The Horrible No Good Search For “THE” Dress

As most of you know, When I was home in the US I was trying to pack in as much wedding planning as I possibly could. What a stupid idea that was. I ended up stressing myself out more than anything else! And who’s bright idea was it to have this American wedding anyways?!?! Oh…thats right….mine. Dummy dum dum.

Fresh off the plane, 5 hour drive from the city up to my parents house and in bed. A short 7 hours later I was in a car with my four best friends and my beautiful flower girl driving 1.5 hours to try on what I thought would be my dream dress. This was the only place within 250 miles that I could actually try it on and good thing I did because whoa…What a mistake that was!

Here is what I took the long trip for:

The reason it didn’t end up being my dress was because where the ruffles start, they stick straight outwards, like a floating tube. They don’t lay down or taper down like it should so that was an instant, NO. Plus the color was just too pink. I knew I wanted a pink dress but blush pink…barely there, barely can see. This was not that!


(Note: I blocked out my face because I looked horrendous. Jet lagged and annoyed, etc.)

First and foremost, this experience was supposed to be something great. Something out of the fairytale books. I had dreamed of this moment for ages. Coming out of the dressing room with a gorgeous gown on and all oooooohing and aaaahhhhiinngg at the sight. But that just did NOT happen. And it wasnt because of my troop that was with me, it was because the entire experience at this place called Juliana’s in Rochester was HORRENDOUS! My first time trying on a wedding dress and it was so horrifying, like out of a nightmare. Let me give you a little insight into how this all went.

It was a rainy day and after 1.5 hours of driving we arrive at this small little “boutique” where we were greeted with a woman promptly asking, “Can I help you?” like we were slobs off the street. So, I promptly reminded her that we had an appointment to try on dresses. She gave us snotty look and said she wasn’t sure where she would fit us all. Umm…ok. Then, we had to take off our shoes and go upstairs to a attic type place. This same rude lady told one of my maids that her daughter (one year old who was crying because mommy had to set her down for a second) shouldn’t be crying still at that age. Ummm…..ok. Then we go upstairs, and this lady starts pulling dresses that I never wanted to look at. UGLY, UGLY dresses. Like why do you even have that crap in your store?! Then finally, the woman who would be assisting us for the day arrived and she was kind but seemed to be in a rush. She couldn’t believe that the other woman pulled such ugly dresses and especially not even the one I had originally asked for.

I started to try on dresses, and all of them were like a size 4! Ok, what is happening here? How am I supposed to imagine myself in a dress when I’m squeezed in there like tuna in a can! What is that?! The sales lady really pushed the fact that I looked beautiful in every dress but I just wasn’t having that “Aha” moment. I was getting frustrated because I kept waiting to feel that “this is the one!” but I wasn’t feeling anything. The lady who originally greeted us came back around and asked me in German how long I’m here for and why I’m here. (She was apparently German…that explains the whole rudeness thing.) Then she told me, “I’m from Kaiserslautern” and I said…”oh interesting..” and she so elegantly replied, “I TOLD YOU THAT! IN THE EMAIL!” Umm…ok.

So, there must have been a limit to what I was supposed to try on because I was able to try on 3 dresses. Then I asked the sales lady to see if she had anything in a certain color and she said she would go check. Well, she went off into space to look at jewelry with the German lady. She never went to look for dresses, so we sat there just waiting around and finally we went and pulled our own dresses. The sales lady came back to our room and told me I needed to hurry up and make a decision because she had another customer coming in the next 15 minutes. WELL, LADY….if you actually did your job I would have been out of here by now but apparently jewelry is more important than the customer. I tried on one last dress and actually liked it. It was the material that drew me in and that would be the material I would search for after the fact too. But as soon as I came out in the dress, the sales lady said…”Oh thats TERRIBLE on you! Im just being honest but that’s just terrible.” And everyone else loved it, even me. Imagine that.

Needless to say, I left there feeling annoyed and disheartened. Something no one wants to feel. Not only was the service the worst I had ever imagined, the prices were too high! They even wanted me to buy one of the dresses I tried on. That actual dress, with the beads falling off, and strings everywhere, dirty even! So, to all of you, if you’re in the upstate NY area…do NOT buy your dress from Juliana’s in Rochester. I didn’t travel 4,000 miles to sit in hell for an hour. Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day.

More on finding my REAL dream dress later ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo

14 thoughts on “The Horrible No Good Search For “THE” Dress

  1. I HATED dress shopping. HATED it. For all the same reasons.
    In fancy shops, trying to upsell me. Or, yelling at me for not coming out in a dress I hated. I needed no other opinion. I didnยดt like it.
    I am NOT a girly girl, and why I thought bringing people to go dress shoppping with me to ooh and ah over dresses is beyond me. #FAIL (though the many drinks we had in lieu of shopping when I had had enough was beyond fun)
    I ended up buying my dress online at J. Crew. I was tired of making appointments. I was tired of having inconvenient appointment times. I spend seriously less than $100 on my dress, and MORE than that on the alterations, but all in all? I love my dress, and spent FAR, FAR, FAR less money, and FAAAR less time on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think the third dress looks stunning on you! I hope thats the one you liked, becuase horribloe is not even close to the adjective I would use for it!

  3. I agreed with your thoughts on the Rochester shop, but the second and third dresses did look great on you.. but the one you bought in Syracuse was so pretty and so you, that the horrible day did turn out ok after all. It was fun to look and try on ( for the rest of us!) Always listen to your own heart.

    Love you, Hon

  4. I actually like the 2nd one best on you. The third one looks nice too. The one sholder thing doesn’t look good; I’d get rid of that.
    The first one is horrible. How come you want a pink dress?
    I’ll order my dress online (risky but I already know what style suits me best)

    • Yeah the 2nd one wasn’t too bad either but it was in such bad shape that I just couldn’t imagine it. Plus the lighting was terrible in that place. It almost looked brown but these dresses were WAY too pink! I was looking for blush pink but the kind that you barely see. That’s really hard to find actually! And I wanted pink because its just me ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone said it wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t in a pink dress. Plus, I wanted to be different ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Is ordering it online for you an option? I know a great website I found mine on ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if you’re interested. Most girls I know go and try some dresses on at local stores and then order the same (or similar) dress online.

      • I actually found my dress at the second place I went to so it’s already ordered and waiting for me at my mom’s house ๐Ÿ™‚ I ended up with a different dress altogether than those three at the first place.

  5. Ugh – terrible service. So sorry they didn’t take care of you. I ended up with an entirely different dress than I would have imagined. Can’t wait to see “the one”.

  6. Oh man, sorry you had such a terrible experience there. But let me say this, you look gorgeous in probably every dress you try on. You’re a really pretty lady! The whole dress shopping thing is/was overwhelming for me, but when you have nice service that actually listen and take care of you, it can be a super fun experience! Hope you found/find that truly “you” dress.

    • Aww thank you!! It was definitely challenging to say the least and I was hoping for it to be really fun and to yell out “YES TO MY DRESS!” and champagne would be opened, etc. But, it just wasn’t that kind of thing. But I did find my dream dress ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to show everyone!!!

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