Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Sometimes my own anxieties and fears get in the way of how incredibly blessed I am to have this experience. I forget that I’m an American girl given the opportunity to live in another country. My every day life is simple but different and in sync with the culture around me. Today I took the moment to look around and really see how beautiful the view from my backyard really is. The same place I see EVERY single day while walking our (American) dog, Harley. A view I certainly take for granted every day. Starting today, I will be 100 times more appreciative of the life I have and really just try to live in the moment!  Here’s my everyday life…enjoy!

Germany, view of my backyard

Looking down into the town from the fields

View to the right of the town

My boys, my every day life.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. When I saw the middle picture in this post, I did a double-take and looked again! Then I looked to see where you live, because it looks almost identical to our fields behind our farm! But I live in PA, not Germany, so I knew it wasn’t of our fields. 🙂

  2. You have a great life and a very different daily experience from all of us here. We love hearing about your days and what you do. Everyone you know is getting an education on how Germans live. You are imparting important information and fun things too about the German culture. Consider yourself our teacher!

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