An American Baby Shower For A German Baby

First Fall project completed and what a beautiful day it was!! This past weekend I threw an American style baby shower for a friend of mine. But first, a little background into how life happens when you have a German baby!

So we all know that in the US when a a girlfriend is preggers, we throw her a fantastic party a couple months before the birth. All the women in her family come, along with all the friends she’s had to avoid because she can’t go out drinking with them anymore. The party is held at someone’s house or restaurant with food galore and presents stacked high. Games are played and everyone ooohs and ahhhs over all the sweet little baby decorations. The mom-to-be is treated like a princess and she gets EVERYTHING she could possibly need for her bundle of love on the way. Cribs, carriages, diapers, toys, clothes, breast feeding equipment, blankets, etc. The list goes on.


And then there is Germany…..

Mom-to-be buys everything herself. Mom gives birth. All friends and family swarm over to the house with little gifts for the baby and visit as the new mom and baby are trying to get a hold of this new life they have together. The mom, exhausted and in desperate need of a nap makes coffee and cake for all the masses who visit.

So….let’s discuss. WHICH country does it better?…’s obvious. And there is no arguing about this. Even the German ladies here agreed that this is a tradition they have interest in starting! It’s really all about the one last fun hoorah for the new mom before her life changes with a new baby!

This was exactly what I wanted for my dear friend. I threw her a bash to remember! We invited family and friends for an intimate gathering. Each person brought a gift and brought along either a cake or snack food! It was perfect! I made the very popular “bowle” which is what we know as punch! The ladies love to mix champagne with it so I left it alcohol free and people could add what they wanted!

And although the food was somewhat simple…of course, the Germans do know how to make a mean cake! So yums…just sooo soooo sooooo yums!


And the snacks were great as well! I made little ricotta cheese filled tarts which were super easy thanks to this recipe I found on Pinterest.

And another woman made these fun finger foods. I had printed out little signs that said “It’s a Girl” and pictures of a baby rattle on them, which I found a free printable for here.


We played the ever popular, “Name That Baby Food.” Which were REALLY horrible by the way…ha! I just sectioned off 6 parts on a paper plate, everyone put a spoonful of baby food in the corresponding number place and went to town! The faces they made were hysterical..I mean REALLY funny.

And of course we played the game, “How Big is Mommy’s Belly.” This was fun to see too! And of course the Grandma-to-be was SPOT on.



Then after all the games, we did the PRESENTS!!!! My favorite! So, I should mention that in Germany there is a superstition about bringing a present to the mom-to-be BEFORE the baby is born. They believe that if you bring a gift before the baby is born, that the baby will be born with problems or something bad will happen. They were good sports about it and looked past this just for this “American” baby shower which was really very nice of them.





And a little guest, Leonie, helped as best as she could. She LOVED opening all the presents! At the end of this wonderful afternoon we said goodbye and said that the baby can come now. All is done and now we are just waiting!

It really was a wonderful day and I’m so glad that I could share a piece of my home and culture with them. And mostly, that they were so open minded about it and accepting. What a gift!


Any ideas what she is having?!?! 🙂

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo

16 thoughts on “An American Baby Shower For A German Baby

  1. Your baby shower looks so great! Love the decorations and food and everything! 🙂

    I also threw a baby shower this past April for a pregnant Canadian friend. Most of the guests were German, too, but they all loved it! We did a few fun games (not the baby food guessing hah! but we did the guess the size of the bump thing) and we colored pictures to put into an alphabet book for the baby. It was a lot of fun!

    Germans tend to be kind of–no, very–superstitious. They’re the same way about birthdays…God forbid you wish someone a happy birthday–or, even worse, have a birthday party–BEFORE someone’s birthday! If so, it’s surely bad luck! Maybe you’ll die before your birthday!

    • What a great idea with the colored pictures! Thats fun! I tried to keep it simple since it was hard for me to explain in German what they had to do. lol.

      Birthday parties..oh lord! tell me about it! I went to a party at 10pm (it was the kids birthday the next day) and I walked in, handed him a gift, and said happy birthday. There were gasps and passed out people all over the place! It was like I just called his mother an ugly llama or something! So strange and…uptight!

  2. How thoughtful of you! Germans…pah! The having to bring your own birthday cake and sekt to work to celebrate YOUR birthday…it’s just so…unromantic…so practical-German, gah! :-))

  3. Wow, so I wasn’t aware that over here it’s a superstition to give presents before the birth! I am glad you shared this, will save me any awkwardness in the future.
    Looks like you guys had a lovely baby shower 🙂

  4. Hey! I just found your blog and it’s awesome! As another American girl living in Germany, it’s great to read about your experiences!

    I’m pregnant and I’m due at the end of April. I work at an international school and have a lot of international friends and colleagues (mostly from English speaking countries) as well my German friends and relatives.

    Do you think it would be acceptable to host my own baby shower? I know it would be tacky in the U.S., but I don’t know anyone who I’m close enough to who would throw me one here.

    What do you think?

      • I think you could totally do one and maybe just omit the thought about gifts. The American women will know to bring something, and the German women probably won’t (superstitions and all) but it would be nice to get together and talk about baby stuff and maybe play a few fun games! Why not?! That baby of yours deserves a fun bash! 🙂

  5. My friend will have her first baby soon. She came to the US as an exchange student, so she’s having a very German pregnancy in Germany. I want to send a gift over, but have no idea what she might want/need since they don’t have a gift registry. What are popular German baby gifts?

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