German Bologna Phenomenon

Growing up whenever I went to my Grandparents house the first thing I did was run straight to the fridge and help myself to a few slices of German Bologna my grandma got from the deli. I can remember not knowing exactly what “German” was but I didn’t care…I loved me some bologna!

Then over 20 years later… I move to Germany and find out that what I was eating was a major FAIL compared to the real thing! Take exhibit A: The Real German Bologna


And now lets look at a few of the other options they offer.

Here we have the Tomato Mozzarella:


A bologna with chunks of ham:


My personal favorite with mushrooms:


Bits of egg:


Peppers and ham:


And with only peppers:


And this very festive seasonal design:


The designed bologna is cute. They have them with bears and clown faces(eek!) for kids which is sweet. πŸ™‚

I know what you’re thinking. A post about bologna?!?!?!…..Greatest idea ever!!! πŸ™‚ truly though, these people love their meat and these are just a small selection of amazing things one can find at the deli. It makes having a sandwich a bit more enjoyable!

Until next time, Readers!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

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