Let’s All Go To The Movies

Every time I go by the local movie theater I always glance to see what has come out so I know when to download them in English. So often, the titles are so bizarre and out of context. I found a few that I found over the past few months to share with you! Check out the translations! Most of these they could translate exactly as it is…like the first one here, “The Last Song…” Easily could be translated to “Die Letzte Lied.” Not only that but that is what the book AND the movie is about! The Last damn Song!!! Just goes along with my theory that the Germans make life WAY more complicated than it needs to be. But moving on…. 🙂

I tried to just see what these translate to in Google Translate and it literally gives you the exact movie translation…not the literal translation. When I googled “Einmal ist Keinmal” google told me it was “One for the Money.” Google…you are LIARS!!! Thanks to Toblerone and my ridiculously large vocabulary of the German language *sarcasm*, I was able to translate for you just what each is! 🙂 Have a laugh or two! 🙂

The Last Song 

Mit dir an meiner Seite  = With you on my side

Mit dir an meiner Seite

Charlie St.Cloud

Wie durch ein Wunder = Miraculously

Wie durch ein Wunder

A Walk to Remember

Nur mit dir = Only with you

Nur mit Dir

The Lovely Bones

In Meinem Himmel = In My Heaven

In meinem Himmel

The Parent Trap

Ein Zwilling kommt selten allein = A Twin Seldom Comes Alone

The Parent Trap (1998)

Grab Life By The Ball – Dodgeball

Voll auf die Nüsse – Dodgeball = Full of the Nuts – Dodgeball

Voll auf die Nüsse - DodgeBall

The Notebook

Wie ein einziger Tag = Every Single Day

Wie ein einziger Tag


Mein Partner mit der kalten  schnauze = My Partner with the Cold Snout

Mein Partner mit der kalten Schnauze 1-3 [3 DVDs]

One For The Money

Einmal ist keinmal = Once is Never

Einmal ist keinmal

Dear John

Das Leuchten der Stille = The Light in the Quiet(Still)

Das Leuchten der Stille

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