Dress Like A German – Female Edition

Let me start by saying this is just an observation of the small southern area Im living in. This is not true for all of Germany but I’ve been here almost 3 years and have seen a pattern with the style of women here. Hate to break it to you all but they don’t walk around in drindls and lederhosen all day, unfortuantely. Here’s a few things that I found was culturally different from the women in the States!

1. Short hair don’t care
Truthfully, NOT a fan of this short hair look here. There are SOOOOO many girls, young and old, with this short hair. Most of the time, I can’t tell who is a boy or a girl from behind, sometimes from the front. But even my Italian hairstylist hates it! She says in Italy all the girls have long beautiful hair and here she prefers the clients with long hair…meaning, she won’t ever cut my hair even if I asked! lol. What a gem for being honest!


2. Blingy Teeth
Man, how I wish I was kidding about this. I think girls in the states wear these things too but I never saw this until I moved here. A diamond on your tooth?! Who sat around and said..oh, let me just bedazzle my tooth. Every time I see a girl with one I keep wanting to tell her that she’s got something in her teeth.

3. Scarf I say!
Scarves are great, I even have a collection of them. The difference is, I wear mine in fall, winter, and mayyyybe spring if its still cold. The girls here…they have a different idea about them. They LOVE to wear them all year round. They will wear a tank top with a scarf in 90 degree heat! I’ve even seen some girls in the clubs wearing them!!! HA! The Germans also have a very serious medical regimen. If you start feeling a sore throat coming on…you immediately start wearing a scarf. You commit to that baby and you wear that thing day and night…even while sleeping! However, I cant figure out how to wrap my scarf and these girls got it down to a science!

4. Mrs. Poopy Pants
I hate to say that these are so popular here. Looks more like an adult diaper with legs. Need I say anything more?

droopy pants

5. Point That Somewhere else
When I was younger…say, 18 years old or so, I went through a phase where I would go get my nails done. And I’m not talking about your typical manicure. This was with the whole process that filed my nails down to tiny slivers and at the end I had beautiful long very fake looking nails and then I realized how trashy it made me look but that was also back in 2002 or so. Here it seems almost EVERYONE gets this done.

6. Looking through Glass
When you think of Europeans what do you think of? Thin, fashionable (in some countries), scarves, v-neck t-shirts on men, cool shoes, and chic glasses in strange shaped frames. Am I close? Well, the glasses thing in Germany is for real. So many people wear glasses and I think most of them prefer to wear these over contacts. For example, many women wear glasses in the clubs (where I would choose to wear contacts usually), and many even wear them on their wedding day (which is an absolute
NEVER in my book). We think of glasses as “four eyes” and almost something negative but here it seems they think its fashionable and a part of their face. I don’t wear glasses at all so what do I know!
glasses 2


8. Now I’m Blinged Out
From blinging out your teeth to your nails…fret not my pet, there are more things to be blinged!!! Hair for instance!! I see this a lot when it’s a special event ie. wedding, anniversary, birthday celebration. Lots of ladies go to get their hair did and come out with an extra sparkle. These are the Bling strands. It’s available in the US, I’ve just never seen anyone do such things. Sparkle and Shine, MΓ€dels, sparkle and shine!

Have you seen people in your country wearing any of these? Would you consider trying some of these Southern German fashions out?!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo

44 thoughts on “Dress Like A German – Female Edition

  1. Love this! I wish I could wrap my scarf like a German. Mine always just look… odd.

    A few weeks ago, Jan and I went to see a friend performing with her choir. There were a few older ladies there (maybe late 40’s-early 50s) ALL with these short haircuts. Jan turned to me and said “Please never get your hair done like that!”

    • Yeah my scarf situation can NEVER look as good as theirs! I just dont get it! lol

      I actually couldn’t find the right picture I wanted but around my neighbor, SO many woman have short really dark hair. It’s almost like a purple-red-black color. Can’t even begin to describe it. But SOOOOO many have it. My husband LOVES girls with short hair…but he’s got me πŸ™‚ So none of that in this house!

  2. Those ‘harem’ pants are not a German thing per se, lots of people wear them here in Spain, and I’ve seen them in London, too. It’s just a current ‘western’ fashion trend. And I’ve yet to spot anyone who looks good in them, coz they are truly ghastly!

      • Once you get past 35, you start to see that everything repeats itself in the fashion realm, and that truly unflattering things are part and parcel of the annual fashion parade. When something that suits me happens to be in style, I buy lots of it, in all different colours, because you never know what abominations the coming year might give birth to!

  3. The “summer scarf” thing here blows my mind. Also, they have indoor scarves and outdoor scarves. I grew up in Florida, so I had never worn a scarf at all before I moved here.

    As for the thing where you wrap the scarf when you get sick, I like that a lot actually. When I had a cold, wearing the scarf at home actually made me more comfortable, because my apartment gets really cold during the winter. (the insulation is terrible.)

    I’ve seen the Hammer-pants all over the place here, and I always joke that I expect them to start doing the Hammer-dance. I’d never seen the jeans version that you pictured in your post though; that just looks bizarre. It’s like an Oompa Loompa wearing blue jeans.

    • I won’t even lie…I DEFINITELY wear the scarf at night. lol. I kinda got in to it. Does it help? Mildly.

      I’m half considering just breaking out into the Hammer dance in front of these girls just to see what they would do! HAMMER TIME!

  4. The short hair trend really bothers me, haha I have long hair and someone actually mentioned that I should give short hair a try because it’s the trendy thing lately. NO NO NO. Haven’t seen the extremely baggy pants yet, but now I will be looking. Good post πŸ™‚

    • Me too!! It’s so…..well….”boy-like”! I have nothing against short hair, but for some reason the way they style it here is just TOO short and nor feminine at all. Drives me bonkers! Plus, most girls here don’t wear make up that much so it’s very very confusing!
      Thanks for stopping by!!! xoxo

  5. With you on the short hair! If it was done with some kind of style then maybe they could get away with it. But no. I haven’t seen the blingy nails, teeth or hair around here though. Where we are it is ultra rural and conservative and that would be just too much. As a fellow European though I do have some of those MC Hammer pants. An American friend of mine also thinks they’re vile and I’m starting to think she’s right.

  6. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at this! Apparently those “hammer pants” have crossed the border into the Netherlands – I can confirm at least one sighting, though I didn’t quite believe what I was looking at at the time. I believe my husband’s reaction was something akin to “what the…..?”

  7. Fake nails are fairly popular over here in the UK, as are scarves! I think those trousers (pants) are also becoming more popular too. I am a glasses wearer and wear them all the time, but if I was to have a formal wedding I may chose not to, however, I did get married wearing mine, but we were in jeans and t-shirt (smart ones though)! πŸ™‚ Great post!

    • The pants just completely throw me for a loop!! That was popular when I was a very little girl! I know that fashion comes around again every 20 years approx. but thats just soooo yucky!!!
      I’m sure you looked fabulous in your jeans and tshirt wedding!!! Smart choice!!!!

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  10. My brother always says that women cut their hair and dye it red as soon as they turn 40 and it seems to be true. It is horrible.
    I am German, but I dont like tooth gems, sparkly hair or those pants (and I have long hair)… However, I know people that do.
    I love scarves though and I love to wear them all the time πŸ™‚ I have many friends who feel naked without. It is a fashion accessoire like jewelry for me and it has to match. You can never have enough scarves in all the colors of the rainbow!

    • Scarves are great! I’ve actually adapted this and when I’m sick I started wearing one at night. I don’t know if it helps but I’ll try anything!! The short hair black/red hair is just not for me. I love when women look like women! But when I can’t tell if my neighbors are men or women…then I have an issue!

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