Creamy Mushroom Soup – Pin Challenge – Day #10

I have a REALLY good Pinterest find for you today, folks! It was a rainy day here in Germany plus I have a bit of a nasty cold. Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a soup kind of day!

(Check out my adorable pumpkin shaped bowls! LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

I’ve been eyeing this gem for a while now and just so happened to have everything I needed at the house so off I went! Got a HUGE thumbs up from Toblerone on this one. I made it with the Avocado grilled cheese (posted yesterday). Perfect pairing believe it or not!


The pin on Pinterest is here and the recipe from the original site is here.

Here’s what I did a little differently:

1. Since the recipe is for 2 people, I increased the milk and cream by 1/2 cup each.

2. I didn’t have nutmeg on hand so I used a very tiny pinch of cinnamon.

3. Instead of making tiny slices of mushrooms I left them somewhat larger – bigger slices.

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