What’s In A Name

After almost 2 years here I think one of my top 5 issues is remembering peoples names. Sometimes they are just so different and for whatever reason, my brain just refuses to allow me to contain this info! So, I’m sitting here reading the back of the newspaper which lists all of the people who just got married, passed away, or had babies. No love stories and all that hullabaloo included…just names.

Here are a few that I can not pronounce to save my life. Thank you to the hubs for helping me on this!

Name (Pronunciation)

1.Dunja (Dune-ya)
2.Elfriede (Ell-free-day)
3.Ingeborg (Ing-geh-borg)
4.Hildegard (Hill-dee-gard)
5.Edeltrud (Ay-dell-trood)
6.Inge (Ing-gay)
7.Simone (See-moan)

1.Tilo (Tea-low)
2.Theophil (Tea-O-Phil)
3.Helmut (Hell-moot)
4.Egon (Eee-Gone)
5.Thorsten (Tore-sten)
6.Eugen (Oy-gen)

Thoughts?! Are these names you have a hard time pronouncing too? Maybe even to remember?!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

3 thoughts on “What’s In A Name

  1. I thought Simone was Sea-moh-nuh, as in you actually pronounce the ‘e’ at the end here?

    I always have trouble remembering that the ‘S’ at the start of names is usually hard rather than soft, so Sonja is pronounced like Zonya, not Sssonya and Sandra is Zandra rather than Sssandra. I also cannot for the life of me pronounce the name Elizabeth German-ly. It’s like “Ee-lees-a-bayt” or something :-/

  2. Both pronunciations of “Simone” are possible.
    In French you always say it without the “e” on the end. This is sometimes adopted in German.
    Very interesting blog!
    About this post I like the way you described the German pronunciation in a kind of “virtual English ” 😉 It shows how different many letters and syllables are pronounced in both languages.
    Hope my English was not too bad…..

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