The German McDonalds Experience

I’m not sure why this spikes my interest so much but it just seems so fun to me that each McDonalds prepares food that is considered “normal” for the country it’s in. For Americans…it’s milkshakes with loads of whipped cream and a cherry on top. For Germans, just a milkshake…no extra fluff…aka calories. I don’t eat at McDonalds anymore unless we are stranded and nothing else is available, for the record.

Take a look at some of the things German McDonalds offers that America doesn’t.

First up, I present the “Chicken Bagel” – Chicken on a sesame bagel with rucola salad, cream cheese, and a lemon pepper sauce. Hmmm….it’s supposed to part of the “American” promo they have going on but we all know we don’t put chicken on bagels!! Not sure which “American” advised them of this but they clearly have been living in a cave. Am I wrong?!
Chicken Bagel

This is pretty common and was weird when I first saw it but here we have “Golden Corn Nuggets” – Chicken nuggets in a corn flake outside with corn and melted cheese in the middle. Any of their ‘crispy chicken’ items are crispy not breaded. The Crispy meaning literally rice crispy treats! So strange!

Next up, the “McFish” – Similar to the Filet O’Fish but with ketchupy tomato chunks on top instead of the usual cheese and tartar sauce.

Getting into the breakfast items is my favorite, this is where I really could see the difference between the US and the Germs. Take exhibit A: “Classic Breakfast” – Typical German breakfast with rolls, jelly,butter, nutella, or honey.

And something similar yet different is the “McGriddle” – In the US we know this as a pancake like bread with syrup cooked into it, sandwiching a sausage, egg, and cheese. Kinda of wild and actually disgusting but the Germans have their own take. It’s just two pancakes and you’re given a bit of honey to dip it into…not syrup…honey.

Would you eat any of these? Looking between the two you can really see the differences of over the top FAT and proportionate. The big breakfast plate options in the US are disgusting, and over doing it but at the same time…thats what makes us Americans. Not necessarily the fatter foods but the eggs and sausage and bacon. Thats us! The Germans breakfasts are normally rolls with cheese or bologna or ham. It’s a different world out there, friends! Taking it all in stride one difference at a time!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

9 thoughts on “The German McDonalds Experience

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. When I was stranded in the airport in Jamacia, all there was to eat was a Burger King. They used goat cheese instead of american cheese and they used green tomatoes instead of red.
    You would think everything would be the same everywhere you go but it really is based on cultures!

  2. Good observation! Like in the Mc Donald#s picture, many Germans love jam or honey on their bread rolls or bread for breakfast, some prefer somethings savory as well. And some Müsli… Great to read your blog!

    • Hi!! Thanks for stopping by! Isn’t funny how they eat differently for breakfast? My husbands family loves meat sandwiches…like what we would normally eat for lunch! But makes sense…you eat loads of that and then you eat a lighter lunch, well I like to think I would eat lighter!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog through expat edna – I love finding other American bloggers in Germany! Anyways, new follower and so excited!

    Also, how have I never noticed these items on the menu. Well, I’ve actually had the pancake things, but I was really upset they didnt have American syrup haha.

  4. Last time I was there in 1992 the Happy Meal Toys were a Beauty Nd the Beadt miniature figures with cloth clothes ! So classy ! And a milkshake was a Happy Mac : )

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