The Latest Happenings

I may be signing off here for a week or more. I have visitors coming!!!!! I don’t plan on having any downtime to write the blog so I’ll get back to you all when I find a moment! So in the interim you can follow me on facebook here or on twitter here. I’ll try to update them with pictures and the like as I go along so to be apart of the experience – follow up!

So what’s on the plan? Well my best friend and his parents are coming to town (and I hear they are loaded with peanut butter and meds!) They are staying in a beautiful area near the Alps and I will be tagging along as their tour guide and translator (ahem…or so I hope!). The plan is to do the usual when you come to a European country – drink, eat, and castles! 🙂 Of course we’re going to try to fit lots of other things in there as well as hopefully making it to an old concentration camp. That’s something I’m really interested in doing as well.

We have the Spring Fest happening here in Germany which is exactly the same as Oktoberfest except it’s obviously not in October. Pretty excited to wear my Drindl again and feel the morning after pain in my hands of holding those huge beers! How many do you think I’ll be able to handle? At Oktoberfest, I went through 3 beers (the big ones called “Maß”) and I’m thinking this year I’ll edge towards 4 or 5. I’m Irish…what more do you want?! This year we got VIP tickets and our own table full of friends and fun! Really looking forward to it again. Greatest party I’ve ever been to! If you need a reminder of how awesome it was, check out how I survived Oktoberfest here.

The day they are leaving, Toblerone and I are headed to Berlin. Primary reason was to watch the final of our favorite soccer team, FC Bayern squash the rival, Dortmund. But it just so happens that his cousin is recently living in Berlin so we will stay for a long weekend and see the sights! Really excited about finally seeing Berlin. I hear there is a great currywurst museum. I’m down for that!

So, with that being said…I’ll be back in a few weeks for you guys! I’ll try to schedule some blogs but lord knows my hands will be deep in the toilet bowls scrubbing until they sparkle so we’ll see!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo


2 thoughts on “The Latest Happenings

  1. I think you should have Ryan and his parents do your blog with their new experiences!! haha Just saying! 😉
    Have a great time! I’m going to miss your pieces of life that put me in a fairy tale and cant wait to travel some day!!

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