Crazy Famous Germans

We know of the big ones like Albert Einstein, Beethoven, or Anne Frank but sometimes there are a few famous Germans who slip through the cracks! I’m here to enlighten you on the famous Germs who are still alive and kickin today! And since Halloween is right around the corner, maybe some of these will be your inspiration!!

Karl Lagerfeld
No one knows when he was really born but the assumption is somewhere between 1933-1938. Regardless, the dude is old. A German who is a staple to the fashion industry working for Chanel and Fendi as well as front running his own label. This dude actually changed his name, originally Lagerfeldt (with a “t) to Lagerfeld (without a “t”) because the latter sounded more commercial. Oh boy.

As far as we know, he’s not married but would prefer to marry his cat if it was legal. He’s not really setting the stage in a soft light for the Germans. lol…he’s a bit of a pill! But a German nonetheless! And I just found this picture of him with his glasses off! YIKES! But did anyone else notice how his “eyes” are still on the sunglasses in his hands. Look and you’ll see what I mean!
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - ELLE FASHION STAR

Harald Glööckler
I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. I don’t even know why he’s famous and I actually had to do some serious research to figure out his name. Originally I had him listed here as “chocolate dude with make up” for my notes. That doesn’t give me a lot! So, after reading a bit more about him. This is what I learned. Thank you!!

Apparently this guy was the inspiration behind Sasha Cohen’s “Brüno.” Now I didn’t see the movie myself but I heard it was pretty risqué…so, now it all starts to come together! He’s a German fashion designer however, I’ve never see his stuff and quite frankly…I would NEVER buy from someone this whack!! Plus he has his own chocolate pralines!! Oh lord…


Dieter Thomas Kuhn
You’ve seen my post about him and his fake chest hair and shiny bell bottoms. To read up on him again click here.

Heidi Klum
We all know her. Who doesn’t?! She’s a wild thing! And it’s always fun to watch her host on Germany’s Next Top Model. I feel like she’s a totally different person when she’s in her homeland and speaking in her native tongue. Nonetheless, this spunky lady makes it on the crazy list!

Daniela Katzenberger
Playboy bunny material with her bleach blonde hair and large chest. She has her own show and its actually super entertaining. She’s funny and real which I enjoy. I think she plays the dumb blonde sometimes but she really is pretty intelligent, in my opinion. She’s a nude model…sooo….shes liked by all sorts!

Uto Lindenberg
I’m not exactly sure how this guy became famous. He sounds like a chain smoker when he sings…probably because he is. But back in the day he was a stud with the ladies and made loads of money. Now, he does a few appearances from time to time and doesn’t own a home. He lives in a hotel, probably for the housekeeping and bar!


Know of any other Germans that you think should be added to the list?!? Leave your pick in the comments below!

Until next time, Readers!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

8 thoughts on “Crazy Famous Germans

    • 1. Do not come on my blog and name call like a child. But I’ve approved your comment just so I can prove you wrong.
      2. Get your facts straight before you make yourself look dumber than you are.
      3. She was German. She was born in Germany and was a national of Germany even when she moved to Amsterdam. Her religion is Jewish, her nationality is German, idiot.

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