Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Just this past week I was in a “music store” of sorts here in Germany and came upon this new section called, “black music.” In the U.S., I would say some would consider that almost racist or politically incorrect but in the German culture, to them this describes better the Rap/ Hip Hop genre.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!!



What is your take? Would you find this offensive?!

Until next time, Readers!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

      • While I’ve never heard a German actually use the “N” word in casual conversation, quite a few of them (mostly older people) still use “Neger” which, while definitely outdated and therefore problematic, is pretty much the German equivalent of the English term “Negro” and doesn’t come close to having the same negative connotations as the “real” “N” word.

        “Neger” is rarely used maliciously, while the “N” word almost always is. Many older people using it simply don’t know better. To them it’s simply the term they use for black people. They grew up using it because everyone around them used it, and they see no reason to stop using it, especially considering that most of them have never dealt with a black person and most likely won’t until the day they die.

      • Where I’m living down south they use the “N” word maliciously as well as to casually mention the color of someone’s skin. For example, since seeing someone that is other than white is so rare here they casually point it out if there is a “Neger.”….gives me goosebumps every time and I always look over my shoulder just in case we get shot or jumped! Lol

  1. being german myself, i find that kind of weird and actually have never seen that before. maybe because i live up north… no clue^^ btw: great blog, really enjoyed reading it back to front

  2. I have seen this before. I often tried to explain racism to my students but a lot of Germans prefer to stick their head in the sand and say if they don’t intend to be racist then it isn’t racist. I have also heard them use the N-word ALL THE TIME (in German not English). They try to justify it by saying they never owned slaves so therefore it is ok.

    As a person who spent two years studying race and ethnic relations, it’s not ok!

    • Yeah they are a little too relaxed about it! My father-in-law said it in German while in NY on vacation and I about DIED!! Told him I didn’t understand German but I understand that word just fine and he was NOT to use it in the US ever again!

  3. I am a 100% Swabian (and really proud of it) and I don’t think that’s offensive at all. If a black person says it’s offending to use the term black than I am offended when they use “white” to describe me (because my skin actually has an olive tone) Most southern people are totally comfortable with the n-word though (Negro! not Nigger!) and I have several black friends who don’t care and do not complained about the whole thing. Seriously what is the fuzz all about? Also interesting: we call chocolate covered marshmallow “Negerkuss” (negro-kiss). We have for years and some angry American won’t change anything about it. I understand their point though. It’s part of their history. (just like you cannot really talk about Nazis here but in the US they seem to be crazy about it!)

    • Exactly, It is just that…the “Culture.” Germans are raised using the word and think nothing of it, but as an American, we are raised to never say that word…even negro is something I wouldn’t really say. However, I do use the word Nazi all the time…and forget how offended the Germans are about it! Goes both ways I guess! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your opinion on it, I think its important for people to see both sides of the story!

      • Oh my. My fiance is an American and actually he used to be the one who blushed when I started talking about Nazi stuff. He was really surprised how openly people talk about the whole thing. I guess it depends where you’re located. By the way I liked the easter post . Shopping at the commissary is great (I love Spam and you can’t get that off base!). You should ask a friend to take you.

      • Oh Thanks!! Easter was definitely exciting! I wish I could get on base! I know one person who works there but isn’t military so it’s a bit difficult to get there. Never been but I hear it’s just like America!! Would LOVE to get Spam! lol

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