The House Is On Fire

Your house is on fire….and you have 5 minutes to gather a few items. What do you bring with you? This was a test essay question at some point in high school. Could have been the NY regents…always a favorite, thanks a lot State of NY.

After careful consideration, I would gather the following:

Blankie – My baby blanket of course but this actually is a funny story. I remember at the time of the test I still had this blanket in my possession. Then my baby brother was born and for some reason, out of all the other blankets he had…mine was the one that he loved the most. I left it with him thinking I would get it back one day and of course that never happened. So fast forward a few years, my heart still yearned for my magic soothing blankie and as I went to visit my brother, my blanket to my shocking dismay was a knotted shred of fabric! What once was pink and soft was now a white cluster of strings and knots! However, my step mom did a great thing that healed my soul. Before it got worse, she cut a square from it preserving it of some color and softness. She gave me this and I keep it in a safe place now but for some reason I’ve attached myself to this blanket beyond what is normal for an adult. So if the house was to burn down…this would be safe in my pocket. Assuming I was able to get some pants on!


Harley – Need I say more?! Obviously he would be going with me! Leave no man behind!


Rolling pin – This wooden rolling pin was my great grandmothers I believe and I don’t have many sentimental trinkets from my family yet but this is one that I’ve learned everything with. I found my love for cooking and baking and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the magic of family attached to it.


Grandma’s wedding purse – My sweet Grammy gave us her wedding purse to play dress up with and after going through me, my sister, cousin, and probably all our friends we had over its lost its lace! However, I fully plan to have it fixed up and use it in my wedding in 2014, therefore need to make sure this is with me!


Picture books/Photos – Not just any photos but the ones that were taken before digital cameras and computers were used. The ones you don’t have the negatives for anymore or saved on snapfish. (Bet the youngins don’t know what negatives are used for!) I have a few from the high school days that would be sad to leave behind. The wedding album of my parents, some baby pictures, some of my life in England. Memories forever gone. Way too tragic!


To me, these things can never ever be replaced. I would be heart broken with out them and a giant void would always be in my heart unable to be filled. After writing this post, I actually need to do two things:
1. Put more fire alarms up
2. Place all these items together in an easy access/pick-up spot just in case!

If given the option, what would you bring with you? Something sentimental or something practical? I would love to hear what you find is important – let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Readers!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “The House Is On Fire

  1. I think about this way too frequently (product of dad being a firefighter) and I know exactly what I’d do. I’d locate all 3 animals, shove them in a duffel bag (yay for pint sized pets!), grab my car keys and run outside. I’d throw the bag in my car and try to back away from the house. This way I could also keep the animals comfortable and contained. I don’t really have any “things” that I care about more than my pets so as long as they were safe I wouldn’t care about the inanimate stuff. In this scenario, Marty would be able to get himself out. Otherwise, he’d be in the duffel bag too!

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