My wants are something a bit more sentimental. The things I lacked here are the things I am in dire need of. I never realized I wanted these things so badly in my life until I didn’t have them. Thats always how that goes though…isn’t it?

Here is my list of MUST-HAVES as soon as I put my feet on American soil!

1. Library card – A library with ENGLISH books in them. omg…and the smell of libraries. Give me it all! They have libraries here in Germany but I didn’t have any close by that actually looked like a library and/or had English books in them.


2. Flat walls to paint – I’ve talked about this a little bit but this “stucco” idea that they have for the walls (inside and out) is ANNOYING to say the least. It takes AGES to paint walls and I am just beyond excited to paint our new house without having to go over the same spot 800 times. You don’t know how I’ve suffered…..


3. Compassionate doctors – I won’t get into this too much but when my GYN tells me he doesn’t understand why we aren’t pregnant because he never had a problem. How he would just look at his wife and she was pregnant. Yeah…this is just a small taste of what doctors are like here. FULL of compassion and sympathy…am I right?!??!?!

4. Craft stores – Oh dear heaven! I don’t care how many people boycott Hobby Lobby. I will buy out that store!! I miss those stores terribly. The VERY TINY “hobby” stores here are literally the size of my kitchen and have mostly felt. Germans really love getting down and crafty with felt. Which I personally feel should only be used in Kindergarten. But I digress…. Pinterest has turned me into a pretty craft person and thats all I want to do now..make my own stuff!


5. To watch Ellen DeGeneres –  When I was really homesick I would watch small snippets of the Ellen show. For some reason I could just get lost in this and not feel sadness anymore. It’s weird, I get that. But you wouldn’t understand unless you were in my shoes! BRING ON THE ELLEN!!!!


6. Plethora of food options and fad diets to try – Stores here are very standard. The foods in every grocery store are mostly the same. Same brands, etc. I used to think the Germans lived in a sort of Utopia. Everything the same. When I go home we have Wegmans (if you don’t know what that is, your life is not complete until you step inside one of those!) and there is also Whole Foods and a bunch of other ones too but each one is different to me. Each one offers something another one doesn’t. I can’t wait to just spend a day walking around and getting familiar with cereals again. Lucky Charms…oh how I’ve missed you!!  Plus all these new fad diets people get into. That’s always fun to try out and then quit after a couple days. Thats my style 🙂


What do you think? Is my list totally awkward and weird? I hope it is! Because these are the things I just NEED in my life.

America here I come!!!!!!! AND THE HOME OF THE BRAAAAAAAVVVVVVE!!!!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


10 thoughts on “Take Me Home, Country Roads

  1. I’m always interested in reading people’s journeys *back* to the States, because that’ll be me in another two months. I’m moving back around the same time as you, actually, on the 1st of October. And oh, man, am I ever looking forward to the food choices in the US again!

      • My contract here was just for three years in our European office. I’m just returning to South Florida to pick up my life where I left off in late 2011. Same job, just back in Florida.

        I don’t think I’ll have “closure” problems, because my office will continue on here, and I’ll probably wind up back here at some point to continue training my replacement in this office (who is not yet hired.)

        I’ve made some dear friends here, but in this Internet age, I won’t lose touch with them, just as I haven’t lost touch with my closest friends from the States during my three years here.

      • Well said! I am SO thankful for social networks and the internet! It has saved me from massive breakdowns of homesickness!

        I wish you safe travels back home and may good German beer always find its way to you!

      • Likewise, I hope you have an easy journey. I’m looking forward to having the conveniences of home again, like a dishwasher, a disposal, air conditioning…

      • …the ability to shop on a Sunday. Or at 2 AM if you feel like it. Having consistent cellphone signal when I’m traveling. Unfettered youtube clips with no fricking GEMA warnings.

        I’ve been thinking about this a great deal and I’m planning on posting something in early September about moving back.

  2. I hear you on doctors. We thought we loved our German Pediatrician, but the guy we have here in the states is sooooo good with our son. We miss real German food bad though, but we have found a lot of substitutes and import possibilities!

  3. Import possibilities?! Oh do share!!!! We luckily will be about an hour from Frankenmuth, Michigan which is basically “Little Bavaria” and has a fantastic Oktoberfest and German butchers, restaurants, and Christmas stores. So I think when we are homesick we can just drive there.

    I’m going to miss the food reallllll bad, and the Xmas Markets, and the Alps 😦

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