A Piece Of Italy Down The Road

Toblerone and I found this great new Italian place. Those are easy to come by around here. Lots of Italians are over here making their way through Germany selling the greatest pizzas and pastas. So, when you find one that stands out above the rest, you just HAVE to be repeat visitors!

The thing that makes it so great is the owner. He’s this really cool, down to earth Italian guy who cracks jokes and welcomes you with a warm heart and a handshake every time you arrive. He tells you about the wine and why you should drink only the stuff from Italy and when he talks about the food on the menu, it’s as if he’s telling you about his child’s first steps. Really sweet and true to form!

Truffel filled ravioli

Truffel filled ravioli

We went last night for dinner but the time before that the owner brought out his guitar and serenaded us with a bunch of love songs. The world literally stopped and I honestly felt as if we were in Italy (not that I’ve experienced that yet) or more how I would imagine it to be. He let me record him a bit and so I share with you a love song and then a song about being an American. lol.

After that wonderful performance we went to the local castle which they turned into an outside bar basically and had a few drinks with friends. Not too shabby of an evening if I do say so myself!


Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “A Piece Of Italy Down The Road

  1. Hi would you be able to tell me the name of the restaurant. I am Australian married to a German from Moehringen, 5 mins from Tutt. We’ll be there next week and want to try it out.

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