June Vacation In ‘Merica!

There were several reasons why we decided to take our vacation in June rather than the mandatory 3 weeks vacation in August. One of them being the cheaper flights. Since most companies shut down for August, everyone goes on vacation. The airlines aren’t idiots so they charge a good 500-600 Euro more. We got our flights so cheap (considerably) that it was without a doubt, the best time to fly home! We only had 2 weeks so we made sure to make it count!

We had a beautiful send off in Switzerland from the Alps:


We got to play with our sweet nephew:





We visited lots with friends:


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We played with Harley Jones Noodle Buttbutt’s cousins:







And most importantly, we got to be with family:

With my mom and my sister

With my mom and my sister

My parents at their lake!

My parents at their lake!




We got to spend quite a bit of time on the lake where my parents will build their house. My mom and step dad bought some water front property and we can’t wait to spend many summers there and Christmases with everyone. It’s a dream! 🙂 AND….it just happens to be where Toblerone and I are getting married (again!)

We also took a little get away from wedding planning while we were in NY to head to our favorite place, Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Of course June is still a bit cold but more on this later in the week. As well as some insight into my wedding dress shopping!

We miss the US every.day. And its not just my homesick ass, the Toblerone misses it to. The “relaxed nature” of the Americans is the biggest thing we miss when we’re back here in Germany.

Til we meet again, ‘Merica. We miss you.

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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