American Week in Aldi Süd

Aldi (grocery store), which is in the US and many other countries but was founded here in Germany, has “American Week.” They sell items that are “American” the week before July 4th. It’s funny because most of the Germans have no idea what that is. I saw on one German blog that they assumed it was American Week in Aldi because President Obama was recently in town. News Flash. You’re wrong.


Aldi Ami

Most of this stuff isn’t that special. It isn’t really anything you can’t get in Germany, however it’s packaging has an obnoxious American flag all over it and they write the product in English. Whoopty Doo. There are some things that are pretty gross and as an American, I am upset that they would make us look even more ridiculous and fat with false advertising.

Step right up to the freak show! They seriously have no clue!

American Sauces –

Ladies and Gents, Prepare your eyes for the sore of a lifetime! I give you the razzle dazzle of sauces…the splish splashy excitement offfffffff……..The 2 in 1! Sounds like a bad porn but the thing is, it’s mustard and ketchup in a single tube OR…(the excitement doesn’t end there) ketchup and mayo in a single tube! DISGUSTING! I’ve heard of the peanut butter jelly in a jar thing, which I will NEVER EVER try but this is just taking it too far. Really really gross.


Next up in the Sauces department is the catastrophe of Sandwich Sauce (or you may have seen the “Hamburger Sauce” I posted on the facebook page. Either way, what is it? And why would they assume we always have sauces on our sandwiches?! Mustard sometimes, mayo sometimes, but no special kind of sauce. Get with the program, Germs! As for the hamburger sauce…I make my own but it certainly doesn’t look like chunky mustardy curry mess. Just a side note.


Moving on with the program we come to the sweets:

I don’t even know what to do with this. What the heck is peanuts and flakes, anyways? And chocolate covered peanuts? Not something we Americans indulge in on the regular, unless of course they are in M&M packages. If even says on the carton, “from an original American Recipe.” This is bad. Real bad. And if it’s chocolate covered corn flakes you’re trying to put by me…well, I got news for you people. Thats just weird.


This bothers me to the core. I have nothing against the Brits, in fact, my dad lived there for several years and some of my fondest memories are from there. However, DO NOT MIX US UP!! We are not the same culture, we don’t even speak the same bloody language. So, why on earth would they suggest that the Americans like sweet popcorn?!?! (Note: the word “Süß” on the bucket means its coated with sugar.) I know the brits do this after my first time going to the movies and ordering popcorn in England. A mistake I’ll never make again. Just so ya’ll know…we like ours with butter and salt. Amen.


Theres a bunch of other things I’m not too fond of but I think I’ll let it go for now. I will, however, give them MASSIVE points for getting peanut butter right. This stuff is the closest I can find to Skippy or Jiff. I’m more of a skippy girl myself but you get the drift. It doesn’t taste like cardboard. Unfortunately, it only comes around once a year so I have to stock up. I threw 8 of these babies in my cart and Toblerone had to stop me from taking them all. I go a little bit overboard. But the jars are small! I mean, come on!


Regardless, beggars can’t be choosers in the world so I take what I can get. Or just wait until I go home and take everything I can get there! If you’d like to dig deeper and take a look at what Germans think of our eating habits,
you can see the rest of the items here.

If someone asks you what is American food, what do you say? What is our food?

My answer is normally, we are culturally diverse so its a mix of a hundred different cultures. But I’m interested to see what you think is “American” food.

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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12 thoughts on “American Week in Aldi Süd

  1. Sooo… accorging to that, Americans are obsessed with blueberries and cranberries?

    The icecream selection does look goooood!! Vanilla Caramel Brownie, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Brownie und Cookies & Cream? Count me in!

    And sorry to say, a lot of that is how even British people picture American food… burgers, brownies, muffins, dougnuts and peanut butter = American. The only thing they’re missing is Southern Fried Chicken. 😉

  2. Don’t waste any money on the barbecue sauce; it’s disgusting!! The mustard-ketchup mix is awesome though (I mix it myself at home. tastes much better)
    I’d say steaks are totally American 🙂

  3. After living here (off base now) for a couple of years. I can’t figure out what American food really is. Besides the Beef products for BBQing. I cant think of anything else that we dont already have here in Germany. Hmmm. This might be a topic of discussion this week with my friends.

    • Just came across the blog – I’m an American living in Germany so when I saw this post about Aldi and American food I couldn’t stop laughing… those hot dogs in a jar are great aren’t they? (sarcastic) Have you ever actually just gone for it and tried them? I once had a German friend who ate them raw – no joke. In all fairness he was about 20 and had been drinking quite a bit… but still….

      Another favorite is the “American pizza” which has corn and a bunch of other random things thrown onto it – with a big American flag on the packaging sometimes. :-p

      • Thanks for stopping by! That’s a favorite post of mine…I can’t get over the ridiculousness!!! Hot dogs in a jar?! Can’t say I’ve ever tried them and I probably won’t considering I can’t imagine what the juice is that they are drowned in! Maybe when I’m drunk, I’ll keep that in mind!

        The pizzas are hilarious! There is one called the Boston pizza (wait…Boston style pizza? I don’t get it) and it has spinach and mozzarella on it. When I think of Boston I think of seafood. But that’s just me!

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