A German Thanksgiving

Phew! Thanksgiving in Germany….talk about an accomplishment! This year was the first year that I’ve been away from my family for Thanksgiving in my entire life! With keeping tradition…I decided to show the Germans why excessively eating until you burst is important. After all, they drink until they burst!

With preparing for this feast there are a few things that made it difficult:

1. No pumpkin filling in the country. I had to stock up and import it.

2. Ovens in Germany are the size of a microwave. Allowing room for practically one thing at a time. No good for the scheduling!

3. You can not find a turkey over 12lbs. Whereas, I’m used to over 20lb Turkeys back home!

4. It’s impossible to find “Thanksgiving” decorations. Luckily, my mom literally packed an entire suitcase of goodies when she came over at the end of October! (Thanks mom!!)

5. Explaining to Germans not to eat the whole day and save their appetite for the feast is like telling them to stop breathing.

6. Preparing the turkey and trying to figure out how many grams equal show many pounds. Then with that how long I cook it. Then with that, converting Fahrenheit to Celcius and hoping the slight difference works. Oh…and don’t get me started on gravy!!!

There I was, already in my dress and apron like a 1950’s housewife. Grammy would be so proud! When the husband got home we had a couple glasses of wine and I waited for the moment of stress…aka, when people arrived, Turkey came out and everything else went into the oven!

This year I decided that one 12lb Turkey wasn’t enough so Toblerone’s mom cooked a 9lb bird. Hers was stuffed with giblet stuffing and mine stuffed with herbs and lemon with herbed butter rub. I know…how impressive does that sound?!?!

I had this AMAZING baked Brie appetizer and a bread bowl dip recipe that’s been in my family for ages to start. Then of course we had the usual! We tried to organize that everyone goes around and says what we are thankful for but it ended up with everyone each giving a toast basically….to me and Toblerone for the nice meal. I’ll take it!

Here’s what I learned during my first ever hosted T-Day:

1. It doesn’t matter if everything comes out at once. People eat what’s available and save room if they know more is coming.

2. No matter how you marinate the bird…it all tastes like chicken.

3. People around the world can accept and appreciate any traditions or holidays if you show them why it’s important to you.

4. No matter how far away I may be from my American Family…somehow the German family makes me feel whole when I’m feeling alone.

Check out my house shoes!!! Rockin right?!?!

5. As I posted pictures of the day on Facebook…the people who “liked” or commented have no idea how great that felt. Such a simple gesture really helps a girl not feel so excluded from all the fun back home. For that I am thankful!

All the Germans are excited for Thanksgiving next year…I’d say that’s a check mark in the success department if I do say so myself! Lets all bow our heads and give thanks that I didn’t blow up the kitchen! In fact, Martha Stewart…move aside, I got this!

Until next time, Readers!!! Xoxoxoxo

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