I Live In A Place That… (Part Four)

Back again with more delicious treats of the place I live in! If you missed the other three parts find them here:

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And now…on with the show!

I Live In A Place That……..

….When you enter a restaurant or office you say hello or good afternoon. And when you leave…the same. I learned this the hard way. Walked into my doctors office waiting room filled with people and said nothing. I got a few glares and just tried to avoid looking at anyone. Then a lady came in, said good morning, and all responded in chorus. Whoops…don’t mind the unfriendly American!

….Tells you where the radars are on the radio. There are radar stands that replace the need of police but if you are even one notch over the limit these radars will snap your picture and blind you with a bright red light. There are many that are set up temporarily to surprise you from the ones that you know are always there. And these temp ones are called in to the radio and every 15 mins they give you an update on where they are. Isn’t that illegal in some way??! Isn’t the point that you want to catch people??!

….Calls rap/hip hop “Black Music”. I did a post on this before but you can be the judge….

….At lunch time you say “Mahlzeit” and before you eat a meal with other you say, “Guten Appetit.” Which is basically “Good Appetite” or as we say in the US “Enjoy.” Guten_Appetit

….They do NOT believe in Air conditioning. In fact, most Germans tell me this is what causes sickness, says the people who wear fashionable scarves all year round and even to bed sometimes! It gets hot here, sometimes. And with no air conditioning..its bad. And we all know, the Europeans don’t have a good reputation for being the best smelling….if you get my drift. Being in trains or small enclosed areas in the summer is a serious NO for me. I’m going to start handing out deodorant! Of course this isn’t ALL the Europeans but a good percentage. Mainly men…true story. collegehumor.373c24e9585d97507c0a64a65133c58f

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxo

7 thoughts on “I Live In A Place That… (Part Four)

  1. Love the radars one. “Have you seen a speed camera? Call in to the show and we’ll tell EVERYBODY where it is!”. I will never understand that…

    The Mahlzeit thing is just Bavaria and Austria… nobody says it here. Guten Appetit is everywhere though… if my colleagues see me heating up my lunch they will tell me “guten Appetit”.

  2. The air conditioning/sickness thing gets me all the time. Now, I can live without a/c, and actually prefer a fan…to a point. That said, I had a very long conversation with an otherwise extremely intelligent man (he even has a PhD!) where I attempted to debunk this rumor logically by saying IF that were true, come July in say, Georgia, the entire State would be deathly ill. There was NO having it on his part.
    Of course, this is the same man, when I declared I was coming down with a cold in March or so- suggested I a) put on a scarf and b) go stand in the (FREEZING COLD) Kneipp in the river. Ummm, yeah. Germans. Go figure.

    • Yes!!! I mean, it’s insane! I teach English in a school and it is so dreadfully hot in!! No one wants to do anything! Andddd people stink! Lol.

      But yeah…wearing the scarf to bed and my husband always freaks out if I open the windows in the car after a work out. Even a smidge open and he claims he will get the flu with the air beating on his neck!!! Crazy! I will just never understand!

  3. Ahahah I’m an italian expat and blogger living in Berlin, and I had never noticed that the german name for hip hop is “Black Music”. That’s pretty hilarious 😀

    (Just stumbled on your blog randomly anyway, but: good job, this post made me laugh out loud! I’ll be back!)


  4. “The study of 770 office staff found people working in air-conditioned offices are almost two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from respiratory infections than those in naturally ventilated buildings.”

    Sample size seems a bit small. Unless they mean staff of 770 different offices.
    Having A/C is fine when used sensibly. Some places however are ridiculously cooled so low that everybody inside is actually wearing jackets or extra clothes.

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