German “Radio”

You’ve read some blogs where I complain about the radio here in Germany and instead of just my opinion, I decided I’d back it up with a play by play of what comes on the radio. I allowed myself….aka TORTURED myself through a few songs just for you. I know, I’m an angel. Consider yourselves warned…this is a RANT!

Now, This is coming from a radio station that lives by the slogan “Mehr Hits Von Heute” meaning…”More Hits From Today.” More like the recycled tapes they found in Elton John’s trash can. Anywho…before I go on another rant: This is what they played…you’re welcome.

1. Time by Imagine Dragons – Off to a good start! This is new-ish (overplayed in the US I’m sure but it’s new here.)

2. Hijo De la Luna by Mecano – I’ve mentioned how they listen to music from other countries…prime example and TERRIBLE song regardless. This is actually scary or something that would be in a bad spanish musical. Am I right?

3. Beautiful by James Blunt – Was cool 7 years ago, but ok.

4. Underneath Your Clothes – Shakira – Just stab my eyes with a fork. Please. So. So. SO horrendous! What did the world do wrong to deserve this? I say it all the time but HOW on god’s green earth did this chick get a record deal?!?! and WHY are radios still playing this crap?! Omg…just stop it. (I actually turned the radio off for this, I couldn’t stand it anymore.)

5. The Way It Is – Bruce Hornsby – Seriously?! Was I even born when this came out?!

6. Everything Changes – Take That – This took me WAY back. To a place I never want to go again. Ever. Again.

I’ll stop there because that’s bad enough but it gets much worse. Playing songs I LITERALLY have no idea what they are. A lot of Christian Rock music primarily because I don’t think they know what the song is about, language barriers and such. In the US we has specific stations for specific genres. We have the rock station, the top 40’s station, the hip hop and Christian stations. But here, they have satellite radio that is blasted throughout the region and there are like 4 stations to choose from. All playing the same old junk that the US disposed of ages ago. As a music person…it ACHES MY SOUL!!!!!! But for a radio station that claims it plays “More hits from today….” You’re all LIARS!!! I should take over and run the show!

However, I will say that for being over here they do play music from artists that I’ve loved in the past like my fav Irish band, The Coors and the incredibly talented jazz-pop of Jamie Cullam. Sadly, they’ve never heard the likes of Dave Matthews Band or most of the hip hop stuff which to me is a shame. Dave Matthews is a musical poetic genius and they are SERIOUSLY missing out…more like, I’m missing out on any European tours since they aren’t big here 😦

Anywho…go clean your ears out. I’m sorry for what I just put you through but you had to experience the hell I’m living in. Boy, do I miss the US.

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

13 thoughts on “German “Radio”

  1. Sugar & Spice – sounds like you are seriously in Phase 3 of Culture Shock! That’s when almost everything about the foreign culture bugs you and you have very strong feelings about it. You’ll move through it and come to a place where you eventually make your peace and select those aspects of the other culture that you really like, while at the same time it changes your identity as an American chick. Been there, done that, just in the other direction πŸ™‚

    • There are a million things I LOVE about Germany but there are a few things that will never be ok in my book. Too American for that. If I ever move back to the US, I definitely will miss Germany daily but the radio…definitely not! lol

      • You are lucky to have the opportunity to so deeply immerse yourself in another culture. It will change you and make you more aware of what’s really important to you and it will also give you an expanded perspective of your own (American) culture that most Americans who have never travelled simply can’t relate to. Don’t be surprised if you have reverse culture shock when you get back to the States!

      • Exactly, I remind myself constantly that I’m living a dream people would die to have a chance at. Taking it all in!

        Last time I was back in the US I couldn’t wait to get home. It was a little bit too much for me. I can handle it in little bits and pieces lol

  2. I love this post! On trips to Amsterdam and Paris it really struck me how Americans have it really good music-wise. Think I’m going to wrote a post on those… (will totally give you credit for the inspiration).

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