A Father’s Day Picnic

Father’s Day in Germany was May 17th. It’s normally a day where all the men get together and hike to bars and restaurants, drinking the whole way. Must be nice since on Mother’s Day nothing special happens…just the usual cake and maybe a present.  Sometimes this country is totally ass-backwards! I think mother’s should have a drinking extravaganza EVERY DAY!

So this year Toblerone and I didn’t do anything special but spent the day with Harley and had a picnic. There’s this beautiful creek down a few miles from us and Harley LOVES to go splash around and be a crazy man so it was perfect. The weather was warm and sunny – perfect time to break out my awesome new picnic basket for the first time. Check this baby out! (Didn’t try hard enough to get a good angle but the thing is huge!)

And here is the rest of the day!


(Side Note: Today (May 22nd) is my baby sister’s birthday – She’s 18!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDGET!!!!)

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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