Things I’ve Acquired In Germany

I’ve been looking around my sweet little house lately and looking at what to renovate next, paint, etc. I’m keeping busy, folks! Then of course my ADD kicks in and I’m off doing whatever else comes to mind. Anything but renovating!!! 🙂

So, I was thinking I should share with you my favorite things I’ve purchased/received here in  Germany. There’s quite a few but let’s start with these:

Typical German Beer Mugs:

They all have a story, that’s my favorite part about them! Some have graphic pictures and others subtle stories.



2. Electric Mixer

I’ve always wanted one with a bowl that turns. I know this seems ridiculous but this was SO exciting for me. Since I’ve moved here I was “mixing” by hand which was a serious pain. One year later, I get this as a gift from the in-laws and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

3. Wardrobe

This is actually pretty cool. I love this wardrobe! It holds our jackets (and my purses) in the left side and the shoes in the drawers. (see below.) Keeps everything neat and tidy! Just how I like it.

4. Wine Rack

We bought this wine rack ages ago at Ikea and I thought for sure we would never fill it up. Boy was I wrong. If there is anything I’ve learned – the Germans love their wine however paying over 3 euro for a bottle is considered expensive. This allows them to buy in bulk. When we go to the winery, we come with with cases upon cases of wine. It’s insane. Speaking of…it’s time to take a new trip! We have spaces that are empty!


More to come later!!!!

Whats your favorite thing in your house?!

Until next time, Readers!!!! xoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Acquired In Germany

  1. I love the Steins, they are very good examples.
    I love German wine, my favourite being Piesporter Michelsberg, and my wine rack looks very similar to your own. The aim is always to drink it all then restock, of course it never happens that way. I just keep drinking one bottle and buying two more, I really must have a word with myself 😉
    It looks to me like you have made a wonderful home for yourselves.

    • Those are my favorite too!! I find them at flea markets or from friends, I’ll keep collecting them until I have my own bar to put them in! 🙂

      German wine is SO good, my favorite is the Dunkelfelder. Really dark red wine, amazing flavor!

      While you’re giving yourself a talk, maybe you can shoot one my way?? lol

  2. I dig your wine rack! We came back from a road trip through the Chianti region of Italy last fall and really could have used the capacity.

    What’s my favorite thing about our apartment? I really like the rolling shutters on our building; the ability to block out light makes for some optimum sleeping when you’re worn out and need to get more than the normal amount of snooze time.

    • We bought our wine rack at Ikea for next to nothing near Stuttgart! It’s well worth it!

      OH YES!! those rolling shutters are amazing. I sleep like a baby now! Took me a while to get used to but now it’s perfect for those weekends when I just need some serious shut eye. Good call!!

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