Snowy Day Musings

People! Why do I feel like its been forever?! Oh that’s right…because it has! Shame on me for not writing more but you know how this time of year goes. It’s snows, we bake cookies, we eat cookies, and then we are lazy. Lazy and not writing!

I’ve been complaining daily about our stupid driveway. Germans like their homes to look nice, not typically practical. So even though I made a fuss at the time about what will become of us when Winter hits us smack in the face, my ideas were ignored for the sake of vanity! Our driveway is steep and made of flat with no traction stones. Add piles of cold snow and ice underneath and you have me falling down the driveway day after day! Pretty sure I’m losing my mind but I’m happy to report that this time next week ill be on my plane heading home to the states!!! I will not return until January 11th and thank baby Jesus!! I will not think about our driveway whatsoever.


The other wonderful thing about winter in Germany is their complete lack of plow trucks. I think I’ve seen 4…in the whole country. We have a tractor in our town that comes around whenever he gets to it. The driver especially likes to take his time at the two churches we have in town as well as the holy monuments/fountains/statues around town. Quite literally removes himself from his little crap wagon and shovels by hand the whole church and what not. Wasting valuable time while people in their cars are panicking and having heart palpitations!


In other news, my book is almost finished! I’m at 180 pages and looking to complete between 250-300 pages! I expect all of you to buy 10 copies each. It’s important! But regardless I’m SO pleased to finally be done with that so I can start the fun editing process as well as searching for an agency and publishing house!

If I don’t get the chance to write you before the holidays (still no lap-top…life is hard!!) I wish you all a magnificent holiday with wonderful memories to add to your bank! Thank you all for following me for another year, I’m so grateful!

Until next time, Readers!!!! Xoxoxoxo

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