I Live In A Place That… (Part Three)

Ok, I thought maybe this would only be a two part thing….and now I’m on part three. And I hate to say it but I have enough for part four!!!! Is that possible?! Sorry! Well, wait, no I’m not sorry! It’s my blog…I do what I want, dammit! To read the others of this little mini series please click the links for Part One or Part Two.

I Live In A Place That…

….. 90% of Taxis and cargo trucks are Mercedes. Aren’t those supposed to be cars that only the wealthy can afford? trucks_.d2VsY29tZXNjcmVlbi5TaW5nbGU~-3581693980-FallbackImage

…..Shoes don’t come in half sizes. For those who know me, my passion in my life was clothes but shoes were always my thing. I couldn’t turn down a cute pair of stilettos. Its sad because I haven’t bought any shoes since I’ve lived here. Ladies, that’s over two years. My 7.5 size is something I’ll never find! But why don’t they have that?!?! Clearly Europeans have exact measurements! What the heck! I mean it can’t be possibe! Can it?! 800px-Defense.gov_News_Photo_020514-A-6418B-043

……Doesn’t offer dessert after dinner. Never have I ever been in a restaurant and dessert is offered or suggested. Unlike in the US where you’re always asked, “Did you save room for dessert?!” by an overly excited waitress. I think this is also a part of the European Diet. Don’t offer what isn’t necessary. Almond vanilla Pudding with white currants

…Sunday is absolutely a day of rest. I’ve been told several times that its not ok that I want to clean on a Sunday. This holy day is strictly for relaxing and doing nothing that even remotely resembles a chore. I haven’t really gotten into the swing of that yet! Guess I’m a sinner!!!day-of-rest-300x269

…..Every day from noon to one is quiet time. No lawn mowers, no machinery of any kind going. It’s lunch time and quiet time. It’s like a law…seriously. Some neighbors would feel inclined to call the police and have them deal with it! Say no to lunch time noise! deidesheim

Thats it for this one! Part four will be coming up shortly!!

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

12 thoughts on “I Live In A Place That… (Part Three)

  1. Funny, as I sit here during the lunch hours, the construction crew working next door is still banging away outside my window and the tiny terror that lives above us has been doing her running/stomping, back and fourth routine for the last hour. Maybe it’s time I became German and called the police myself… 😉

      • Not necessarily. Laws concerning the so called “Mittagsruhe” are usually determined by the local authorities and can differ between different bundeslaender, landkreise or even individual towns. I used to live in a town in Hessen that had no law regarding quiet time at all.

      • My comment wasn’t aimed at your original blog entry, but at your reply to Kate, in which you encouraged her to call the police.

        As far as I can tell she lives in Wiesbaden, which also got rid of its quiet time laws years ago. Calling the police would be pointless in this case.

  2. I had NO idea about the quiet rules between 12 and 1. I asked my husband this morning, and CONFIRMED! we have it here too, though he thinks it´s from 12-2 here (Bamberg, Franconia/Bavaria). I learn something new about this strange land every day.
    I´m SOOO tempted to bust the people building a house next door when I´m trying to nap!

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