Oh That’s Just Rubbish, Literally!

I don’t know why I find this so fascinating but when I first moved here I couldn’t believe how genius this was! And it’s taken me two years to decide if I want to show you this or not…no…just kidding, it actually took me two years to get my butt out of bed early enough to catch them!

I present to you the modernized garbage trucks! Who is excited for this?!?!

There are no dudes hanging on the back of the truck in all kinds of weather, making next to nothing. There is only a dude sitting comfortably listening to his 80’s mix with a coffee in hand. It’s just that easy. He pulls up to the can, releases some trash can picker-upper (watch out, getting technical on ya!) and empties it into a little shoot that does its thing from there. This makes me want to throw glitter it’s so amazing and that doesn’t happen often, normally only on my birthday.

Please, enlighten yourself with this new contraption and SOMEONE tell the Americans they need to catch up with the times!





Awesome right?! No…?!? Yes?!?!…..Next up is the Postman! You just wait for that dose of crazy!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

6 thoughts on “Oh That’s Just Rubbish, Literally!

  1. That is fuh-reaking cool but FYI, sanitation workers, in the states at least, make baaaaank. They typically work for the city or county so they’re unionized too.

    • Sanitation workers…THATS the word! Thank you!

      I had read that they average 40k annually but this is also depending on where they live. Like in CA, they can make SERIOUS dough. And overtime helps however, you wont see me facing mother nature just to get a whiff of some kids dirty diapers. Omg..GAG! lol

  2. Haha they’ll be a little more hardpressed to replace those biking postmen in Germany. We have these trash trucks in my neighborhood in the States too – the only problem is that I’d think they employ less people

    • Yeah I was thinking the same, that would definitely replace a lot of jobs! Two men per truck usually in my old neighborhood plus the driver. Yikes! You have a biking postman in Germany?!?! I wish mine would, he drives and smokes in the car so all my packages stink!

    • Yeah, Germans are definitely doing their part for global warming and what not! Very energy efficient and far more advanced in that department than Americans.

      We have only one little solar panel on our house but they are VERY expensive. Not sure how the farmers can afford that!

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